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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Thazager, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Thazager Journeyman

    Is this the right place for ideas to be added to game?
    I was thinking of some things that (most likely others already thought of)...

    Copy layout is very useful, can things like window toggles be added, so that if the copy from layout has them open, they will be open for the copy to this player also?

    Also a delete old layout, so that we can remove some of the older ones. (I have 284 layouts at the time of this posting)
  2. Flatchy Augur

    That green color is horrid, I cannot even make it out its so bright. Then again im 180 years old so there is that.
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  3. Skuz Augur

    The functionality of Copy Layout did get a recent update so your suggestion is very much within the realms of possibility.

    As for deleting prior layouts, I may be wrong but I think these are tied to character profiles in your EverQuest folder so deleting those will remove them from the copy layout menu, I don;t think it is possible to remove them from copy layout while keeping the character profiles though instead of deleting them from the folder you could move them to an old character profile folder if you wanted, would achieve the same thing.

    Red & green text are bad ideas in general due to a significant number of people who are colour blind to those two, besides that using it on such a pale background as the forums have is just plain bad.

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