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    1- Once a character hits max lvl any alt on that account would get a 25% exp boost till 50
    this keeps players making new toon's and playing in all the zones rather then everyone just ending up in end game zones with all other zones empty. new players that might stay to play would see a more lively game.

    2- A new idea for a class is something like a doppelganger, this class would maybe look like mist or a wisp and could copy any player and become that class ....healer leaving group? ill copy and heal ....tanks got to go ill copy tank etc ..... the nice thing is it would not need any new art or new spells skills its all already in game it would be pretty cheap to make a class like this to be clear you would be a basic copy of the class u copy if some1 was in full BiS gear you would never be as good as them hit as hard heal as much etc , but this is the balance for being able to play any class you want ....over all it needs flushed out but it gives and idea i think....

    3- An end is OK....having a server that end's at PoP LDON or what ever is Ok....when there is an end it gives a sense of closure (victory) now i will play that rog I always wanted to try or I've never tried healing etc. And the game is reborn for you in a new start as a new toon ....but when it never ends it can make a player feel playing an alt = neglecting your main, I feel its why many of my friend game hop they play wow and quit .. then play warhammer RoR and quit ...EQ etc etc.
    there all just seeking a simpler time and era.

    You can and should have full game servers i'm just saying having a few that stop at LDON etc will attract players that will return to it over and over people that want to play what it was not what its become.

    Just some idea's wile i wait for the 27th
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    They have said many times, they can't add any new classes to game, how would this new class even work gear wise?

    the xp bonus idea, doesnt that go agaisnt the whole tlp server point? to replay the game of yesteryear, again and again and again

    the tlps might bring in the cash but the real game is on live with the current expansions.

    TLP posts should stay in the TLP section of the forums
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  3. Nennius Curmudgeon

    You forgot to add that putting it in larger type doesn't improve the quality of the ideas.
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    1) They do this on EQ2. If I'm not mistaken the bonus is incremental, the more max level toons you have the bigger the bonus, up to some set limit.
  5. Whulfgar Augur

    They already have mercs..

    Your first idea is exactly that.. mercs..
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Err no thanks, I out level the content on alts faster then I can devour the content. This idea would just get players to the end game faster than they already do, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

    Try doing the quests in Crescent Reach and you will discover you fast out level the quests there without any bonus exp. Getting to 50 really doesn't take that long at all.

    I really don't want to be playing on a server that stagnates, I want one that progresses, after all that is why we have new expansions every year. New places to die, is why I'm still playing, which is possibly why I'm bored of ToV already.
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  7. Questoften32 Augur

    IDEA, Make an achievement for this in your mind, are you taking this down?:

    I'm going to pick a sever just to do the newbe armor quests and tasks and experience the homelands of every combination I have not attempted. A bunch of level 24's in other words.

    I find joy of all the options and though convenient on some level balk at the idea of everyone going to reach, ''it also takes away from the Drakkin.

    The cat people ''for one'' have such a developed caste system in place, with quests and unique self contained resources on the moon, It should be experienced by players.Its fun!

    For example: You need to make one of every possible cat class to do the quests because few players do. ''This alone is worth a cat server''. Not that you will play them past a point because: Heads of cats. ''Though I am a cat and not dog person''.

    Experiential Rule number 13: Absolute Purity and integrity in ''useful'' multiplicity of Variation. ''Always much more to do game play wise, it always is what it is, and always makes sense, with new things in this way''.

    For a altaholic this rule stops you from attacking jenks and the drakkin cook, burning out and quitting for 3 months to 1 year. So dose choosing little tasks and goals for yourself.

    Idea two:
    like limiting twink armor to a certain kind, like seahorse hide or lodzi boots, silver chain, level and forcing yourself to use it and its ilk until flawed defiant ''or you craft intricate = of your cultural armor ''with seals and charm.

    Must include jewelry for challenge and no defiant. It must be miscellaneous about + 7 stat no more: or unless its all +3 and 3 and 3 or all +4 and +4, like: of superiority stuff.

    Why? ''just to do it'' because you want to. Because it has been made unnecessary. So just because.

    Besides haven't you ever wanted to use that silverwing stuff there seems no place for? It looks nice, it is nice so here is how to need it.

    Thats the charm of eq all stats benefit, not dumbed down to congenital idiot, cookie cutter level of your primary ''primary and not lone being key word here'', stat and this dose not benefit your class''. Rather like saying: vitamin d instead of B complex, or walking but not running because your not a PROFESSIONAL runner ''you never need run''.

    So much interesting shiny junk to choose from in eq. Why I gave and give it so much support.
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  9. Questoften32 Augur

    Player made FV challenges. Things to do.
  10. Domrain New Member

    Love the ideas check out mine!
  11. Lockdown Elder

    Fleshed out, not flushed out.

    Or maybe it's such a terrible idea, it should be flushed out of the suggestions box.
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  12. Craized Lorekeeper

    In EQ2, for every character that reaches max level you gain a 20% exp bonus up to a total of 200%. This would actually be a very good idea for the live servers, given how much of a pita levelling to max is. I don’t see DB ever implementing it though as it would effect sales of exp potions.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    So long as this extra XP is restricted to the server that you have a max level character on & the bonus XP can be switched on/off this isn't a terrible idea.

    Can't be done easily, EQ has a hard-coded limitation of 16 races & 16 classes right now, and we really don't really need any new classes or races.
    To change the code in such a way that we could have them would be very expensive for very little pay-off and it would likely have a high risk of breaking the game. New combinations for the existing races & Classes is about the most we could ask for and there are limitations on many of those due to some races not having robe-graphics & some races not having monk animations for example.

    If Agnarr has shown us anything it is that expansion-locked servers don't have any immunity to new TLP releases, they may start out well enough like any new server but their life-cycle isn't really all that different.

    I think if expansion locked servers ever get explored again they should be on the basis of a pairing of two servers one of them being a "seasonal server" with the other being a "dump server", one server would each year be going from Classic to PoP for example & when that server's season ends all the characters from it are shunted off to the dump-server prior to it being wiped & restarted.
    This would give a place for the terminal recycling crowd who never play beyond PoP for example & DPG profit off it while perhaps leading to the other annual TLP without inflated initial numbers of players that have no real plans to stick around long term.
    I'd like for such a seasonal server to have some achieves & rewards for those, so that playing on it through a whole season & hitting some particular milestones granted things like items from a unique set of armour with set-bonuses you can claim to use on live servers or some unique ornamentation appearances only gained by playing on it that may be used anywhere, some unique titles for each season - just a few ideas.