[Idea] How to make it easier for returning players

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Windance, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Windance Augur

    Make it easier for max level characters to help out the lower level returning characters.

    1. Remove the min/max level difference check for group/tasks/etc. Who cares if that level 1 gets enough XP to jump to level 20 in one kill ?

    2. Failing #1 - rework the XP penalty for group XP split for the lower level characters. When you put a level 85 heroic character in group with 115 they get very little XP per kill.

    3. Rework the fellowship so instead of splitting XP we can select a single character and give the XP to them. ( perhaps as vitality )

    4. Instead of reworking fellowship as above - create a new "mentor" where XP goes directly to selected character ( perhaps as vitality )

    Side note:

    I personally have tried to use fellowship to help a low play time person get back to being raid ready and it is really hard to do it right. You have to constantly remember to turn sharing on when they are not on line and having the turn sharing off when they want to XP. Its a fairly simple thing to explain but fairly easy to mess up. This is why I'm suggesting that you implement something that the "mentor" just sets on their end.
  2. Buri Augur

    I wouldn't mind seeing a re-work of the fellowship system. Specifically, the ability to put timers on the on/off toggle. Kinda like a sleep timer on the TV, so it automatically switches off (or on) after 3 hours.
    That, or a flag to switch it off when I log off. So many times, I've turned sharing on to give exp to others(when capped), only to forget about it and log off for a few days. Then I come back to a bunch of vitality I don't need.
    Ideally, I'd like to have a default setting, so I could set it to where it's always on when I'm online, and always off when I'm offline... and vice-versa, for the toons that need the exp.
  3. Xanumbik Augur

    Honestly to make it less daunting for truly new players or long time returning players they need to take a page from WOW and do a level and stat squish.
  4. EvilDemonic New Member

    If these changes were implemented they would more often be used by existing players to power level all their characters in a weekend.
  5. Windance Augur

    Any change that helps returning players is also going to make it easier to power level. But who cares how fast you can get your alts to 105 ? 110 ?

    The question is how do you make it interesting enough for newer or returning players to keep playing instead of getting discouraged by the mountain of XP/AA's.

    The other option that has been floated a couple times is to make 'legendary' character upgrade that would boost up well past 85 to something like 105.
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  6. Monstarz New Member

    Stop high level players camping low level zones and wiping out all the mobs so the low level players are either forced to leave the zone or log out. I have had to log out because after 3 different zone I spent more time travelling than anything else.
  7. Jumbur Augur

    Make the runspeed-AA buy-able at much lower levels. 1st rank at level 10, 2nd at level 20, 3rd at level 30, etc.

    Even if they can't "earn" AA-xp for kills, they could still get small AA-rewards for "hero's journey" achievements.

    Slow running speed is a significant time sink at lower levels.
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  8. kookoo Augur

    make heroic char to have much better armors since they are level 85 ,, TBM expansion, is almost 2 X better for a level 85 .
  9. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    1. The people who end up grouping with them and find out that the player knows nothing about their class as they leveled from 1-80 in 3-4 kills.
    2. There is no penalty for group xp split, unless you are grouping outside your level range in which case you get zero or if the lower level toon is trying to grind AAs. On regular XP the low level toon will get crazy amounts of XP.
    3. The Fellowship system was already nerfed once because it was too good at leveling up characters. A revamp of the system to be easier to use and to be able to set characters to either only give or only receive would be the only changes that I would want to see.
    4. There should never be any systems in EQ where one PC can just straight give another PC XP, ever. Both characters need to be played. The only kind of Mentor system that would be worth considering would be a revision of the Shroud system to a method where the Mentor temporarily delevels to match the level of their friend. So that the higher level character can then actually mentor the lower level character on how to play and to show them how different events work.

    No, a better idea is for the person leveling up the HC to instead actually go and do the TBM content themselves and earn the gear. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that the gear given at the creation of a HC should be change at all.
    No, There is no reason why a characters under 50 need runspeed AAs. There is almost always someone around who is willing to cast SoW on low level toons.

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