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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Caster Lorekeeper

    It would also be very easy to make /copyzek automatically suspend mercs - similar to raid instances. This would go a long way to improving PvP and encouraging people to once again partake - especially at lower levels.
  2. smash Augur

    Which would make it possible for any to come fire a thing on you while you killing a mob, and poof your merc gone and you dead. Possible for people even tiny levels to go harass others.[/quote]
  3. Reval Augur

    I'll go through this part again, just like the last time this was suggested. That is MASSIVELY exploitable. Copy over a toon with maxxed out plat, give it to your "zek native" toon. Transfer "zek native" toon off of the server. You just doubled your plat. And/or copied your manastones, sceptres of destruction, LoN loot cards, etc.. etc.. I believe there is a system that would at least catch when people did this with kronos so that's good.

    I'd say just make an arena server that always has a guild hall and/or guild lobby like zone (not flagged for pvp where people can get buffs etc) with 3 or 4 zone out locations that lead to zones that randomly change every hour or maybe every 2 hours. It would be smart to disable dispelling of other people's pets for this zone, as people often try to dispell your pet when you are in the lobby. Allow copying to this server, but no transfers off ever.

    This fixes that glaring problem, and it fixes the problem of going there and "looking for pvp" which is always just a waste of time because you know it's gonna be in one of those zones and not some guy in original charasis or something ridiculous. People will come there to PvP, and if you think you're gonna copy your 230k hp ranger or whatever to Original Zek, and cruise around finding 90k hp people grouping up getting exp to gank, get over your wet dream right now because probably 2 days after this gets put in, that will never happen again. Absolutely no advantage doing this to Zek vs doing it to a new battle server except if it would allow transfers off of Zek for free.
  4. Caster Lorekeeper


    What? Did you read the thread? This entire idea is based around blue server copies to a strictly PvP server. No one cares about mercy, because you're not killing mobs on this server, you're there to PvP, you can kill mobs on your blue server. Also, currently there are PvP level range limits in Zek, you would assume the same thing would happen on a copy server. There is no harassing other levels.
  5. Rhodz Augur

    PvP has all but died across all mmo venues.
    Why is fairly simple, as the general populace descends into degeneracy the ability for extreme griefing on PvP rules servers far outstrips even what everyone now sees on "blue" severs just due to the rule set.
    Don't blame DBG or anyone else it is the gamers what killed pvp and without so much as a wake. Like society as a whole one cannot legislate morality, or make a ruleset where the griefers wont ruin things.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Until every class has a shot at pvp in an equal fashion it will just slowly die out. The problm is pvp is great for some classes and horrible for others.
  7. Schadenfreude Augur

    I'd love the next progression server to be PvP.
    I wouldn't actually play on it but the amount of forum drama generated would be delicious.
  8. Elite Lorekeeper

    Well written posts Reval, even though we can't stand each other well said. But in all honesty, no one will want to come to Zek in it's current state. As I am typing this (Monday 10/9/17 at 8:30pm est) your guild including your guild leader have decided to spend the last hour spewing Asian racial slurs in gen chat as a result of seeing a Youtube video of some of my guild's members. This is the kind of stupid stuff that has only helped kill the server. Class acts there Mr. Pegate and Mr. Slacash. And of course no GM to address the issue. Garbage players as I have stated many times. But hey good luck at generating interest in Zek!
  9. Reval Augur

    Your guild's done much, much, much worse and gone much, much, much lower than racial slurs. But I've been basically gone for about 2 years man. If you want the situation to be better since I left and it went to crap, then be like I tried to be, even if you say that I failed. Be noble when you can, and push the envelope of that server upwards instead of downwards, even if we're all just human beings, and even if you can always rationalize your way to going the other direction.

    I'm only posting because there are obvious flaws and exploits that would occur from this plan. Having a separate, isolated server similar to test where you can copy and it's a few zones at a time seems like the most solid option. If there's no option, then I hope the people that do crap like that can end up being better people, and I mean every single one of them, not just ones that would favor my position when I left.

    Also, again, get rid of hacking.
  10. Sokon Augur

    Yes Reval documented the effects to Zek pretty well. Things bascially devolved to the point where the more powerful characters got over time insta kills or any players with combinable abilities to burn someone in 2-3 secs won out. If you didn't play a sk, ranger or rogue you thought about it and made an alt. If you played a paladin, beastlord, shaman or cleric, you quit playing all together.

    Shouldn't clerics have something viable to keep them alive other than some DA's and DI?
    Shouldn't shamans have something useful in pvp to keep them alive, something, anything, maybe a slow that lands?
    Shouldn't paladins have atleast one stun that fucign lands in pvp?

    Gyrospire location device was a huge problem for years. TImer didn't occur, you could cast to either zeka or beza and while in beza go to zeka or zeka to beza, hell you could even stun yourself, cast it while stunned and zone from beza back to beza or zeka back to zeka and still not get the timer.

    Insta cast gate pots are fine in my opinion, they sometimes fail and cost 1 k plat and non stackable, that's fine in my opinion, but a limitless one wasn't and yall let that roll for years. Absolutely no regard for things that destroy PvP?

    When the new forums were made, they did not roll over the PvP forums, now there isn't even a seperate section for people interested in pvP to even post anymore.

    SImple recommended fix that would solve most insta burn abilities and restore some balance to the server: Limit the max individual hit of any one ability spell or dot tick to an appropriate level. Currently, individual melee hits can land for over 100 k. When some classes can hit all their burn , aas, spires, short duration burns all within a second or 2, why is it appropriate that 1 hit out of 20-50 landing in1-3 seconds be appropriate to take off 50% or more of someones life? What happens if that is the highrange of hits possible? Try your insta kill then gate.

    Try my insta kill then gate.....

    5 years later......

    Try my insta kill then gate.....

    5 years later.......

    Dude noone is on the server anymore. What happened? Seriously, Yall never did a single god damn PvP oriented patch in a decade.

    I suggest capping any single player vs player hit, any individual hit, to be maxed at a more appropriate level, somewhere between 7 and 15% life.

    A 25 thousand AA cleric or shaman should be able to atleast get off a heal during burns, only shouldthis not occur if they have multiple people on them at the same time.

    Remember all those 10,000% accuracy abilities? Well turns out, those coupled with the ability to hit someone for huge margins of their health result in thousands of defensive AAs doing absolutely nothing and damage winning out in all cases.

    As Reval said, fights used to be long and as chars leveled and got more powerful the only power increase went burn abilities, defensively players got weaker and weaker and weaker as they got stronger.

    There always ended up being blue players complaining. Always accusing us of wanting changes that would detrimentally effect blue, well I simply say make them only effect PvP, which they can do. Yall have 20+ expansions of content. Zek hasn't received a single PvP oriented patch and even their 1 forum section removed during 20+ expansions of blue content.

    PvP hasn't gotten a single makeover for so long maybe doing something revolutionary could be a hit. Such as a copy paste to Zek or a newish server with a few limited zones fun for PvP etc thatanyone could copy their char to. Of coure nothing you do will make much change till something is done about insta/2-3 second burns.
  11. PathToEternity Augur

    This sounds like a great idea to me. Everyone PvE's on their home server, and /zekcopy's when they feel like trashing it out in some PvP.

    I mean you could do some fun stuff with this stuff, like a quarterly rotating rule set (FFA, teams, guild wars, etc.).
  12. Gator35 Journeyman

    The solution to zek is a 70% damage reduction from other players. Literally that easy. And Eq code allows it, because early on in the game, ranged damage was heavily reduced as well. They just don't care. You won't ever get any headway on this. They literally could give a .
  13. Tweak Journeyman

    It wouldn't be as easy as just lowering dps. The insta gates are still alive and well. People already insta gate as soon as someone opens on them. The only thing this will do is give slighty longer fights..which everyone will gate from when they start getting low on health. Finishing fights would be nearly impossible as long as insta gates are still involved in pvp.

    Im all for /zekcopy. Anything to get more people to pvp. I could really care less if they are raid geared twinks.

    That being said..until DB gets rid of cheating by way of third party BS.. pvp will never be fixed. If you ever want to know how bad hacking is on Zek..simply log on. The only thing you will see in gen chat is person after person calling others hackers..literally all day long.
    Cheating has created a toxic server and is rampant. After nearly 8 years of playing Zek and defending the server from those who talk ill about it..Im pretty much done. These days I only log in to say hi to friends.

    Zek players cry about wanting a progression pvp server all the time..but are not willing to recreate their guilds on a progression server and enable pvp. They could literally create their own progression server pvp, yet don't. Let it go guys..Zek is dead and DB has no intention of fixing it. If you want good pvp...make it happen
  14. Sokon Augur

    here's an idea.

    revamp the pvp merchant such that raid gear X number of expansions old gets copied from the X expac old raid merchant to the pvp merchant whenever a new expansion goes live. This would enable pvpers on Zek to acquire raid gear through PvPing that is X expansions old. They could do this either with the raid gear or zonewide rare gear. Best stuff on the pvp merchant right now is 100 hit point items, upgrade could help.
  15. Sokon Augur

    Hey look, remember the Zek server, and how we used to have our own forums section: The Arena?

    Knock, knock.
  16. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Isn't there, like, 3 of you that post on these forums that are from Zek? And all you guys do is argue with each other about who cheats more?
    Oh, and nice necroing job you are doing.
  17. Zinth Augur

    that was what we had arenas for
  18. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Sokon, as I mentioned to you in game.

    Keep advocating for Zek, and don't worry about the forum warriors that are so afraid of imaging getting ganked, and/or so afraid the devs would spend a minute on Zek.

    There's nothing wrong with advocating for Zek.

    But turning the amp up to 11 is overkill. The mod and forum warriors don't favor thread necros these days.

    Just start a thread, with an initial post that is short enough to be consumable, and wait a bit for some response. Put the pot on and let is simmer so people can smell it for a bit.

    Zek - Master Maegs Nuss
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  19. Mazame Augur

    The issue with Zek is the fact that it is VERY toxic. I transfer a toon over to Zek to get my pop flagging done. It was nice being able to find mob up or at least get them on respawn. The 4 days I was there I joined general chat.

    There was 70-80 people in general chat. Of that I would say maybe 10 were chatting and all it was for 4 Days was non stop trash talk.

    I played games that had PvP and I pvp back in the day in EQ. Pvp adds a diffrent aspect to the game and can be enjoyable. But to be on a sever where it is non stop trash talk in no way made me want to stay and once my pop progression was done I left.

    I see a number of post about saving Zek and I know you all want new blood to kill but the PVE offer a challenge in and of it self. you then have to join a gang ( I mean guild ) to get anything done because you need people to watch your back as you trying to farm anything. One day I was there and some one was trying to do a camp in WW and after 5 hour they gave up because they were non stop being killing by another player.

    It is simply not a place most people want to go.
  20. dreamweaver Community Manager

    necroing 3 year old threads is also against the rules.
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