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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateseeker, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Hateseeker Augur

    I realize that it seems that their current discussions for a new TLP are geared towards rehashing Classic-Luclin, AGAIN, but I thought of something I thought would be good for gearing a TLP towards both being a little more focused on raiding, and on later expansions.

    First, the main idea I have, is launch a server that has unlock speeds based on level caps. There's 3 basic ways this could be :
    1. Open with GoD (the last expansion with a 65 cap). Then when it is defeated, the server enters a 4 month catch-up period, after which the server will automatically unlock all the way through Prophecy of Ro (i.e. the last expansion with a 70 cap), then when PoR is defeated another 4 month catch up and unlock through TBS (last 75), SoF (last and only 80), Underfoot (85), Hot (90), COTF (100), and then when COTF is beaten, the server is simply merged with a Live server. Variations on this one could be, instead of 4 month catch-up periods, it could be 8-10 months when the huge chunks of expansions open at once, or 1-2 when only one opens at once.

    2. Same thing, but instead of opening all the way through the next level cap's last expansion, each expansion opens as the previous one is defeated, with a 2-6 week catch-up period after each, instead of months long. I actually prefer this one because it allows a bit of focus on each expansion individual.

    3. Another variation could be starting with Classic (50), Luclin (60). I didn't put it that way in the above 2 simply because I'm sick of those eras and sick of the lack of quality of life abilities and features that they force on players.

    Additionally, I propose that for such a server, Daybreak actually allow players to vote or give input on every possible aspect of it, including, but not limited to:

    1. Let players vote on the concept of bonus exp during the catch-up periods (after all, the focus of this server is on touring the raid eras of EQ; this would facilitate that)
    2. Actually, let players vote in general on how quickly they'd want exp gain to be for this server. The slowness of Phinigel appears to have been a great disappointment to many.
    3. Allow a vote on all-trade loot. All-trade loot might work better for some rulesets than others, but I don't know of any where it would be catastrophic. This one in particular would be good with all-trade so that hand-me-down gear will help folks get ready for expansions that are coming in fast.
    4. Allow a vote on true box or not. I wish there was a 3rd option (boxing allowed but rules enforced against using input cloning), but Daybreak would never go for it.
    5. Allow a vote on whatever else people would be interested in voting on. I've never agreed with Daybreak's pre-TLP polls that only allow folks to express their desires on a very few issues. That could even be a vote on the early-release of many quality of life features (like extra bag space, click-from-bags, etc).

    Or if people just want TLP to rehash Classic-Luclin until the lights go out on EQ, I guess that's fine too, but I will eventually abandon EQ completely if that's only era I can play in with no focus on the middle expansions. Many of you might say you disagree, but dwindling rates of people coming back to Classic-Luclin over the years will tell the true story.
  2. fransisco Augur

    All racing unlocks are bad ideas for progression servers.
    They work out great for the 1-200 raiders who play 20+ hours a week, but they leave everyone else far behind.
    The faster expansions unlock, the faster the server becomes a ghost town. When everyone gets left behind, they stop playing. And while they don't want to admit it, the raiders need all the non-raiders to help keep the server/economy running.
  3. Hateseeker Augur

    I never said anything about racing; that may be the impression some folks get if there isn't 6 months or more between every single expansion though, I understand, but it's not for racing. It's compatible with those who want to race, but note that part where I said we should consider a bonus exp for catch-up after every expansion, that's to keep everyone with the main group.

    No server like this has been done except if you count Quarm, every other one has started with Classic, so I'm not sure the historical results of fast unlocks apply, especially since it's chunk unlocks.

    Do you have any other ideas how to get the later expansions played in TLP? All I know is that I can't bear to do more Classic through Luclin, nor can I stomach the thought of going to Live.
  4. Umul Augur

    Looks like your best bet is to just stick with Phinny or Ragefire/Lock if you play there.

    Phinny should be hitting those expansions around the time these new TLP's are up and running. The general vibe I get from just people I group with is they are staying. It appears reading between the lines these new ones coming up are specifically aimed at two sets of people.

    A: The unsubbed who quit Magefire and Lockjaw and did not choose to reroll on Phinny.
    B: Those players who usually bail after God/OoW.

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