I want to earn Merc AA.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Scorrpio, May 14, 2019.

  1. Natal Augur

    It is not you who is earning merc AA, it is the merc itself. They are basically leveling up by being played.
  2. Scorrpio Augur

    No, it is really me. I can switch merc out, dismiss it, get another, and merc AA tab remains precisely the same. I can train abilities not matching my currently active merc type, or train them when merc is not up at all. So it is me earning bonuses that affect whichever merc I use.

    Oh yeah, and if I gain 10 levels without ever using the merc, and then I pull it up, it will be same level as me.
  3. Natal Augur

    Let me say it again, since you did not comprehend my post. It is the merc that is gaining AA, not you.
  4. smash Augur

    Wrong it is the merc that earns by being used.
  5. Inga Elder

    No, please, no.

    If merc AA is autogranted and it gives 10 AC and 100 HP, the base status of mercenary will be tuned with -10 AC and -100 HP modifier.

    If the difficulty to obtain The Tears of Alaris is reduced and everyone has it, every mob is tuned with it and anyone who had the aug will lose its benefit.

    This is the very reason why merc AA gain is super slow. If merc AA is autogranted, nobody gain any benefit and anyone who had it will lose it. Merc AA is the bonus for players who heavily rely on mercenary.
  6. Ecchicon Elder

    I’ve never really thought of merc AA as a “bonus” really. Specifically because it comes so slow if you are using the merc out of necessity. It’s far easier to obtain merc AA when flying through trivial heroic tasks that are merc-optional.

    That isn’t to say that I can’t see your perspective, but even then I don’t really agree. In RPGs it’s pretty common that older content becomes easier and more accessible as new content comes out.

    Whether changes come or not, I guess I’m simply not as concerned as you. I probably have all the AAs that would be autogranted and few beyond that. I’m doubtful they have a massive impact on gameplay overall. But if they could help another newer player, I’d be very happy and not feel slighted in the least.

    Playing catch-up in EQ is daunting and overwhelming. While I respect and agree that some “bonuses” and “rewards” should require the player invest their time in those experiences and challenges, I just don’t see merc AAs as one of them (same with AAs themselves; autogrant was a great idea).