I want an extra day added to my All-Access

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fuddlebutts, May 20, 2020.

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  1. Khat_Nip Augur

    Swap "McDonalds" with airlines and you realize that practice is more prevalent than you'd think.
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  2. Tappin Augur

    I am sure they will do something for downtime, but they are probably having a bad day. No reason for a roast.
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  3. MyShadower Augur

    Good news...I am almost certain we will all be receiving the minimum they can do on this. Have a Merry Down Time!
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  4. Nennius Augur

    For some folks here. Not saying who...

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  5. Odiiusx Elder

    I was with you initially with this thought (want money for being stupid?)....then I watched a documentary on it. WAY more people should have gotten money out of it. She wasn't even greedy with what she wanted compensation for. Tonight is analogy night I guess.
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  6. Vumad Augur

    Watching this video is worth 5 minutes of your day.

  7. Brosa Augur

    While we have all endured extended down time for various reasons that are sometimes understandable of mostly accepted, even though unwanted, this time around seems self inflicted. Taking on more than they can chew in an acceptable amount of time by merging, patching and updating all at the same time while dealing with all the issues that each can produce caused unacceptable server down time of, what 30 hours?, at this point. Doing this amount of work in segments of time would be preferable.
    A preemptive 24 hour down time i consider unacceptable. Anyone that works in production, IT, construction, health care, agriculture, service industry, everything else knows to plan for the unexpected and how that impacts your consumers. This plan was a bad idea.
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  8. Chopin.Xegony Elder

    The minimum being absolutely nothing? I agree.
  9. Laronk Augur

    The lady just wanted her medical bills paid, they refused so she had to sue them for what was unreasonably hot coffee.

    And yeah guys, we should all probably get an extra day
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  10. Yimin Augur

    Nothing that guy says is worth anyones time !

  11. lockjaws Augur

    We are at 36 hours. Likely more, like 48-54 hours minimum.
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  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    It did say that. On the bottom of the cup. :)
  13. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Although I agree with everyone else about how silly it is for people to complain about a "little" down time. I will say what I have said before. If you were short changed at the cash register or the pump, if you did not say anything the first time and just shrugged it off, you'd say something the second and third time or you would simply complain to the management or even worse, simply no longer shop there. If your internet kept going out or your phone completely shut down for a few hours every other day or a whole day from time to time, you would be a bit miffed as well. If the drive thru kept forgetting to give you your french fries, I am sure you'd go back around a second time and demand them or for a complete refund back, if not just became wiser and checked before you left the window to begin with.

    So although we can think of those complaining are just cry babies, people demand much more than what they do on a daily basis and quite frankly I would assume, after all the times EQ has done this, they would of gotten better at it. I can't complain as I am currently on a free account, but if you have paid for years that is money lost each time. And the argument of since you have paid and thus played for years, so you should already know what to expect, sadly does not cut it and is concerning that is the attitude some have.

    EQ after all these years should have better ways of going about this, either by staggering servers when they update if that is even a possibility or by giving something back to the paid players at the very least, even if just an extended day of paid play or a few hours of triple exp, some extra loyalty points, something. Now I have faith that EQ will do something since this does seem to be longer than just a "little". I am more concerned with those thinking this is the norm and perfectly ok, it isn't.
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  14. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    But she did not see it until it was facing up on her lap... o0 Did you know that the coffee was so hot back then, that when absent minded people would use those stirring straws for their sugars and creams, that after a few minutes the straws would just melt into the coffee it self and then after it cooled enough they would drink it, thinking nothing of it, thinking they had removed the stirs themselves and the plastic became stuck in their system.
  15. Claudi Elder

    This is not the worst down time ever (hopefully). Remember the patch where the chars on accounts were lost / disappeared? Then we had a rollback. Must have been around 2004/2005. Apart from that I agree with some of you that they shouldnt have made server merges and patches at the same time. I work as an operator and we never ever would consider to patch servers AND move or migrate servers at the same time ....
  16. Laronk Augur

    Oh there's been far worse, but we're not done yet maybe all the merged characters will become gnomes.
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  17. Claudi Elder

    or Ranjas :)
  18. The real Sandaormo Elder

    24 hours in a day, 30 days in a Month, Equals 720 hours a month, minus 36 hours. equals 684 hours this Month, $14.99 divided by 684, equals .0021915204 cents per hour, times 36,
    Equals 78 cents worth of Everquest your not getting.

    You're dumb. Please go about your business.
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  19. Laronk Augur

    OOO personal attacks, I've never really understood this line of reasoning. If the amount of money is so small then why not give the account time to the players?

    It's not about the money and it doesn't have to be game time, it can be a mount or double exp or what ever. People want an acknowledgement of their poor service as of late.
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  20. Zamiam Augur

    can ya'll use FONT SIZE 5 from now on please .. my eyes are bad and I hate having to put my glasses on for all these posts :p
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