I want a normal loot server but where you don't have to level. You just always are max level and AA.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Montag, Mar 11, 2024.

  1. Bernel Augur

    One good thing is there wouldn't be any more PL spam. But one bad thing is that there would be a lot of contention for the same items. With everyone at the same level, everyone would be going after the same drops. I think the good loot would end up perma-camped by players and bots even worse than it normally is.
  2. Lineater Augur

    Classic TLP launches are all about the fresh start & noob nostalgia. It's about being broke and naked along with the rest of the server, forming groups, and journeying to max level. People take time off work and plan months in advance so they can be there to experience those first few magical days. EQ probably gets about 10x the number of viewers on Twitch during that same time. The races to 50 are easily the most watched event.

    Your idea would instantly vaporize all of that hype, anticipation, and excimement. Not only would it leave gobs of income on the table for DPG, it would be universally reviled by players. We would riot. I could see an organized boycott gaining steam.

    This idea isn't as bad as the VR guy, but it's close in terms of how DOA this server would be. Never, ever, ever going to happen in the first year of a TLP. Just too much money on the line. Mayyybe alongside a normal server, something weird like Vaniki. But I doubt it. Not with their bell cow game.

    Now, down the line, a year or two into the server - that's more realistic. The 2/3 month cycle can start to feel a little grueling after a while with their progression & AA grinds. IIRC Oakwynd's evolving ruleset is taking steps to lessen the grind. At some point they get an AA xp bonus right? (A bump to the one already implemented in Luclin). And the currency bonuses help as well.
  3. Kahna Augur

    An idea like that isn't looking at the TLP crowd. It is looking at the players, TLP and Live, that just want to bebop around and explore the lore without committing to the hours and hours it takes to do all the leveling. It's a different group of people, though I am sure there is some overlap on the venn diagram. Bit rude of you to riot because a different player pool got catered too. BTW, on EQ2 it wasn't launched as a TLE, it was launched in addition to the TLE.

    I also doubt this will ever be put into practice on EQ, but not because I don't think people won't like it, but because it would be more difficult to implement than it was in EQ2. EQ2 already had a level scaling system as a base to work with (mentoring allowed you to level down to a friend, or just level down to a certain level.) By putting scaling in all the levels you can make all content in the game challenging for even a max level player. They had gear to get, collections to unlock, completionists liked it.
  4. Risiko Augur

    There's basically 3 things to do in Everquest: level, get AAs, and get gear. You're asking for a server that takes away 2 of those 3 things. I'm not sure that's a good formula for this game.
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  5. Kahna Augur

    People who like exploring the lore and the fights casually on their own enjoy this sort of thing. I don't think it would be a smash hit, but if they managed to replicate what they did with EQ2 it would have a following. Have you never messed around in a game on creative mode? This is just story mode for EQ.
  6. Risiko Augur

    I love MMORPGs with great stories. That's why I play Lord of The Rings Online.

    Everquest isn't that strong in the lore department.
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  7. Kahna Augur

    I dunno about that. I have gone back to Mischief super casually and I am having a blast exploring the lore of the expansions I missed. I outlevel them, it is easy, but it is fun. I can see how being able to solo the raid mobs would also be entertaining.
  8. Lineater Augur

    This is a thread, started in the TLP forums, asking for a TLP server sans leveling or AA grinds. OP wants to have the TLP experience without worrying about falling behind.

    I mean it's cool if that's how you would play, but this idea is absolutely "looking at the TLP crowd." This is the TLP forum, this is a TLP post, suggesting a ruleset for the upcoming TLP.
  9. Bernel Augur

    As a catchup mechanic, I thought it would be interesting if there's an exp bonus that increases over the time of a leveling increase. The bonus is 0% when a new level limit is unlocked and then gradually increases to 100-200% over time until the next level limit increase. At the next level increase, the bonus goes back to 0% and the cycle starts all over. This way the leveling rush can happen like normal when there's a new level limit, but the people who take their time can easily reach max level by the time of the next increase.
  10. Kahna Augur

    Doesn't change the fact that it's not that crazy an idea. They don't have a "special ruleset" section like the EQ2 forums do so OP probably thought this was the best place to put it. I agree the Veterans channel would probably have been a better location.
  11. MMOer Augur

    Interesting concept... but would require a lot of work.

    All zones are level 50+ zones.

    Would need to balance the mobs and loot.

    Too much work but a very interesting idea.

    maybe make the progression like terraria.

    No level but you gotta get loot from zone a before you can beat zone b kind of thing.

    Like Steamfont gear to Crushbone gear to Unrest gear a b and c. then uguk gear to lguk gear to hole gear to air gear, to hate and fear split for classes that leads you to to naggy and vox gear for the final touches.
  12. Vicus Augur

    I mean....hes not wrong. BUT, can you imagine how many box crews would be 100 person deep if they didn't have to put any real effort into making them strong? Think this goes into the "You say you want it but...". With that said, WoW classic was suppose to be a dumb idea also and its basically saved WoW in terms of revenue.
  13. MileyVyrus Augur

    Wasn't the whole point of Agnarr the ability to have a Max level tricked out character in the current era forever? I'd be willing to bet a lot of us have a few max level Agnarr characters, and hardly ever log in to them..
  14. Ambee Elder

    No, that wasn't the whole point. Not even close

    Asking for a server where you have less to do and less reason to log in is just bizarre
  15. Montag Augur

    How about a server where you can miss a few months and not fall behind? Is that bizarre? Are all the people playing on P99 and Quarm bizarre?