"I sit LFG for hours" You're wrong, here's why.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vetis, May 11, 2020.

  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's crazy you'll get hate for this, but people don't appreciate the actual real world experience.

    Sure its takes a minute to do who alls, but in eq you've got the guy who needs a port, or too cheap to buy so he runs (definitely not donating for sow), then the guy who dies, then the guy who got a better group and just didn't tell you, then the guy who just logs, then the guy who just "needs to sell or bank real quick" but that's only after he eats dinner, etc etc.

    Eq has a ton of flakes and if you've got 6 hours to burn who cares if someone wastes a few of them. But try playing eq for a set hour or 2 and you'll start to wake up.

    Tldr... sell banded armor and alchemy potions at launch to get easy krono and box alts.
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  2. Xanathol Augur

    I love seeing the ooc "group looking for more - need heals and tank!".
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  3. Laronk Augur

    I always make my own groups and usually play a paladin, I didn't know paladins were less desired!
  4. Laronk Augur

    Sometimes I've even done a 2 person group! Fricken people sitting around doing nothing until you find more people.
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  5. SunDrake Augur

    While I understand what you are getting at with this comment, you might be missing something here. That might just be two or three classes who aren't 'ideal' that are still racking up some exp instead of sitting around waiting on the perfect group. There have been many times I'll log in perfectly willing to solo or duo, start killing, and then add someone else I see doing the same. We're both getting exp as is, by joining up we're just that much stronger.

    Do we have heals? Might not. Are we in a better position to let the exp roll in than we would be sitting in PoK waiting on a Cleric? Yes, we are. It also sets a tone for new members. We aren't sitting around waiting for ideal exp, so you might wanna bust out those Ranger heals between mobs.
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  6. Chatoyan Elder

    Put me in the list of people who don't care nearly as much about group makeup as having a good spot. Three pallies, 2 rogues and a druid? Whatever, as long as we've got enough mobs to keep busy.
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  7. Gnothappening Augur

    Paladins get the early game shaft unfortunately. Your only way of holding aggro is flash of light, which is a ton of aggro, but has risks involved. I think the first stun is like level 26 or 32 or something. It wasn't until Luclin that they added in cease and desist low level stuns. Warriors aren't amazing tanks either at low levels due to aggro issues.
  8. Kalipto Augur

    Your guess is slightly wrong in that many people don't just turn lfg on. (who even does that?) they sit for hours spamming OOC and /General channels saying they're looking for a group. There are 400 people in the general channel. But they'll sit there for hours asking for a group and still not find one.

    So yeah, your only option is to build a group. But 10 minutes to build a group? I guess if you're lucky or if you're playing one of the required classes. It can easily take an hour to put together a PUG and get it actually in place and pulling. Then a key class has to leave in 30 minutes.

    Sadly, there seems to be no real solution. Just bite the bullet and play and hope for the best. It's still better than the no-community approach that every other MMO offers.
  9. SunDrake Augur

    It leads to people bemoaning the death of PUGs, but the answer here is what it is: join a guild. You can still form PUGs, you can add randoms, but the guild setting encourages members to assist in helping other members grow, for the good of the whole, which serves the self. PUGs will always fall short here. Even those random folks you group up with over a week for 20 levels might not be there at the end of the month when the new expansion drops.
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  10. Lumiens Augur

    Yeah, I won't try forming a group unless I know I have at least a few of the key components from my friends/guild to build the group around, in classic pretty much it's chanter or the group is a bust.

    The challenge though really isn't putting the group together, it's finding a good open camp for your group to setup at and then trying to get everyone there before some other group moves in on it and starts pulling since there are mobs up.

    I notice they have changed how it works when you pick now on TLPs that it puts you back at the succor point. I guess you are going to have to try to OOC in zones to do camp checks and then hope that when you run down to the camp that someone responded to the camp check. You will have to deal with people trying to call out camps that they arent even sitting at from another camp since you can't just run down to a camp anymore and then pick around to look for an open one.
  11. Vetis Journeyman

    Ah there you are. I knew there would be one. =)

    My first question is do you actually play TLP's? Because a lot of people use the /lfg on and the /lfg tool. It is definitely how I fill my groups on TLP's.

    It certainly does not take 10 minutes to build a group. But like I said and please no offense intended, but you are wrong.

    I'm certain you won't change your stance but I will respectfully disagree.
  12. Laronk Augur

    Oh you just use fol anyways and you also can be the healer most of the time too at lower levels
  13. Accipiter Augur

    "Awesome group looking for 5 more."
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  14. Pawtato Augur

    Yeah, "flakes" are a pretty common thing. Also, another poster makes a good point that often the group organizer has to shoulder a lot of the group responsibilities.

    If, grouping was as easy as everyone here presented EQ wouldn't have tanked so hard when other options came out. Fact is people want to put minimal effort into playing the game.
  15. Herf Augur

    I'm one of those people who hates to make a group...But then I started 2 boxing and realized, hey, I can play this way, and I can add anyone who wants to join; which made it less stressful. I hate responsibility :)

    To find groups I find it's best to go to a zone you hope to XP in. Send tells to people you see listed in zone asking if they have an opening for <insert your level and class here>. You will get better results that way than OOC'ing or doing LFG in General chat. I think it's because you're showing an active interest, so people figure "hmm, sure why not." While people just spamming a chat channel with LFGs...are perhaps viewed with less regard. People who've created groups generally like go-getters in their group, not XP sponges.

    On the TLP servers lots of people are boxing, so if you find a group in zone, the odds of getting a boxer to drop one of his/her boxes to let a real person into the group, seem higher to me. Particularly on older servers with smaller populations, people are often happy to help new players lvl because it helps the server population and gives people someone to talk to and play with.

    As for group sizes and compositions...yes there are some people who won't play without a cleric. SHM or DRU just isn't good enough in their opinion. Or "gotta have ENC".

    Growing up and green and scaly as I did, we made do. No ports, KOS everywhere, no rezzes. We learned to be careful when traveling and cautious on pulls. With no chanter, we used root to separate mobs. And if the mobs are slowed, they can be off tanked. I've even done all DPS groups; no healers :) It's not recommended, but it's doable. But some people are just unwilling to play in anything less than a full, balanced, group. Too bad for them.
  16. Herf Augur

    This is not the game for them then. They will enjoy WoW :)

    EQ is like Chess. WoW is like checkers.
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  17. Pawtato Augur

    Lol, not even close. I love EQ, but the player base can't handle any mechanics.
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  18. Lionari Lorekeeper

    On Mangler I was a Ranger. I just made my own groups and always offered to tank. I never sat in LFG.
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  19. Mrjon3s Augur

    Classic - PoP is just Zerg everything down and you win. Soon as the game starts adding mechanics people lose their minds. Helped so many people set up triggers to push a button or the raid wipes and they still can’t do it.
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  20. Pawtato Augur

    Straight truth. Anything outside of sitting in one spot, having basic trash that only melee attacks being single pulled into camp, and you're pushing these people to a limit.

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