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  1. craigsca New Member

    I used to play EQ roughly 20 years ago and rejoined up about a year ago. I just don't have the hours of free time nor the regularity in my schedule that I did years ago to join a guild/raid/find groups, etc. Because of this, I've had a good time reliving "old times" by multiboxing and got 6 characters to level 66. Because I play sporadically, I can't justify 6 gold accounts at $90 a month, nor do I have the cash to pre-pay to save money. Would I pay $5 a month? Sure - but $15 is just too much of a drain for how often I play.
  2. forum troll Elder

    its 15.99 a month or just farm plat and buy a krono? I have no problems if you are FTP, its when you guys keep asking for more and more benefits that bother me
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  3. code-zero Augur

    You need exactly one character to be all access and that's your tank. Depending on what content you're in you can equip carefully and even run a free tank though it's a challenge.
    You can get 30 days for the other characters to get autogrant and earn the necessary AA but you don't need to spend $90/month to field a 6 box crew
  4. Skuz Augur

    You could play on the Test server for free just /testcopy your current characters & you can play there as if you were all access & it has nice fast xp too.

    All I would say is please help by reporting any bugs you find - that's it.

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