I need an old school D&D master to help me

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Malkavius, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Malkavius Augur

    I really didn't want to post this here but general discussion doesn't exist anymore. I need some sage advice for some of you guys who know alot about 1e and 2e d&d. I recently befriended a guy who's uncle wants us to play d&d but only up to 2E.

    I have played RPGs and even a few dnd games, that I didn't realise even connected to them. Been playing alot of baldurs gate recently since i missed out when i was younger. I just have alot of questions and it's been very hard for me to find answers on the internet without me giving sites my name, number, and how many hairs i have on my butthole.

    This is just a shoutout essentially. You can reply in this topic or message me I would just like to know more. It's actually been great playing these older games that I missed out cause I played EQ.
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  4. Malkavius Augur

    Well the thing is he has the original handbook. But 2e is hard to define. Baldurs gate is based on 2e and it has a lot of kits (which I like). But the DM doesn't like. I wanted to make a half orc barbarian but he said it wasn't possible within the rules of 1 and 2e.
  5. Malkavius Augur

    This is why I would like an old school d&d player to weigh in. It was a rough time with weird variables I'm still learning. But I actually enjoy it. Reminds me of old eq.
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    2nd ed had a ton of optional rule books. A half orc is possible. A barbarian is possible. Anything is possible with a creative DM.



    Although if you have not played before, sticking to the core rulebook that anybody can easily obtain may be best. He could just be trying to keep it simple.

    Core books let you concentrate on figuring out the rest of the game before you add a million and one options.
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  7. Malkavius Augur

    Well I'm also curious how a pure fighter is in 1e and 2e. Also I have trouble finding out exactly what class benefits from.
  8. Malkavius Augur

    I think he is just uncomfortable with most things outside of 1e. I have slowly understood how to play. I have just always liked 2 handed warriors. But in 1 and 2e it seems like 2 hand sucks.
  9. Malkavius Augur

    Sorry I forgot to mention he hates anything past 1985 d&d. Cause they screwed over gygax.
  10. Absor Developer

    To play either 1st or 2nd edition really requires a lot of house rules. If your GM won't move to 3.5, then he should be prepared to have to rule on a lot of randomly unexplained or poorly explained issues.

    Bigstomp is right. Stick to core classes until you get the groove of the game and of your GM. While a heck of a lot is possible in 2nd edition, a lot of players don't like a lot of it. Worst, your GM may not like it. You'll really need to know what he is comfortable with before straying too far, even once you get a handle on the game.

    One thing about D&D players, they love to explain their game to people that ask (much like EQ players). I suggest just asking your group and GM questions when you need something.

    Not sure I can help much on 2e specifics, since even my group has moved on to 3.5, as old as we all are. :p
  11. Malkavius Augur

    Thank you guys. I'm just amazed I have a 18/00 STR 18 con half orc.
    DM told me I could fart on a kobold and kill 5. I also have 15 Dex and 12 cha which isn't too bad.

    I understand your gripes about new players. But would class kits from baldurs gate EE ever be viable?
  12. Malkavius Augur

    Interesting that you brought up house rules. I thought since I rolled 18 I could just make my half orc 19 STR. Apparently that's insane in 1 and 2 e.
  13. GinODin New Member

    2e IMO was the best one .... in 2e wizards of the west coast made a whole collection of race/class handbooks that helped out a lot back then ..... not sure if you can find any but they were very helpful.
    I still play the Forgotten Realms world in second edition with my kids on the weekend but I do have a very fond memory of dragon mountain being a lot of fun ...... If you choose Forgotten realms I recommend getting the Waterdeep box set, it has everything in it to keep you all busy for a very long time
  14. Machentoo Augur

    The one thing I would add to what others have said: If you are going to play either 1e or 2e, pick one and stick with it--don't try to mix and match until you are familiar with the differences. Or, at least make sure you are very clear on which parts you are using from which edition. Adventures etc are basically interchangeable with very minor tweaks, but there are some significant differences between the 1e and 2e rules when it comes to classes, the magic system, and the combat system. Personally, I like to use 1e rules for the most part with a few things thrown in from 2e--proficiencies, the timing system for combat.
  15. Vileborg Journeyman

    I haven't ran any campaigns in years but I did for over a decade. The key to being a good dungeon master to me was making sure the story flowed and not to get too caught up in all the rules that you stall the story line.

    1. I used to award XP nightly as I never seemed to have the exact players the next time.
    2. Always have some ridiculous high level in the tavern if you let them in a town. (bar fights)
    3. Don't be afraid to put them in overwhelming odds
    4. Kill their characters
    5. Put your foot down. Your campaign, your rules. Just be consistent.
    6. Don't be afraid to improvise you're planned campaign. (I ran fully improvised campaigns)
    7. Spend some time in the monster compendiums.
    8. If you allow deities, know your characters deities. The players would sometimes encounter deities and not know it. (Deities and Demigods)
    Everquest was the beginning of the end of D&D for me. It was nice to be able to play instead of running the campaign and to be able to do so with my friends.
  16. Kelset Journeyman

    Grew up with 1st and 2nd editions and my introduction to gaming was "Keep on the Borderlands" from the original boxed set. 2e has some great modules (Assault on the Giants!), but the key to a good game was the DM. As someone mentioned, having good house rules and a good campaign were essential to a fun game. I don't mind restrictive rules if they are set in the context of a meaningful campaign but being strict for the sake of being strict is not my idea of fun. However, was also never a fan of the monty hall style campaigns.
    Have fun and hopefully the uncle runs a good campaign.
  17. Underscore_one New Member

    I don't understand the use of "e" in explaining versions of D&D when I was growing up it was D&D and AD&D. Sounds like your DM is an AD&D guy which, IMHO is the best D&D to play. Check out Amazon and look for a AD&D Players Players Handbook, DM's Guide, and at least Monster Manual 1 and 2. Fiend Folio and Legend's and Lore are also good to have but not a necessity. Ask what character sheets the DM uses and roll a toon.
  18. Muji Augur

    The first D&D was awesome. I remember doing a lot of the box sets like the Immortals. Then AD&D took it to the next level specially with the second edition and box sets like Ruins of Undermountain. So much good stuff. Forgotten Realms for the win, even though Tasslehoff is the man.

    I still have all my second edition stuff and older handbooks/manuals up in my attic. Almost want to break em out now!
  19. GinODin New Member

    The Ruins of Undermountain ...... now there are some memories ..... thank you :)
  20. Thraine Augur

    there was some very unbalanced classes and kits in 2e iirc .. the fighter (archer kit) was way OP, made the ranger obsolete lol

    5e is a very simple version and there are tons of literature out there on it, its more simple than 2e (no more Thac0 bs) and its a good deal more balanced. Just cause your DM has the books doesnt mean you cant slowly migrate to 5e .. btw half orc barbarian in 5e is one of the basic class race combos.

    2e was fun tho dont get me wrong. i miss all the super OP-ness my Elvin fighter archer had to offer :)

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