I made a classic EQ leveling guide

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mithmarr, Mar 14, 2019.

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    What about your TBL leveling guide?
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    Yeah I'm sure it's a handy p99 guide, but almost none if this info is applicable to TLP servers. It doesn't take months to reach max level, racial/class bonuses and penalties do not exist, bards cannot swarm kite entire zones, the ZEM values are innacurate, and none of the many quests listed are worth doing for xp. I'd put a big disclaimer on top that this guide should not be used at all for TLP servers.

    Some of the level ranges you listed for various zones are close to accurate, although a lot of them also are just massively off for TLP servers. Upper Guk min level 15? People start there around 5 or 6. Sol B as a leveling zone up to level 60? Even fire giants are only level 50ish and they respawn super slowly. Really I'm curious what people xp on in Sol B up to level 60 even on p99, but certainly nobody is attempting that on a TLP.
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    We already told you on the p99 forums that it isn't even a great guide for p99. It has gaps in knowledge and a lot of redundancy from the already existing guides on the wiki.
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    I don't play on TLP but https://almarsguides.com/ has some of the best low-mid level guides I have found. They helped me a ton when I came back to EQ and I know Almar puts a ton of work and effort into his guides as I have talked to him personally on here over the years. He also has a ton of other various current guides such as tradeskills and such. I think generally speaking most of the TLP players know where is best to grind in classic considering they keep playing the content over and over again. Even someone coming back to the game could post a thread and probably have an idea about which zones to visit in which order before they ever start.

    For live a classic leveling guide starting out at level 1 would look very different imo considering the tutorial and TSS is open and up to level 60ish the experience combined with gear upgrades and quests is more than sufficient using a merc. Its the post level 60 where trying to pick the proper zones starts to become more of a challenge until someone gets to 75 if they can molo HA's or 80's for HOT yard, Valley early 90's, maybe tainted karana or shards landing after that, Katta, TT, or BI from 100-105ish and then FM until 110 assuming someone is just going molo the whole time.

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