I know that Vet AA are not really on the docket...

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Paladin, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Benito Augur

    I'd like to bump this thread as the team discusses the road ahead. Hopefully Holly or Roshen might forward the idea of reviving Veteran Rewards for EQ1. Holly came from EQ2 where Veteran Rewards are current and had its 10th reward sold on the Marketplace.
  2. adetia Augur

    Summonable parcel vendor for 16th!
  3. Sebbina Augur

    I think maybe double Vet AA for the first 5 years, (1 per 6 mths) so newer folk can get useful ones quicker. It should be possible to add 5 to those with more then 5 years simply as a reward for long term commitment (despite new ownership), and allow doubling up on ones that have already been acquired, after the first 5 have been granted. 100 % res twice a week, Throne of Heroes 36 minutes instead of 72 etc., options to gain more viable potions from Loyalty, new capabilities via SC, without unbalancing the game, but, still improving playability for characters. Secondary Fellowship, for characters who have 2 sets of friends or a large XP set of friends, 3 folk could set up 2 campfires and bring in 9X2 more, or one set for friends guildies and other for alts to jump in to loot gear. Ideas are likely to be plentiful, but, what is acceptable and added over the course of time, will definitely take some discussion.
  4. Kaenneth Augur

    Double and/or locked faction 'lesson'
  5. kyong Augur

    Looking forward to seeing if they reverse stance on this and bring back vet aa's. I believe we're missing the last two years now. They were one of the things I looked forward to every year.
  6. Yinla Augur

    This is not EQ2!

    I hope they never reintroduce Vet AAs
  7. Warpeace Augur

    Let it die, there is really zero need for Vet AA to come back.
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  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    There is zero need for a lot of things in EQ. I wouldn't mind seeing veteran aa coming back.. I don't see it happening but it would be nice :) Heck I would be happy with them reducing timers instead each year. I wonder if the reason they don't do vet aa any more is because there just aren't enough 15 year vets to make it worthwhile though.
  9. Yinla Augur

    Personally I'd rather they added more benefits to being All Access.
  10. Brohg Augur

    Making Vet AA into 0-cost Glyphs (retaining their respective cooldowns, obv) would make them into a subscriber benefit. A plan I don't wholly support, as it would mean taking them away from folks that have them currently. Freeloader folks, but still, bad PR :p

    I would like the Vet AAs to be available for young accounts via SC, or via consuming Krono. Like hand in a Krono to Mr.NPCtheGreedy -> he flags your acct for +1 vet AA.
  11. Fieldsurgeon New Member

    I normally do not read or visit these fourms. but I was told that you ppl. at daybreak do read this. So here goes. why did you discontinue the vet rewards? you say you are listening to what the community wants. well I want what I have paid for. I have asked new players in EQ if they thought it was unfair to them that I have 14 vet rewards and they have none. all told me I earned them and they had no problem with me having them. so whats the problem ?
  12. Benito Augur

    Why not?

    Reintroducing Vet AA is a far more feasible and less complicated task for the short term than other suggestions (e.g. expansion, zone revamp, various nerf reversals). Furthermore, it is an AA that won't discriminate between classes.

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