I just cancelled three accounts :)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Herf, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. Tucoh Augur

    My solution: I have my credit card set up to notify me of expenses. So i get a string of notifications to remind me I'm blowing $2 a month on paperkarma even though i haven't used it in many months.
  2. Herf Augur

    I don't have a fancy phone, nor would I keep important info on a phone for security reasons.
  3. Herf Augur

    Wow that's brilliant. So you're proposing I have my credit card notify me that I have just paid for a year into the future on 3 accounts, after the fact. Unrefundable. Yes that totally makes sense.
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  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    A calendar reminder for when an account is going to renew is a security concern? Sounds to me like you are looking for reasons to complain.
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  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I just wish I could consume a krono from the server select screen.
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  6. Tappin Augur

    Completely unacceptable in 2021. ...and the expiration date given under account management isn’t always accurate when using a Krono... there isn’t any legitimate reason not to have an easy way to see when my account expires.
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  7. cadres Augur

    I don't believe it would take any length of time to restore it as was.
    They didn't (as ever) consult before removing it. They got a heap of feedback that, flawed or not, it was very useful to/valued by a lot of folk.

    As for the other suggestions, well IME post-its don't last very long, after a few months they tend to float off and get lost - I know because that's precisely what I did.It also seems bizarre to be in a computer game and have to resort to pen and paper to see my basic info. The info on the DB button just tells me when my next reward is - it doesn't tell me my membership expires on November 3rd or whatever (as it used to).
    I'm not saying this is a massive deal or insurmountable, just that it was perfectly fine as it was and now it's another of those quality of life irritations
  8. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    I miss you
  9. Tucoh Augur

    Haha, yeah there's a few times I've gotten a notification like that. I've never done a year long option before though. For the next expansion release I'll probably do what you did, but with three months.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There are sure a lot of people who know the Daybreak/Darkpaw code base and how to fix it better than the developers that work there.

    Also why do they need to ever consult the player base on making changes or removing bugged features that are giving players bad information.

    As for your reminders what is wrong with using a calendar app that is part of email or your phone to create a reminder of when various bills are do or subscriptions renew? There are plenty of other bills that you have to remember besides this.
  11. Zanarnar Augur

    Well since the marketplace has the correct date (your claim time), the game client clearly can attain that info, the fact that they chose to remove it instead of adjust which data point was being shown there ...

    I'm not big into conspiracy theories, but their "explanation" doesn't hold much water. If the marketplace can fetch the time of your next claim, that data can be shown in the client inventory window just as easily as its shown in the marketplace window.

    Its 100% irrelevant to me (and any other lifetime sub holder), but the removal and their tissue-paper excise made me roll my eyes so hard they popped out of my head and rolled down the driveway.
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  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Your claim time isn't how long you have left on your subscription and is different data. Anyone with a subscription time longer than a month doesn't know how much time is left from that alone.
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  13. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    True, but they know the day of the month, which is most of the issue. If you pay every 3 months then you already know which 4 months of the year it will bill. I forgot whether there's a 6 month option, but that would be only 2 months you need to remember, and yearly is even easier.

    The only people who could maybe have an argument are those that pay with krono. I don't know how the DBC claim timer works with those.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If it was that simple why would they have removed it? Are you claiming that they are hiding it on purpose in order to try and get more people to resubscribe?
  15. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    There's a reason why subscription based services don't send you a reminder of the next renewal date.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    So you are accusing them of purposely trying to hide this when everyone has the option to not enable auto renew. Considering a lot of the complaints come from people who use krono and need to be reminded when it is time to renew this is very strange.
  17. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    It's an effective business tactic and it's standard to the industry. Also, in one of the past interviews from Twitch, they mentioned the importance that people who had left for WoW didn't unsubscribe to EQ. So, they survived the Thanos snap, because people just forgot.
  18. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    No, I think it's very simple why they hid it, it was broken for some people and they didn't have an easy fix to the problem. The inconsistency meant it could be a CS issue and generate tickets due to the confusion of incorrect data.

    I'm sure the data is there and accessible, but probably not easily so from the launcher. As fresh as they can make the launcher look, it's probably using old server-side API's. Whichever one retrieves that data must not be simple to change or replace.

    EQ has a ton of bugs that have been identified over time. New issues get reported every day, each patch has the potential to bring in new ones. They can't just fix everything with the resources they have. So they prioritize, and make decisions where it limits the fallout, whether we like the result or not. Maybe someday this gets addressed. Maybe they are working on a new launcher and fixing stuff like this in the old one is a waste of time? There are many possibilities.

    I absolutely think that it is a good idea to have a feature like this in the launcher, I will welcome its return if it ever does. But I also understand the realities of solving problems in complex and antiquated code-bases with limited resources and more knowledge that has been lost over time than actually exists in-house.
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  19. Tatanka Augur

    So, we're smart enough to KNOW which months will bill, but not smart enough to know what day of the month?

    This whole discussion is hilarious. If something's really important to you, then YOU take responsibility to see it gets done.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If they are doing it for that reason why would you think they would put it back because you ask nicely on the forums?