I have a quick question about the 90 day unlocks

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by PathToEternity, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Warrior007 Augur

    The unlock system (at least from what we've seen on Fippy -- (Machen can probably correct me if I'm wrong here since he's been keeping track of it better than I have) works biweekly. So it'd either be 84 (12 weeks) -- the next available option is 14 weeks, or 98 days. This is fairly hard coded from my understanding and would have to overhaul a lot of stuff (which there isn't really that much time left)

    -6 is closer to 90 than +8.
  2. Warrior007 Augur

    I'm open to trades.
  3. MBear Augur

    This is a super silly thing to be fairly hardcoded, but it would explain the insanity that is changing it to one week less than an exact quarter or exactly 4 xpacs per year using 13 weeks.
  4. Grandma Elder

    Dbg can only make so many people happy each day. If 12 weeks is bad for you, then today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking so good either .Accept it and go play kids.
  5. Skipper Augur

    Says a six monther.
  6. MBear Augur

    I disagree. With Daybreak, if today is not your day, tomorrow most certainly will be. Yes, it changes that often.
  7. Grandma Elder

    Dear the server opened as a 6 month server and won the vote 3 times for 6 months If this server opens with the rules set on 12 weeks I accept it or don't play there. Hopefully they won't be changing the timing set rules every few weeks like they did on RF/LJ
  8. Trevalon Augur

    No one wants them to change the times after the server starts, that was a fiasco on LF/RF and should have never happened.

    What we are trying to do is get them to honor their original advertisement of 90 day unlocks (or as close as possible IE 91 days) instead of stripping it down by 6 days - and we hopefully can get them to do that prior to the server starting.

    And if the speculation of it can only happen every 2 weeks (Making it only possible on even weeks) then it should be 14 weeks instead of 12, the server should never be LESS than it was it advertised as.
  9. Gumby Augur

    And you all aren't very bright. Make one good decision and then 5 bad ones. So awful.
  10. EQ1999 Elder

    Are you seriously being this dramatic over 6 freaking days.
  11. Machen New Member

    It depends if they are tying the unlocks to the voting system. It is the voting system which is on the two week cycles. Expansion launches are not necessarily tied to the voting system, though. For instance, LDON launched 30 days after content defeated (was it RZTW? I forget), and iirc it launched at exactly 30 days from when the content was defeated, not the Monday after.

    So maybe Roshen can clarify on why 12 weeks was chosen, if it will be tied to the two week cycle, when exactly expansion launches will occur, and maybe most importantly, when will the timer for the 12 weeks for classic begin... Since the server has been running but locked for some time now, I am guessing they need to manually start the clock ticking at some point.
  12. Gumby Augur

    It's more of a combination of this and the Live servers mess. It's just constantly bad decision making.

    Wasting Dev time on locking out Gnome SK's.. etc. etc. It's way more than just 6 days here and there, but that is nearly 3 weeks lost per year on an already quick unlock timer as well.

    Will it stop me from playing? No.

    It's just the head-scratching decision making on a consistent basis with DBG these days.
  13. PathToEternity Augur

    So just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly, we're looking at Wednesday unlocks for Phinny, not Monday unlocks, right? As in, Kunark will be unlocking on March 2nd rather than waiting until March 7th?

    Thanks for helping to clarify with all this.
  14. Vindicator Journeyman

    It gets around the holidays that tend to fall on Monday or Friday in case there is a problem with launch. That's my guess for their reasoning.

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