I have a quick question about the 90 day unlocks

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by PathToEternity, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. PathToEternity Augur

    Historically, progression server expansion unlocks could only happen every other Monday. Will Phinny technically adhere to this same schedule, so it will be 90 days and change, or will these be literal 90 day unlocks?

    If my math is right, 90 days from December 9th is March 8th (a Tuesday). The unlock Mondays in March, however (again, if my math is right), are March 7th and March 21st.

    Now, it doesn't really matter either way, but it would just be nice to know - are we looking at a March 8th Kunark unlock or March 21st? Even if my dates are incorrect somehow, I'm still curious about this.

    It's possible this has been answered already and I missed it. If so, feel free to link me the answer.
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  2. Finley Augur

    I don't care which way it is, just prefer to know well in advance. It's the most appealing part of unlocks being independent of voting/raid boss death times.
  3. Krek Elder

    It won't be on a Monday specifically, but the way it is now would be 90 days from of the 9th of Dec. But so many see the wisdom of wanting the 90 day timer to start once content is defeated. It's very trivial starting out, but as we get deeper in the game, it is absolutely necessary. Hopefully DBG will recognize this, make this small tweak, and we would then know for a certainty what is ahead of us. Why wait until there is a problem, let's prevent one.

    It will be very easy to keep up when the 90 day timers starts from the second we get server wide announcements.
  4. spacetrig New Member

    90 days after content is defeated sounds like the way it should be
  5. Works Elder

    I'm reasonably sure we can consider this issue settled, at least for the time being.
  6. Zublak Augur

    All that matters is that you will all get to enjoy and endure another whole 90 days of that wonderful Classic content!
  7. heme New Member

    I wish I knew the answer. But can you visit saguild.org, because I want to be on the same team as Jain <3 WTB Detailed posts on how to properly purchase pots from you! :)
  8. Warrior007 Augur

    whoa settle down bro I want jain this time around
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  9. Nolrog Augur

    Did they announce it was changing? Because the original version of the rules released did not have this requirement.
  10. Skipper Augur

    No, they haven't announced any change yet. But we can only hope. It's always been after content has been defeated. Guess DBG and others want to make this like the super fast Combine TLP. Wait, don't call it a progression server, no progression is needed on Phinny. We just keep rolling out those expacs every 90 days whether we have killed anything or not.

    This server is so perfect, except for this....
  11. Roshen Brand Manager

    This server will be different.

    We've updated this to "12 Week Unlocks" so these always happen on the same day of the week. I'll make another post to discuss this!
  12. Skipper Augur

    So now it's not even 90 days, but 84 days, 12 x 7 = 84?
  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    Correct. It maths out to shorter than 90 days... 12 weeks is 84 days between unlocks.
  14. Vengaz New Member

    Please use 13 weeks instead of 12? I realize 7 days is not the end of the world, but thats enough for 1 more raid lock out and honors the original "90 day" timeline.
  15. Azzudien Augur

    Just because an expansion unlocks does not mean you cannot do previous expansion content. 84 days, 87 days 95 days, doesn't matter in your examples.
    I think the 12 weeks idea is awesome, the expansions will always unlock on a Wednesday and those that want to push fast into an expansion can make a long weekend of it Thurs-Sunday to do so.
  16. Cainen Elder

    I think 13 weeks is better then 12. It fulfills the 90 day requirement and still keeps the unlocking on the same day every week that the devs want.
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  17. Vengaz New Member

    If thats how you feel, why are you in these forums and not on a live server?
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  18. ElaidaTL Augur

    I call Jain. sorry. I need an intelligent level headed diplomat sort.
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  19. Skipper Augur

    You would fit right in on Live. What's holding you up?
  20. Azzudien Augur

    I do play on live, 2 servers in fact.
    Once again they have 2 servers for slow content unlock, whats holding you up?

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