I got a Berserker question?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Angre, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Behelit Augur

    I would have to wager that RoI clears as fast the other top guilds, and I still manage to use Mangling burn 3 times a night even at our fastest. Maybe thats due to event order? but /shrug its perfectly doable and can work out as a net gain.

    Ya with Mangling having the older high crit chance of pre-nerf Disconcerting as long as you have ~3200+ displayed dex and auspice you can sit on epic for Brutal.
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  2. Brohg Augur

    The issue is that most guilds *don't* clear so fast. When encounters are 10 or 15 minutes long instead of *2* or 5, then Disco gets 3-4 runs per battle vs Mangling's 1 (tops. if it's off cooldown. that's more to do with speed of loot calls than speed of battle.)
  3. Behelit Augur

    I would argue the more important thing to consider is how fast a raid moves from event to event (loot/travel/afk downtime).The faster you clear events, generally the less downtime between them you have compared to a slower killing guild that might spread a clear out over 2 nights. And in a slower killing guild all you have to do is use Disconcerting the first half of the event as usual and then use Mangling burn once you're in the timeframe you can end the event chaining the rest of your discs. If you take 10+min on something like Drusella burn (t2.1) then I'd be insanely shocked if your guild does loot and starts t2.2 within 10m of finishing t2.1. It's actually much easier to use Mangling consistently in a slower-killing setting than it is in a fast paced one. The only reason I can use Mangling 3 times is because of our event order as well as how the events are set up in each zone.
  4. Tiggold Augur

    I'm leaning towards thinking I couldn't pull off a 3 Mangling night without losing a lot of DPS and that would be a combo of our kill order maybe and my plateau as a player. I will test it thoroughly though in the next four weeks. I have been doing really well imo up to this point and Brutal isn't even my main Burn Disc, so I need to do some testing before I can comment further. It's not like what has worked for me hasn't worked for someone else before.
  5. Tiggold Augur

    Why the delete? :(
  6. webs New Member

    If brutal is not in your main burn then what is?
  7. Tanols Augur

    Based on just a brief review of past parses and this is not hard numbers ... critical hits are double normal damage and crippling are two and half times normal damage. RNG plays a huge role but when I am able I will dig up some old afk auto attack 8 hour parses and post some numbers in our class site.
    Bottom line is pound that HDex to get crit chance up and when possible stack 1-3 zerkers in same group to maximize / optimize uptime of Synergy and Cripple chance. Or you can spread them out to share the added crippling blow chance with classes that do not normally have it.
    As far as Blood brand, Shared, and couple of our other spam abilities go ... don't forget those take up debuff/dot slots on mob and are far far weaker than other classes dots etc. so even though zerker dps goes up overall guild dps goes down.
  8. Tiggold Augur

    Update: So I switched around my burn order and rotations as well as my mash bar to reflect the Mangling/Dicho combo. I was able to parse a little bit higher on some events when mainly using Dreadspine. I switched to AE Hammer on extreme add situations and still not sure if it's a benefit yet. I do agree with the mash order you guys stated you use and that will remain a part of my regular set up, so thank you. As for Mangling, I was able to use it twice. For a single event it was great but I either need to work on my timing or consider our target order, or a combo of both, to make it work to it's full potential. At this point it's not worth it for me to use it but I'm going to keep at it and see if I can't make some changes from what I'm comfortable with and make it parse better for me. My main burn was working off of CA-I will continue to parse the next few weeks, which shouldn't be too bad. I only have one personal raid acheev to get so maybe we will have some straight through runs.

    EDIT: I think the most important info I received from this initial test is that our Breastplate needs a Mangling CD benefit. We do not need a rune, I'm not sure why anyone requested that. If you're getting agro in the group game you need to find better tanks to group with. The tank alts I group with are amazing so not sure why the sh*t anyone thinks we need the BP click we have now.
  9. Behelit Augur

    If you change the focus on BP to a Mangling hastening you'd end up with a 17m recast on Brutal then, and that's just robbing peter to pay paul.

    As for the BP click, as one of (if not the main) advocate for the defensive click, the reasoning behind it is that we were seeing minuscule increases from expansion to expansion with our proc clicky and rather than gain another ~50k damage on a 10m recast click we opted for a defensive option. The idea behind it being that we can use each click situationally, and upgrade them on alternating expansions. I don't have a tank with me at all times in the group game and personally love having the defensive option available to me, and when I want an offensive click I have that too in either the VoA or EoK clicks.
  10. Angre Augur

    I have another Berserker question...

    Who else is using War Cry of the Braxi immediately before Dichotomic Rage?

    I am catching crap for the these extra mobs I am bringing to group missions, because it trains the group in many situations! I am gonna take it out of my mash key and bind set up and maybe use it on raids only. I was told by awesome_zerker_01 years ago, that it would increase the damage that Dicho does, (and it appears that it does), but I don't think the benefits are worth killing my group over.

    Frustrated! Any feedback?

  11. Daedly Augur

    It definately works, if the counters are not used up by someone elses melee. They have the same cool down, so if you can keep it together, its better then not doing it. That being said, if braxi is bringing adds, then dont use it. Until you know its safe. I personally wouldnt hold off on using dicho to wait for braxi to be up. But i may hold off on using braxi to wait for dicho to be up.

    What i am really curious about though, is what missions are you having problems with this on? Braxi doesnt do damage, so it won't break mezz and its range is not large. The only RoS mission i can think of where it might hurt you is Talendor on the drake stage, but that can be solved by through positioning.
  12. Angre Augur

    I am doing Hunter for EoK. We are in a Droga instance for the last named I need for the 40 slot bag.

    I am certain, that it agro'd more mobs than we pulled.

  13. Daedly Augur

    Gotcha gotcha. It could be the case. Tell your tank to use more discs :p
  14. Tiggold Augur

    It's without a doubt the zone you're in. Please for your DPS sake don't adjust in groups except when you find yourself in that situation. Droga seems to have no real barriers so it pulls below you as well. Place is terrible for us sometimes. Don't suppress your DPS to fix others problems - as in don't save Dicho for raids only.
  15. Angre Augur

    Thanks brother!

    I use Dicho constantly; 60 second refresh is not that bad of a wait.

    As soon as its up, it is fired right after War Cry of the Braxi goes off.

    After 3 years of playing, I still need a little guidance now and then. :) We all learn something new now and then.

    Thanks for the help!

    I love being a Zerker!

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  16. Angre Augur

    So for Mash Keys I got 2 and 3 Keys set. The 3 key is my primary mash button and is binded.

    It goes something like this.... Pretty similar to a previous post.

    #3 Key - Binded

    Mangling Axe Throw
    Mangling Frenzy
    Smoldering Rage
    Mangling Volley
    Axe of Aeons
    War Cry of the Braxi
    Dichotomic Rage
    Sapping Strikes
    Shared Ruthlessness (I don't believe it overrides Necro or Shaman Dots) I will find out for sure.

    My #2 Key is a little differerent.

    Breast Plate Clicky (Lucid Rageblade Coat for DPS boost)
    Blood Drinker's Coating

    That is correct, I use Dicho and Epic, BP clickies in my mash keys.

    The lead Berserker in Triton gave me this breakdown a few years ago. I like it.

    What I am looking for is some tweaks you guys may suggest?


    PS: I use Mangling Discipline on Group Named and Raid Bosses on my big burn, then mini Burns such as Brutal, Avenging Flurry, Cleaving Acrimony, and sometimes Frenzied Resolve. We are not quite as quick as the Top Tier Guilds are, and fortunately we raid for 3 hours, so I get plenty of use from Mangling Discipline. During the mean time before burns, I use Disconcerting Discipline. My DPS could still use some improvement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Yes I use Battle Leap and Aura all the time.
  17. Brohg Augur

    I recommend reading this thread for some comments and suggestions for you to implement from berserkers who aren't disappointed by their output.
  18. Daedly Augur

    Mangling Frenzy, it applies a throwing/shoot damage modifier debuff on the mob, causing it to take more damage from throwing attacks. Additionally, it will trigger a cripple chance buff for your whole group via your synergy AA.

    So i would suggest making it first, or second just behind intimidation. I think your spamkey should look something like this...
    Intimidation > Mangling Frenzy > war cry of braxi > dicho > axe of aeons > volley > axe throw > sapping > smoldering > phantom assailant > bolstered frenzy.

    I personally use ritual scarification tied to my assist key. I also have have recently removed Braxi from my spam key on raids as for whatever reason the AE proc on my hammer and braxi have been getting me aggro.

    I also use a different set for raid as opposed to group. In my group set up, disconcerting is the first disc in my spam key.
  19. Angre Augur

    I am going give your set up and try parsing it with some changes I made. However, I don't use the phantom assailant because I don't think its worth using, but I will this time. And you didn't mention the fact that bolstered frenzy requires 90% or lower, so you must need Bloodfury (I know there is a newer one) in that line up. If that's so, and you tear into your spam key, you are going to kill yourself.

    I did like the suggestion of putting Mangling Frenzy first. Then the throwing disc after that, and then War Cry and Dicho.

    First Try: /GU Combat Dummy Caza in 45s, 9352k @207812sdps | Angre 9352k@(207.8k dps in 45s) [100%]

    Second Try: /GU Combat Dummy Caza in 76s, 15779k @207613sdps | Angre 15779k@(207.6k dps in 76s) [100%]

    That's really not much more than I was doing with my own set up, but I appreciate the response sir and definitely squaring me away on Mangling Frenzy being first.


  20. Daedly Augur

    Thats why i said i use ritual scarification, it locks your HP at 89%. I dont tecommend using it in the guild hall though, as you cannot click it off and it will slowly drain your hp.

    I dont always use it, but most of the time i do. If the raid event is heavy AE and i run close to dieing a lot is an obvious case. However, if my HP is low, it shoulndt really need to worry about being under 90%.

    As far as its increase for you, it may not be much at all. Keep in mind, that any increase will get amplified during burn situations. Your 45sec parse probably isnt going to be a good baseline on wether or not it increased your damage or lowered it.

    Now, i am not saying my set up is the best, just giving you the way i have it and the reason.

    I have contemplated putting both sapping strikes and smoldering rage at the start of my bind. Just not sure that there is enough benefit to doing so.

    I am curious though, you mentioned shared ruthlessness and shaman and necro dots. I am not aware of any interaction between the two, am i missing something there?