I don't understand the hate for TEQB on this server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ronluwen, Sep 1, 2020.

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  1. Mithra Augur

    Faceless was not competing on any server.
  2. Weebles Augur

    I have no idea, I can only speak to the Selo iteration.
  3. Galaras Lorekeeper

    They absolutely were competing on Selo's launch and quickly moved on after losing to Amtrak. I forgot if it was Michael Rapaport or Ice-T (Faceless hired one, Amtrak the other) but they were both enlisted in the epic trash talking that was occuring leading up to Selo's launch.
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  4. Healiez Augur

    I seem to remember in GoD amtrak has a lot of issues getting open world mobs in straight races. The trains were fun, I still have videos!
  5. Lupercus New Member

    I'm just waiting for LDoN so we can all quit again
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  6. Healiez Augur

    LDoN is dope...

    Only thing that would make it better
    1) boost exp
    2) LDoN raids give adventure points
  7. Ronluwen Lorekeeper

    The point is.....

    Why do these nerds care so much about racing? You can just join a casual guild like Altered Minds and clear the entire expansion in under two weeks. Might have been sooner if we didn't get jipped out of a trak because of the servers going down.

    Being "#1" literally means nothing. You'll get equally geared, and get to see the same content if you join the right DZ guild. Plus, you get to do other things with your life, so long as it's not the first week of Kunark launch anyway.
  8. Zithax Elder


    What universe u living in bro lemme fly my spaceship there
  9. Zithax Elder

    Rewriting history brother?
  10. Weebles Augur

    I’m just telling you what my experience was. I joined about 2 weeks into Luclin and quit about 6 months later. In the time I was there, there was literal 0 talk of getting server firsts. The guild simply didn’t care. Sure, we competed for some open world mobs, won some, lost some, and tried to be efficient, and certainly had launch teams with the goal of clearing content quickly and efficiently, but we absolutely were not “racing” for server firsts. If you need to believe otherwise, go for it lol.
  11. Vexn Elder

    Only time I remember seeing two guilds "racing" was back on Phinny with OGC & AoS. Now days all the race bois join one mega zerg guild and pretend people are racing them so they can all be winners. Pretty funny honestly.
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  12. Zithax Elder

  13. Quivermetimbers New Member

    imagine trying this hard only to be a casual version of faceless
  14. Slipp New Member

    AoS was on Ragefire.
    OGC was on Phinny.
  15. Galaras Lorekeeper

    I was in AoS on Phinny, would love for you to explain that........
  16. Auesheet Lorekeeper

    Here before someone tells you that you are wrong..

    Too late!
  17. Slipp New Member

    No my friend.

    AoS was definitely on Ragefire, but starting on Fippy.

    And OGC was on Phinny. I can show you screenshots of the Phinny server progression site still.
  18. Ruhi Lorekeeper

    AoS was on phinny --- phinny progress shows them on phinny.......
  19. Auesheet Lorekeeper

  20. Arrk Augur

    While you can get the same loot in a DZ only guild, you cannot get near the quantity of loot that being a dominate OW Guild gets.... TEQB normally 3-4 splits every instance, one time we even 8 split for fun. In addition, we get 98% of the relevant OW targets... thus increasing the loot gain over a DZ only guild immensely.

    In addtion, TEBQ doesn't field 400+ people like the forums would have you believe. So each member has solid chances of getting all the loot they want over the course of the expansion because of the volume of loot we take in.

    There is nothing wrong with being in a DZ only guild, if that is the type of environment you feel more comfortable in, but DZ guilds do not do the number of raids or events that TEQB does .... In addition, TEQB does stuff around the clock so you can always get on and have a shot at something going on...
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