Hunter in Undershore, Warlock Therigal

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gochan, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. Gochan Journeyman

    Category: NPC
    Date/Time: Thu Jul 14 16:37:25 2022

    Character: Level 120 Warrior (Main)
    Zone: Stoneroot Falls
    Location: -1137.20, -629.82, 32.94, 458.07

    Description: Working hunter in Stoneroot Falls, Warlock Therigal, 8-12 hours per day, 4 days this week, 4 days last week during increased rares week and have not seen him once, over 75 hours and have not seen 1 spawn, working as intended?
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  2. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Killed him maybe a week ago, took like 4 spawns. So bad RNG probably.
  3. Gochan Journeyman

    Really bad I guess, seems kind of unbelievable that a mob who is going to see me standing their waiting for him and die before his first breath is taken can take this long, bad RNG or not.
  4. Trebla7th Augur

    I had heard he was extremely rare, but not that rare (personally I saw him twice out of 20'ish spawns, so either I got insanely lucky our you're getting insanely unlucky). You're killing all 3 mobs in the building directly beneath the zone to the Hive? (I know you listed the loc, but I'm not in game to check that).
  5. Gochan Journeyman

    Yes I am and then some from being so bored, approaching 200 spawns and no Warlock.
  6. zleski Augur

    It took me a long time get some underfoot rares, even during the bonus period. It happens...
  7. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Am i missing something same named mob spawns in two zone (undershore and stoneroot falls) one is hunter the other is not guess which one isnt a hunter? yup the one in undershore just wasting your time. If you want a rare undershore mob try spawning an escaped deep orc caster whos ph is a hunter mob itself stupid how rare it is.
  8. Gochan Journeyman

    Yeah I am actually speaking of the one in Stoneroot Falls, in the Hut with 3 Drachnids near the Hive entrance. Spent another 14 hours there yesterday and am back there today, 90 hours put in and no spawn now yet!..and I got that Deep Orc caster in like 2 spawns
  9. Gochan Journeyman

    Only 8-10 hours their yesterday, getting old at this point, still no Warlock and guessing they can't fix it, hopefully will fix itself after patch this week.
  10. Gochan Journeyman

    10 more, yada yada yada, SOS nothing.
  11. Mukkul Augur

    Warlock Therigal is an extra-rare spawn but you also need to make sure you are getting all 3 drachnid spawns inside that tower in Stoneroot (not Undershore).

    I wasted a couple days camping there when only two drachnids were re-spawning. Apparently the placeholder drachnid was lost or stuck elsewhere in the zone.

    I came back later to find all 3 drachnids inside the tower. Spent several more hours camping it before Warlock Therigal finally spawned.
  12. Trebla7th Augur

    If he's a 1% spawn, your odds of going 300 spawns without seeing him are roughly 5% (ignoring bonuses). I don't think he's that rare though, and any higher spawn rate for that number of PHs is fast approaching 0.

    In the past, devs have confirmed the spawn chance of extremely elusive mobs that appeared broken (Field of Bone rares, Vaniki), perhaps this can be checked to see if OP's luck is within the realm of possibility or if some further investigation is warranted.

    Gochan, you didn't post your server, perhaps that would help investigate?
  13. Gochan Journeyman

    Sorry but 2 more days of nothing and today patch day, if it was broke or bugged maybe the downtime will cure that, but yeah 20 more hours, me and 1 other fella been camping now 24-7 and has never spawned, server is Luclin. Will try after servers up and see what happens, and yeah we killing and getting all the drachnids, I'm guessing maybe they bugged it the week before when they increased rare spawns.
  14. Mukkul Augur

    No, not "all" the drachnids. 3 drachnids. One, two, three. Stop killing, and if you don't see 3 up at once after 20 min, something is wrong besides rarity.

    If you see all 3 drachnids, THEN it's a matter of camping it 24/7 until he spawns. The middle one is the placeholder. It's not like he doesn't exist because he does. Once the Warlock pops, he's not KoS, so you'll have to attack him.
  15. Gochan Journeyman

    Yup like I said we are killing "the 3 drachnids" and have been for 10 days, nothing, logged in after server update today first thing and almost all named were up but no Warlock go figure, still there now 6 hours into it again and still no Warlock. Oh well he must be really really rare lol.
  16. Gochan Journeyman

    Finally spawned 8 hours after servers up, sheesh this took forever it seems, lots of hours over almost 2 weeks. Still thinking the server reset here helped us out. Going back through logs we killed just over 300 spawns during that time of the placeholder.