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  1. Sansvisage New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I plan on making an Human Innoruuk diety Cleric next week on Mischief, in anticipation i thought today I would work out my way around freeport, where the GMs were, spells etc. as im returning to the game after a long absense.

    I searched everywhere for an evil cleric spell vendor with no luck. I went into the sewers twice and died. The good cleric spell vendors wont sell to me and when i look it up in Allakhazam the good cleric spell vendors are the only ones listed. I can see that Qeynos has evil spell vendors in the catabombs.

    Am i missing something really obvious here? Surely i dont need to go to Neriak to get the spells. Can anyone provide me any help as i must be doing something wrong. I recall on the old Freeport maps the sewers had the evil GMs and im sure it would have been there.

  2. Zipe The Healer

    Just make a lvl 1 dark elf cleric, use it to buy any spell you may have trouble finding and to parcel it your main.

    Good luck.
  3. Sansvisage New Member

    thanks, i dont think i even know how to parcel, better look that up. that is a real pain though, i was sure there would be a vendor somewhere
  4. Zipe The Healer

    Hello again,
    Hello again,

    You can even make it easier... make a Good Human cleric, just buy the spells and trade to your main. No need to parcel.

    I have zero experience about Evil Human clerics so I can't help about the vendors :/
  5. Riou EQResource

    You can put the spells in the shared bank slots without having to parcel
  6. Thul Journeyman

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  7. Vumad Augur

    I've had a dark elf cleric for over 10 years and do not have this. As a CLR, ENC, MAG box, not having snare is something I wish I did have. Your post is great information and on my to-do list now.
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Evil cleric or really anything starting in Freeport is hardmode before you even get to fight a mob.

    For any class, parking a level 1 alt at your spell vendors is actually quite useful and good advice for anyone.
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  9. Basak Augur

    As an Inny Human Cleric, I just go to Neriak. I was never hated by anyone there except maybe The Dead and of course the Ghouls at the entrance to The Dead keep are kos but are low level, but then why would you be going to The Dead keep as a cleric anyways? Otherwise, the evil cleric vendors are behind the hidden walls of East Freeport towards the sewers.
  10. dentalplan Journeyman

    As others have said, just head to Neriak asap. There's a quest in the game that specifically sends Innoruuk clerics from Freeport there and will give you a large faction boost with the Neriak cleric guild. You can even repeat it multiple times if needed.
  11. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    I've done this before with a barbarian shaman. Made the Qeynos to Freeport run at level 1, and didn't have to go back for spells.
  12. Sansvisage New Member

    Thanks for all the tips guys, I ended up running to neriak but think I’ll make a spell buying mule somewhere like felwithe maybe.
  13. Fallfyres Augur

    Just know Felwithe doesn't have all the heal spells/rez ones!