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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Draztic, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Draztic New Member

    Thinking about rolling a toon on selos. How's the health of the server? Raid guilds? Groups?

    I'm mainly looking to find a group of players to do stuff with somewhat regularly.
  2. Draztic New Member

    Forgot to note that I'm down to raid as well.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's quite bustling still. Very top heavy due to the speed, so if you are primarily interested in raiding, there literally isn't a better server setup. Exp is super fast. In 4 weeks Selo gets autogrant AA as well, so a new character won't be in that bad of shape.

    I see a few guilds spamming for recruits. There's even a progression guild which level-locks on a self imposed limit which is pretty cool if you want to move a bit slower and see all the content.

    High end raid guilds right now just don't have time to do much old content because of the double lockouts.
  4. Ajjantis Elder

    What time zone are you? If you are european or plan to raid during eu prime time would be your first choice.
  5. Malmini New Member

    Selo is pretty fun, fast exp and plenty of areas to level now.
  6. Draztic New Member

    Currently a level 25 rogue. Looking for people to help with the leveling process. Hmu! Draztic on Selos.
  7. Draztic New Member

    Joined Honour and Blood.. an excellent euro guild indeed.
    Now 40rogue.
    Still looking for people to xp grind with or PL!
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  8. Tierdal Augur

    Selos is great. Easy to catchup. Fun and challenging.
  9. Midnitewolf Elder

    Only issue with Selo is that it is completely top heavy so it is very hard to get groups, even as a level 60 Enchanter and it gets worse the lower level you are. I mean I spent 5 hours trying to get a group on my 60 Chanter last night and the best I came up with was a single 59 druid who was willing to duo for a hour or so.

    The good news is that experience is so fast that if you do get a group at lower levels you will get several levels per hour and even at level 60 a decent group will net me a level in about an hour so it doesn't hurt quite as bad that groups can be few and far between.

    At the top, 65 and above, it seems quite busy and active. My only concern is that since we have the new Anniversary Server coming out in Nov, starting with Heroic level 85 toons and the House of Thule expansion, I kind of expect alot of people to bail and leave us with yet another dead TLP server.
  10. DeseanJackson Augur

    I expect very few committed players to leave. Selo passes that expansion quickly and most of us picked this sever for the rule set it has. Some may go, but I doubt many from the top.
  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Yea... I mean if it has 12 week unlocks then its dead before selo.

    People just don't appreciate how good these faster unlocks are for tlps that, for the most part, are simply not challenging.

    Get a taste and move on.
  12. Midnitewolf Elder

    This works for some people but not all. I started on Selo about 2-3 weeks ago and no matter how hard I try I just can't catch up to the content with such as fast release schedule. I just now have a couple of toons in their low to mid 60s, just about ready to do DoN content however, by the time I get there, DoN will be old news.

    So while the fast XP progression is something I really enjoy, the fast expansion release is killing off my enjoyment of the game very quickly. If it had a 2-3 month cycle on new expansions, I would probably be able to keep at least a couple of toons up to the existing content but with a just a month between the new content release. I mean I might, barely, be able to keep one toon relevant to the content if I focused 100% on that toon but I generally like to play 2-3 classes to break up the monotony and I don't see me ever getting 2-3 toons, max leveled and fully geared for a given expansion, in just the single month available before a new expansion comes out.
  13. SunDrake Augur

    That's a really lofty goal there, man. Even with accelerated exp the desire to keep 2-3 toons at max exp, AA, and gear is not realistic for most players. I imagine most guilds would also baulk at equipping up to three characters that aren't able to be boxed for use when needed. Just saying.

    Can have fun with alts.. but the people who have three well geared max characters on the same server aren't your standard 'I don't have time for this in a video game' type of players.
  14. SunDrake Augur

    PS, from reading your posts about where you stand and what your goals are, you might want to look into the FV server, Midnitewolf. Unless you are dead set on playing on a TLP, it sounds like you would enjoy the perks that server offers.
  15. Midnitewolf Elder

    I think it FV was a brand new server, you would be right. Unfortunately it is too old and established to offer what I am looking for.
  16. Xeris Augur

    How many raiding guilds are on selo right now ?
  17. Midnitewolf Elder

    Yeah I know. Frankly it is impossible. However, I tend to get bored very quickly with anything that feels repetitive which is where the alts come in. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to choosing one class, it is just that I need a class that is flexible, active and adaptive to keep me engaged or I need to play alot of Alts that offer varied play styles all the while hoping one of them ends up standing out at "The Class". The difficulty of EQ is that classes tend to change pretty dramatically throughout their progression.

    For example, I have "committed" several times to classes only to find out that as they level, the things that really appealed to me about the class, disappear, change or are no longer relevant at higher levels. I am on the cusp of that right now with my Chanter. I absolutely loved this class leveling up but now that I am 63, I am finding either CC isn't much required for the groups I am in or on several occasions where my group is tacking higher level content, it is ineffective due to my spells dramatically limiting what I can stun, mez or charm. Charm is another thing. I love to charm pets but at 63, I can't even charm a pet relevant to my level (max level 57 level charms spell right now) and the risk associate with charming is going up astronomically while the reward is starting to dramatically fall (Charm break nearly able to one shot me while the charmed pets soon become dramatically weakened). All of a sudden the two things I felt were defining features of the class and features that attracted to playing this class, have dramatically changed to the point I am questioning what the future is going be like playing as an Enchanter. I haven't given up on it but I am worried it just won't be as fun or engaging as it was prior to level 60.

    So yeah, as much as I love EQ, It has always been a tough game for me from the Class choice perspective, hence the alt-oholic tendencies.
  18. Machen Augur

    You picked the single most dramatic class gameplay change in the entire Everquest progression experience. I don't think there is any other class that even comes close to the shift that takes place for the enchanter from PoP to OoW.

    The good news is, you still have a bit of time left on the charming glory. Charm is very viable at 65 in the right places.
  19. DeseanJackson Augur

    5 I believe cleared Vish, maybe more. It’s hard to say exactly, there’s so many system wide messages with splits and short unlocks. There’s also a couple doing stuff a month or two behind the unlocks.
  20. Midnitewolf Elder

    Well that is usually how my luck rolls. I finally find a very active and engaging class to play and find out they get nerfed to the point I don't enjoy the class any more. If I have to be honest though, I think my biggest issue is less about the charming and more about the fact that groups don't really seem to need CC anymore. I mean I have the AA to control my Animations, so I can bypass the Charm'ed pet. especially since the huge risk of death or party wipe is starting to outweigh the reward of using a Charmed Pet, but It just doesn't have seem to have the same active play style in regards to CC as it used to have and is more and more feeling like a very flawed Mage. Not sure if this will change at some point but I am concerned it won't.

    So yeah, playing tons of alts, trying to "test" them out and see if one of them stands out as something I can rely on to be fun and engaging for the long haul.

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