How's it going 2021 TLP Raiders?

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    Please don't post anything but guild name and which of the following Luclin mobs your guild has killed on Mischief or Thornblade. I'm curious how things are going and not at all curious to see how fast they can lock a thread.

    Greed is Good: Aten Ha Ra, Emperor Ssraeshza, Khati Sha the Twisted, Lord Inquisitor Seru, Vyzh`dra the Cursed, Shei Vinitras and Thought Horror Overfiend
  2. Ruination Elder

    I think there are sites which list all that stuff for those who care outside their own guild
  3. MischiefTLP Lorekeeper

    No, there isn't.
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  5. MischiefTLP Lorekeeper

    GiG killed Aten by buying Glowing Orbs of Luclinite in the bazaar since they didn't kill any other mobs. GiG went the whole Velious expansion without killing Dain, Dozekar, Yelinak, Tunare or The Ancients. GiG didn't even exist during Kunark.

    Unreliable information is worse than no information.
  6. Protocol Augur

    Just upload the data if you are one of the ten people who cares.