How you main melee at server start?

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  1. c313 Elder

    The only real way to play a Melee at the start is to be an extremely social individual. Make friends, join a Guild, you're pretty much in full rely mode on others.

    Some people like that, some people don't. It is deffinetly much easier to make a Mage/Ench at the start, and Farm Kronos and deck out a Melee then, but even then, you're not really gaining an advantage making a melee after getting 50 with a caster with what gear Classic has.

    Warriors, SK's, Paloladins will be the easiest to get groups obviously due to their Tanking, Rogues a little tricky. But if you create a positive social image of yourself you'll be solid.
  2. mark Augur

    what i normally do on a boxing server i get my all round group to 50,warrior,cleric,druid,mage,wizard and enchanter but these time around il swap druid for bard,lots of times il just play the warrior in a group of guildies one of our most favorite thing was to go to were an afk botter was and out dps mobs while they were killing them easy loots.
  3. Kiaro Augur

    I've started a tank on 3 of the past TLPs, (2 warriors, 1 paladin) by the time I'm level 10, I'm in full banded, generally through getting my own smithing skill up. Forged weapons are strong as well for early content. You're not going to get rich maining a melee though, you can't KS anyone, however you will level very fast, as groups will scramble to invite you, once you're tanking dungeons you can gear up fairly easy, just know what camps drop upgrades for you.
  4. Herf Augur

    Up until a year or two ago I'd ONLY ever played melee. Since then I've lvled up wizard and mage and, yeah, that was a lot easier, but I was also somewhat twinked.

    Melee covers both DPS and tanking classes, and they are different. But regardless, you just start looking for newbie armor quests and weapons, and you learn to try to pick your targets and zones carefully if you don't have healers or CC.
  5. sumnayin Augur

    Biggest problem is strength early on haha unless you want to stay in banded
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