How would you guys feel about DZs reseting on Monday instead of 6 days?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fudly, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Fudly Elder

    I play with a casual guild that raids Mon/Wed/Sat, and reseting DZs 6 days after you were there last isn't casual friendly.

    For example, towards the start of Luclin, we scheduled Emperor Ssra on Saturdays because we needed everyone there to kill him. Later in the expansion, we wanted Vex Thal on Saturdays, but with a 6 day timer, you cannot move ssra to Wednesdays without skipping a week. On mangler, the expansions are so fast, you don't have enough time to gear everyone fully anyway. Having to skip a great loot zone feels really bad.

    Also, raid length. We ideally want to have 4 hour raids. You cannot split a zone like north temple of veeshan over two nights well. If you clear part of ntov on wednesday, and reopen the DZ on saturday to kill vulak, you get a 6 day timer from Vulak. You cannot split a raid and do it weekly. It'd be really nice to break these long zones across two days, but you can't without skipping weeks.

    Also flags. Raid attendance is optional. Not everyone can regularly attend every night. What we would like to do in Planes of Power is rotate flagging raids across our raid schedule to make sure everyone has the opportunity to flag on a night they can attend, but it's impossible to do this due to 6 day resets.

    Changing DZs to reset every Monday (or whatever) would fix all of these problems and allow us much greater scheduling flexibility.
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  2. Zansobar Augur

    Why not just push for 3 day lockouts instead of 6?
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  3. Dailor Augur

  4. Fudly Elder

    I don't think that change is really comparable. 3 day lockouts would make it dumb to not hit zones like VT twice a week, and that zone is super unfun. My suggestion fixes the scheduling issue without greatly changing the rate at which loot is dispensed and what zones it's dispensed from.
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  5. MaxTheLion Augur

    Are you suggesting they completely do away with all six day lockouts in exchange for a Monday reset? Seems like a great way to screw people out of loot if their guild is raiding on lockout.
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  6. Fudly Elder

    Yes, I'm suggesting that. Hardcore guilds would get slightly less top-tier loot. That's kind of irrelevant though. You guys would still be able to clear the content with slightly less loot. You would still be able to claim victory over guilds that aren't competing with you. You would still be able to brag at how you outgear everyone who has other priorities in their lives. I'm sure you would spend the extra time clearing more OW content, so it's not like you're really losing much whereas casual guilds would gain a lot.
  7. Dailor Augur

    I would like to suggest that no keyed zones open until every character has finished their keys. Think of the lil guys.
  8. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    I think that guilds that don't raid on lockout should incur some type of penalty, that extends the lockout
    i e: if your lockout has been available for 2 days, when you clear it, adds that to the timer, for an 8 day lockout.
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  9. Zanarnar Augur

    So you want them to adjust unlocks to fit your schedule? This is probably the worst thing I've seen posted here since the classless server idea. Why not Wednesday? Or Friday? or Sunday? Friday would be my preference for sure.

    So no, I think the 6 day lockouts suite the purpose quite nicely and I can't think of one good reason to make it a fixed day. (and your lack of planning isn't a good reason.)
  10. Fudly Elder

    I don't think it actually matters what day it gets reset on. Friday would be fine with me.
  11. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    So a guild could raid for the 6 hours leading up to a reset on Monday, then raid another 6 hours after, straight. 1 raid day every 2 weeks. I like it.
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  12. DeseanJackson Augur

    It seems like more of a scheduling issue. I don’t think setting a fixed day reset really fixes the problem of only being able to do top raids one day a week due to numbers. Either way, youre really only doing end game content one day a week regardless of your lockout. Also, your Vulak example makes be question whether you fully understand how DZ timers work, as TOV is one of the easier zones to split days on.
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  13. Angered Augur

  14. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    This was one thing I liked about Rift actually. Weekly reset was Wednesday. Twice weekly was Wed and Sat (I think). Was great for pickup raids because if you didn't have a lockout on Tuesday you could go on a pickup and know you'd be cleared the next day if your guild was going to do it.
  15. tofu stir fry Augur

    or just enjoy the rules that are already in place. if your guild cant get the job done in 6 days ... perhaps recruit more membership so you can
  16. Nolrog Augur

    Not really irrelevant to the hard core guilds. . . . .
  17. Fudly Elder

    It is though. Like I know they like playing the game on easy-mode, but really, if my guild can clear the content in our terrible gear, they could probably figure out how to do it with a little less.
  18. Idget Lorekeeper

    I work whats we call a compressed shift = Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Wed. I love to raid but with 6 day lockouts I miss out on a lot. Its impossible to rotate the days of the week you set for a specific raid. The way it is now if a flag raid gets done on a specific day and a person has to work they miss out. Not sure how to solve this but other than shortening the lock out. Even if it got reduced to 5 days might help this way it would make it easier to rotate around raids to different days.
  19. Jayjayjay Lorekeeper

    Actually, 7 day timer matches quite well to ordinary people with full-time jobs. especially if they do raid at fixed schedule. But sadly, to those who play 24-7, your suggestion would sound like "YOU WILL HAVE 1 DAY LONGER TIMER", which is as horrible as canceled subscription due to lack of balance.

    it does not matter what date today or tomorrow is. Because they are online 24-7 today, and will be online 24-7 tomorrow as well.
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    All lockouts reset every other day. You wanna hit tov 3 times a week? Who cares, it's your instance anyways. We've all seen it enough by now just let them get their pixel.

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