How will DBG address the Mangler Sleeper Issue?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vengaz, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. Xeris Augur

    I'm not sure where anyone ever has said that even a casual TLP will allow players to see... ALL the content. Nobody has ever said that. It's a nostalgic pass through the game one more time. That's all it's ever been advertised as. Almost nobody has seen sleeper and that's no different on any TLP. Sounds accurate to me.
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  2. oldkracow Augur

    I never got to see 24 to 48 automated bot teams farming whole zones, but I get to see that as well on this nostalgia ride.

    Safe to say a TLP isn't like it was in 1999 - 2003 which is a good thing. That kind of thinking is what allowed EQ to go from 500k subscribers and market leader to maybe 50k now days and market holding on for survival before the next round of layoffs.
  3. That0neguy Augur

    LOL. Litteraly in the post you quoted I said cheats exist and they should do more about it. o_O
  4. yerm Augur

    The entire game including live and all future tlps and maybe some prior ones (eg coirnav) should have the game upended in harsh sweeping changes, to accommodate the cesspool that is mangler.
  5. Meridian Augur

    They should all be merged into the haven of goodness and light that is Selo so we won't have to see any more shills begging for players.
  6. Dawdle Augur

    Point the finger at DB. Who cares about some random people wrecking EQ if DB doesn't. DB is the one we pay to play, it's their game, they are the one's responsible. What are they going argue that they did everything they could while people botted 24-7 at hill giants on mangler, warp trained raids on selos, and they basically looked the other way on every video submitted to the forums?

    There's zero integrity left at this point; it's a farce. Not long ago DB also said...
    Google "warning regarding 3rd party software eq" look what comes up just before the link to
    I am now under the impression that they made this announcement only to cover themselves because word had gotten about the deal with Mule.

    Hay DB your game is broken, fix it maybe? Maybe we can rename it EverBot, EverRed, Joke?
  7. Darkhain Elder

    DGB already adressed ST issues, by giving people the chance to get in ST2.0, instead of having nothing if someone wakes the Sleeper, as it used to be on regular server.
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  8. Lisfin Journeyman

    You don't even need to warp down there, you can just train to the bottom and lose agro. No cheats needed to kill the warders, they are a joke...

    All these boxing problems only seem to exist on Mangler. Why is Mangler so toxic? Is it because when you are locked for months in the first couple expansions, it funnels everyone into the same high end camps, causing all the boxers to be in the same place you are trying to level. When you have zones from Classic to OoW, you rarely bump into a boxer...

    P99 has GMs that volunteer to do the job and have much more power available to them. They are not worried about canceling paying customers subscriptions like DBG paid GMs are.

    Also the GMs on p99 are terrible at enforcing the play nice rules. If one person in your guild screws up and accidentally trains a few people sitting some where they should not be, your guild gets a 7 day raid suspension. Than during that suspension if you have more than 6 people from your guild in a zone to do something, its considered "raiding" and you get another 2 weeks raid suspension...
  9. Dawdle Augur

    Not true at all. Here's a post from the Vets forum about Live.

    Here is a post about the problems on Selo's.

    You will run into these "guys" at anything they can make money off of or when they get bored and run around griefing people. It doesn't matter what server you play on anymore. The lack of action taking by DB on this issue has led to a huge increase in the number of people running banned programs.

    I am not going to keep posting links for you but there are tons of them. It's possible that people are not posting just to complain. I feel people are asking for help, they want action taken. They care about the game and they are worried about the things they are seeing. This is what happens to games as they die.
  10. Guzzle Augur

    Let's not forget that this person who refuses to associate their actual in game main with their forum name is full of crap and is spreading misinformation intentionally.

    It's a PvE game. What has you so tilted? Seriously. PM me if you need a heart to heart and you can tell me which guild member was mean to you.
  11. Ohfuggle Elder

    I agree with you on this one, Pleefun is trying so hard and getting nowhere.

    The guy who woke it, woke it because he could. BT didn't enforce it because we don't want to take 7 day suspensions on here. On coirnav we trained anyone who tried to wake sleeper and it stayed asleep the longest of any TLP that I've known of.

    Grats to those who got in, but until DBG implements an actual change that keeps 1.0 in its current state by altering how the OW script works, it won't change.

    I suggested two versions of the DZ years ago, seems to be the easiest fix - DBG never took the initiative.

    But hey don't worry! You can still get rings stolen in EW lol.
  12. Guzzle Augur

    The two DZ implementation would be great. Tag everything no drop, call it a day.

    Pleefun and That0neguy, you try too hard. It was funny, now it's just annoying and childish. Move on, kids.
  13. Scruff Elder

    to anyone currently playing on Selos, i want you to go to Sirens Grotto and type /pickzone
    then look at your bazaar listings, look who is selling/buying your krono and who owns your economy

    noone is safe my dudes
  14. That0neguy Augur

    He was banned last week
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  15. Pleefun Journeyman

    It's just way to easy to get you all wild up. It is funny, thank you for the past and future entertainment with zerg magic. May EQ never see a better guild .
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    Eqmule has come here several times to explain his deal with DBG on TrueBox servers. He has worked very hard to obfuscate parts of his code so that it can't be easily modified to work on TrueBox. I believe him. Honestly, I respect what Eqmule has done from a purely technical perspective. I wish I had written that code. I haven't used emquetwo and I never will because that's not my style, but as a developer I think it's pretty impressive.
  17. Coppercoz Augur

    If I were in DBG shoes, I would just set a time after velious drops that ST switches over regardless if Sleeper is awoken or not, and be done with it. Yeah, people will complain, but you can't please all of the people...
  18. That0neguy Augur

    LOL. An account claiming to be him has posted here several times.

    Also he didn't write much of the original code. He just happens to be the only one left to maintain it.
  19. Accipiter Old Timer

    Ah, a conspiracy theorist.

    If you read his posts you can pretty easily tell.
  20. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Thank you for your time everyone.
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