How to Recover Your Account

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    Have you just returned to EverQuest after some time? Has it been so long that you have completely forgotten your login info, email, or perhaps even your own name?

    We may be able to help.

    Automated Account Recovery

    You can use the automated system to recover your account if you have:
    • Access to the email address on the account
    • The answer to your secret question
    If you do have these, follow the steps on this help page under "Recover My Account."

    Manual Account Recovery

    If you do not have access to your email and secret answer, you will need to contact our support team for assistance. Before you do, locate as much of this information as you can:
    • Daybreak username*
    • Email address on account*
    • Answer to secret question
    • name on credit card
    • last 4 of credit card
    *You will need to provide either the Daybreak username or email address used on the account in order for customer service to locate your account.

    Once you have this information assembled and to open a ticket, follow the steps on this help page under "That Didn't Work."

    Please note: you may need to open a new Daybreak account for the purposes of opening a ticket, and additional info may still be required.
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Thread Status:
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