How to play a Druid? (TLP)

Discussion in 'Priests' started by c313, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. c313 Elder

    This is for Aradune. So looking for early EQ advice, probably up to PoP era of playstyle.

    Currently play a Mage. Deciding on what character to level up. Leaning towards a Druid.

    Now, before I go in blind and learn everything myself. Are there any tips, tricks, advice anyone would like to share about being a Druid for the first time? Dos and don'ts?

    I plan on focusing on Healing in my groups. I'm one to form my own instead of sit in LFG so I will almost certainly be a healer full time.

    In terms of Solo, I will always be duoing with my Mage. So if any advice would like to share as a Mage/Dru duo that'd also be of help.
  2. Tatanka Augur

    If you plan on focusing on healing, don't roll a druid. Go with Shaman or Cleric.

    Druids are great (been playing one for 20 years, as of the end of next month ;) ), but as far as healing in current content goes (regardless of what defines "current"), they are underwhelming.

    I two box, and use a healer merc for most of the healing, and my druid does backup heals, while DPSing and minor crowd control. Then there are ports, tracking, DSs, evacs. Yep, lot to love with druids, but healing is too weak, IMHO.
  3. Annastasya Augur

    i've never played on a TLP, but i have played thru all the eras, and have recently leveled up a druid to about 55, just moloing and soloing. My experience on live is going to be way different, i figure, having access to defiant armor, all the spells, and mercenaries.

    That said, i think of the three priest classes, the druid is the worst group healer until the modern era, say the last 10 years, where i think they are perfectly fine group healers. The level 1-50 game their heals are lackluster, but good in a pinch, their buffs are solid, their dd's are not awful and their utility is very good. Ports, evacs, spirit of wolf and eagle, damage shields, resistance buffs, snare are all staples of the group game. Their dots start to get pretty solid around level 50.
  4. Ebine Elder

    Mage Druid combo are pretty nice. You can play many different ways with that combo.
    You can snare / fear mob and let pet beat it down and not have to really worry about heals much.
    You can charm mobs and have mage pet tanking which makes for easy pet breaks since main mob is occupied with the mage pet. If your playing classic always nice to make one of them a blacksmith just so you can armor up your mage pet.
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  5. TLP Addict Augur

    You use your Druid to farm gear for and then PL a more useful class.

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