How to move spells from spell book to hotbar?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ChristyAnn, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. ChristyAnn New Member

    hi there,

    I haven't been playing EQ long, but I am leveling a Shaman and I have purchased some new spells but my lil spell bar is full, so how do you add spells onto a hot bar???or is that even possible, I have tried clicking and dragging from my spell book to the hot bar it doesn't seem to work...
  2. Qbert Augur

    You can only have as many spells available as are on your spellbar. You can click and drag a spell gem from your spellbar to a hotkey . . . but that is only dragging the place on the bar (so that if you change spells, the new spell will be on your hotkey instead).

    Unfortunately, we have grown some but still are severely limited in our ability to use spells even after 20+ years.
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  3. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    You need to right click a spell gem to forget that spell and create space to memorize a new spell.
  4. SunDrake Augur

    You will want to learn to utilize different saved spell sets as a Shaman. I believe you right click the spell bar and find the option for saving a spell set. That will save your [likely 8] spells as a set that you can then quickly mem. This is useful for say, having one set that contains your buffs. One set will have your normal group spell line up, and maybe one for solo play early on. You will figure out more specialized sets as you grow into your spells.
  5. ChristyAnn New Member

    Okay thanks, I am sure I will get this all figured out lol...
  6. Annastasya Augur

    One way to make spell casting hotkeys:

    Control +M brings up your actions window
    Right-most tab is your socials
    Pages 2-10 of this tab are empty social hotkeys. Right-click one of them.
    This brings up your Edit Social window.
    Type in a name and choose a color for the upper-left most box.
    There are five text boxes in which to type commands.
    In each one of them type /cast 1
    Then hit the Accept button.
    Your newly made hotkey will now appear in the space where the blank social key was.
    Right-click and hold on that hotkey until it appears on your cursor.
    Now move that hotkey to any blank space on a hotbar by right-clicking it into place.
    (or get rid of it by right-clicking it to any blank space on your UI)
    Now, when you press that hotkey via your mouse or keystroke command (i personally don't use the mouse very much to play this game, just to set up things for keyboard use) your character will attempt to cast whatever spell is number one on your spell bar. It counts from top down.
    You can do this for all your spells if you want or cast things directly with ALT + # etc.
    The multiple lines of /cast # help work through fizzles.
    i like to add command lines like /hidecorpse npc or /autoinventory to my hotkeys to keep things clean.
    Good hunting out there.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Also (surprised no one mentioned it) you do get some extra slots. As you level higher, there is an AA called mnenomic retention which will give you extra slots. You can now have 13 slots but that last slot increase costs 150 AA at level 106 (iirc)

    I make it easy and just load up all my heals and buffs then click the spell book at the bottom and save that as "buff" or whatever. Then I load up all my killing spells and save that as "damage" or whatever

    When I want to go from one to the other I just /r click the book at the bottom of the spell gem set and load which I want. Takes about 30 seconds.
  8. ChristyAnn New Member

    Okay thanks,

    One another completely dumb question, I finally made it out of the tutorial and into cresent reach, I picked up a tradeskill quest for brewing, but the issue I have run into is if I run out materials the npc doesn't give out anymore???? how to do up 20 drinks when most of them flunk...
  9. Zanarnar Augur

    If you plan to do trade skills, you might want to bookmark the above site :)

    To directly answer your question, chances are there are vendors near-by that sell the components you need. The freebies from the quest giver were just to get you started. I can't offer much more help as I dislike tradeskills and never do them :p So hopefully someone with more specific details as to how to progress them can chime in.
  10. CatsPaws Augur

    If your doing the free tradeskill ones then simply say to the NPC......... /say supplies
    and they will give you more stuff. There is a no cost skill up for every tradeskill there. Not just brewing.
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  11. ChristyAnn New Member

    thanks, I didn't get a chance to play this game way back in 99 so, I didn't know about the commands within this game , thanks ..
  12. Scorrpio Augur

    Spells: you really do not need to open your spell book any more - except maybe to read in detail on a spell you just scribed. If you just right-click a spell gem, you forget that spell, freeing the gem for something else. Right-click and hold a filled spell gem to bring up info window for that spell.
    If you right-click and hold an empty spell gem, it should show a drop-down menu showing various spell types. While still holding right mouse button, move cursor over the category from which you want to load. (I.e. Heals) Many menu categories will have sub-categories. I.e. 'Damage over Time'(DOT) might have "Disease", "Poison", "Magic". In that sub-category, your existing spells will be arranged by level, higher level ones on top. So if you want to memorize your highest-level poison DOT, you just choose the top spell in that category.
    The spells are also color-coded. Yellow = cast on you, red - cast on single target, purple - cast on your group, dark blue - Area Effect cast around you, etc.
    Managing your memorized spells has always been part of mastering EQ. What do you always keep ready to go, what can be relegated to 'swap slots'. At higher levels, we get more spells slots to play with - cause we have a LOT more spells! Also, there are 'Unity' type spells that combine several spells in one, and Alternate Abilities which allow to cast specific spells without having them memorized.
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  13. Scorrpio Augur

    Talking to NPCs - in days of yore, NPCs had no highlighted keywords. Just plain text that you read and tried to figure out a proper response. Many old world NPCs/quests are still like that.

    In later added content, like Crescent Reach, when you hail an NPC, their dialog may contain highlighted words, and you can just click those words to form proper responses.

    The tradeskill quests in CR, I am afraid, are somewhat counter-intuitive.
    When you initially click the 'ready to start' for brewing, you are given 20 of each component, and she says a phrase with word 'supplies' highlighted. If you click 'supplies' now, NPC says ' here's some more', but you get nothing. Cause she will only top your supply to 20 each (if you still got 5 of each left and say 'supplies', you get 15 more of each), so you can't really load up on 100+ of each component.

    If you run out of initial supplies, and come back and hail NPC again, she follows with normal dialogue until 'ready to start', but if you click that, you get 'You already have a task from me'.
    So if you need more stuff, target the NPC and either scroll to where you got your quest and click the highlighted 'supplies' there... or just click your chat bar and type in 'supplies' directly.

    Also, tradeskilling itself... I hope you figured out the whole 'Experiment' vs using memorized recipes thing. After first success, you no longer need to drag the ingredients one by one. Just do search for spicy' in the brew barrel UI, select 'Spicy Sunrise' check 'Make All' and click Combine
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