how to make good HAMBURGER?

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  1. ARCHIVED-Fruechtili Guest

    does anyone has some good recipe how to make good hamburger for our home made whopper?
    our last attempt was like eating baked shoe sole
  2. ARCHIVED-Eadari Guest

    Well if you dont have a outdoor grill get one of those George Forman Grills the make some tasty burgers. But recipes is just taking the meat out of the package and grilling it, and through some season salt and a few other spices.
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    Good hamburger? How about a good cheeseburger instead?

    Grab the meat, roll into a ball and poke a hole to the center of the ball. Stuff some cheese in there and smash it into a patty. Fry it up like normal, add some cajun seasoning to the top and then put a piece of cheese on the top. Good Texas style cheeseburger. Learned that little trick from my ex-fiance so the credit goes to her.
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  5. ARCHIVED-skysox Guest

    Mozarella stuffed burgers!

    3 lbs 89% lean ground beef.
    soy sauce
    worchestershire sauce
    garlic powder
    fresh ground black pepper
    fresh ground coriander
    crushed red pepper flakes
    onion soup mix or dried onion flakes
    cayenne pepper
    chili powder
    mix it all together. Sorry I do not remember the exact measurements, I kinda go with the gut feeling, pinch dash, mound style. Make a good, round, hand size patty. put a slice of fresh moz cheese on the patty. Place a second patty on top, pinch the edges together to seal. Broil or grill, never pan fry.
  6. ARCHIVED-aandaie Guest

    So a Mozarella stuffed burger has no Mozarella? how odd...
  7. ARCHIVED-croakes Guest


    get yourself a packet of onion soup mix by lipton

    mix that along with an egg and some really crumbled crackers and some pepper and hamburger

    best mixed by hand

  8. ARCHIVED-Distinct-LOTR Guest

    The best recipe for a hamburger would be found here.
  9. ARCHIVED-HavsFennin Guest

    No, the burger you refer to would be a vegetarian version of a "burger".
    While I respect people's right to eat or not eat certain things, it's really annoying when people try to crusade or get a bit "holier that thou" about something as simple as food.
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  11. ARCHIVED-MadameRocks Guest

    My husband likes to eat my burgers, but not watch me make them. I'm a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to cooking...
    I generally add quite a bit to my regular ground beef--steak sauce, seasonings, a little ketchup and mustard, diced onions, one egg, and either a handfull of breadcrumbs or oatmeal. I've found the egg and bc/oatmeal help hold things together long as you don't over do all the other stuff. Gives you a nice juicy burger, and each time they're different depending on what you put in.
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  13. ARCHIVED-skysox Guest

    If you reread, you will notice that I mentioned "place a piece moz cheese on the first patty..."
  14. ARCHIVED-The-Moss-Snake Guest

    Where's the part where anyone is crusading or being holier then thou?
  15. ARCHIVED-GrimFuture Guest

    holier that thou burger.

    1. dead cow (moo?)
    2. pepper (self explainatory)
    3. holy water (found at local church)
    4. blood of a virgin (not been confirmed ever beeing found)
    5. italian dressing (get him guido!)
    6. swiss cheese (holyer than mozeralla)
    7. random spices..(what ever fits your fancy)
    8. garlic (to ward off vampires)

    mix these in kettle and stir with a snake shaped piece of drift wood...

    after mixxed properly, spread entire mixture out on a non stick surface....with a rolling pin...or a round bone will do...if rolling pin is not found..

    pull out those angel cookie cutters you had put away from christmas and cut your self out as many angels as possible..with the left overs remix and flatten....repeating the last step...

    cook at a temperature of around 10,000,000 degrees...for eternity.....enjoy..

  16. ARCHIVED-GrimFuture Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-Fruechtili Guest

    cool thank you all :)
    i think the most difficult thing are these spices, to get the right mix, so it tastes ... but our first attempt was quite good hehe
  18. ARCHIVED--A_Turtle_Pet_01- Guest

    Here is my favorite burger, though it really depends on a few factors if it works or not =)

    First, sautee some mushrooms and onions in only a bit of butter and salt over low heat and cook them till they're kinda dry.

    Put the hamburger meat (I recommend a rather lean Ground Sirloin mixed with some Ground Chuck, about half and half) in a bowl and smush it... smush smush smush... you want hamburger paste, not those cow noodles!

    Put just a tiny bit of dry mustard, clove of minced garlic, a bit of salt and pepper, and worchestershire sauce in it and mix it all together..

    Add in the mushrooms and onions, mix it all up real well, then cook them up on grill or pan. Tastes very good on toasted hamburger buns, with any toppings you like =)

    If its too wet, it won't hold together very well, but if you get it just right, they make the best darn burgers I've ever made, and while I don't ever use recipe books and some of those might be better, I figured I'd share this with you and let you give it a try =)

    Also, for those who don't know... making tacos or burritos by just browning the meat is bad bad bad! You need to smush that too and simmer it, not brown it, and leave it kind of saucy... much much better that way.
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