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  1. ARCHIVED-boom0259 Guest

    i got a lvl 10 druid and the only 2 spells i got are minior heal and skin of wood

    how do learn new spells is it from npc or there something i need to do with the spells when i bu them and put them in my invortory
  2. ARCHIVED-Chanus Guest

    Your spells up to Level 10 are available in the Grove in Crescent Reach (north out of the city, in a building on your right).

    After that, you can acquire spells up to the mid 20s in the Plane of Knowledge Library (there is a stone pedestal on the east end of the road in Blightfire Moors you click to get to PoK), and up to the 50s in Abysmal Sea (use the Magus in Guild Lobby to travel to Nedaria's Landing and then the Magus there to travel to Abysmal Sea).

    For a list of spells, you can check Allakhazam ( or download Foofy's Spell List Storyline Mod from EQInterface ( You unzip Foofy's file into your Sony\Everquest\storyline\ folder (it's a TON of little files, so it will take a while). Then, in game, you can hit Alt-N to bring up your Storybook and it will be the first entry, a searchable database arranged by Class and Level... it's the best user-made add-on available if you ask me.
  3. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    If you have the scroll for one of the spells you're missing, there are two things you need to do before you can cast it. First, you need to scribe it into your spellbook. At the bottom of your spell window there's a little book icon. Clicking that will open up your spellbook. With your spellbook open, open up your inventory and pick up the scroll (put it on your cursor). Then click the scroll onto one of the empty spell slots in your spell book. You can turn to the additional pages once the first two pages are filled up by pressing the right arrow key.
    Once the spell is in your spellbook, you can put it in your spell window by right clicking on one of the empty spell slots in that window (one of the eight you have). Then pick from the pop up menu which spell you want to put in it. Depending on which spell you just put in your spellbook, you might need to zone before it'll show up in your pop up menu.
    To find out which spells you're missing (and which spells you have in upcomming levels), you can use a program like the one at - it'll also provide links to the spells to find out where/how to get the scrolls.
  4. ARCHIVED-vendolyn Guest

    One spell your druid can scribe, which I couldn't find in the tutorial (please someone correct me if I'm wrong), is gate. I found it in Crescent Reach, in the hut near the dragons where all the trainers are. I believe the wizard spell vendor had it for sale.
    Gate's a very important spell!
  5. ARCHIVED-Chanus Guest

    Gate may not be on the Tutorial vendors (if I remember right). It's definitely not on the Druid vendor, I think it's usually on the Wizard one.

    Sometimes you need to check other vendors for certain spells as they are used by multiple classes, but are only on one vendor.
  6. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-boom0259 Guest

    i tryed to right click in my spell book an option comes up but no option to scribe i got 20 cure posion but no way to use it i nee to scribe it but is there is another way i do not see an action button for scribeing in my spell book i am not playing everquest 2 just everquest 1 at the moment just incase we got that confuesd
  8. ARCHIVED-Ayhar Guest

    If I understand you correctly, you bought a full stack (i.e. 20) of "Cure Poison?
    • Open your spell book.
    • Pick up one of the scrolls (<CTRL> right-click) from the stack.
    • Then with the spell on the cursor click on an empty slot in your book to commit it to the book.
    • Sell the other 19 back to a vendor.
  9. ARCHIVED-boom0259 Guest

    thanks that worked but why do the vendors sell spells in stcks of 20 by default
  10. ARCHIVED-stromm-Trotter Guest

    It used to be that spells didn't stack. Then the made some spells drops, and people really needed them to stack. So now they stack to 20. The problem is that by default vendors will sell you a whole stack for stackable items. Oftentimes you want this (food, drink, tradeskill components) and it's not simple to differentiate. For ease of use, hold down the ctrl key when purchasing an item to just purchase one item.
  11. ARCHIVED-boom0259 Guest

    thanks all

    just 1 last quistion is eq2 more error free and does it have a cleener interface

    i was thinking about eq2 but eq1 was on sale
  12. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    boom0259 wrote:
    eq2 is the devil
    eq1 is much more fun -- stay here -- don't give in to the dark side.
  13. ARCHIVED-MaryannW Guest

    i beta tested eq2 and havent touched it since, i hated it compared to eq1.
  14. ARCHIVED-vendolyn Guest

    EQ2 is completely different from EQ. For one, the storyline. It takes place in an alternate universe. It is not a sequel. It's kind of a parallel. It's a beautiful game and there are really cool elements to it. The playstyle is a whole other ballpark. I'd do a comparison chart of 1 versus 2, but it's 8:24am and lordy, I need coffee if we're expecting my brain to function in such ways.
    Honestly, while I have seriously enjoyed EQ2 off and on since beta, I think it would be a far better game if it didn't have the franchise name or lore associated with it.
    It would be hard to recommend one game over another without knowing more of what you want to go for. Feel free to talk about what you're looking for in gameplay or ask me questions, though.

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