How to get started with Empires of Kunark?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by hein, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    And lets remember CotF is more then just one mindless HA. :)
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  2. hein Augur

    Would you recommend I go to that Kunark zone? and start doing progression there instead? I believe my SK aleady has the first tier of vendor gear from that expansion. It is a live account with a J5 merc. Also, do you have an opinion on whether I should box the druid or bard along side SK?

  3. bortage Journeyman

    I don't know about lower levels but I 2box sk bard at 110 and I highly recommend the duo
  4. blood & gufts Augur

    Has as much chance of doing Lce as a snowball in hell.
  5. blood & gufts Augur

    That is not a Kunark zone
  6. Metapsyche Augur

    The only “easy” access to EOk is going to be grinding dark blues to 106 and equipping conflagrant. Otherwise, you’re really going to need to do a lot of character building. EOK was ROUGH when it first came out for poorly Geared 105’s

    There’s something to be said for grinding something easy to 106 and conflagging. It makes progression from earlier expacs a breeze lol
  7. Nennius Augur

    True. One of my favorite EQ swear words begins with Gribble.
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  8. Conq Augur

    To the Original Poster, or anyone really, if you're spending any time at all in Call of the Forsaken - farm those collectables. I don't know what server you're on, probably doesn't matter, but CotF and forward collectables will sell well in the bazaar. Check prices, you'll probably be able to make enough plat to fund multiple accounts with kronos...
  9. hein Augur

    Im on FV, but I dont know anything about the collectables.
  10. Gundolin Augur

    Little shiny glowing balls found on the ground, you can miss them to pick them up, they're about 50% of them. (Ground spawns). Then mobs drop the other half, so you'll have to look at your inventory to see them, they can't be equipped, used in trade skills, or sold to vendors, so when you loot them you'll see them. You collect sets, for experience and achievements. Eventually you need them for evolving gear but that's a whole different topic.
  11. yepmetoo Augur

    Most zones have at least 1 or 2 collectable that easily sell for 100k each and can sell for 300k each.
  12. ptah Augur

    Hi and welcome back.
    While the lore of EoK brings your interest and return to game back. Its a bit too large of step imho.
    Lets stepback and review some options.
    mid 90s and returning player, casual grouper or private boxing?

    I would suggest dropping all the back to RoF or Cotf, do most missions.. study how to get hero AA,
    Have fun, farm collections and rebuild yourself. Doing this older content while it offers any xp is better than redoing at zero imho. Cotf, tds, tbm, eok, ros.. tons and tons of content.

    Now I suggest guilding up and being social. the social part is key for long term fun, shared knowledge is so nice, and lets face it; Up and down moods sometimes its easier ride that wave with others. They or We balance each other. I personally never focus hardcore on myself, but fear letting my fellowship friends down if I can do "it". So I force myself focus harder for them. Maybe just mind games but im 100% sure when they stop playing I will as I log in for them.. I want see that chat, see whos doing well.

    Back to subject. If pick Cotf and move long to tds, tbm, eok etc.. we are open jump around if others are around.. but return to our grind when its just us.. Our adventure at our pace.

    Going on long path of adventure I feel you see the game, enjoy the game, and all this supports work towards what is current. But we list what is going on currently that should a big picture topic.. I fear I lost ya. I believe you can return to cotf and play for 100% free.. and just test the game out. yes its better if sub/all access.. but we testing the waters.. free to play for 2 months is fine.. and make a choice.
  13. Scorrpio Augur

    EoK, lvl 95 is minimum at which you can talk to NPCs and rexeive quests. But the only way a sub-100 player can actually accomplish anything there is by getting carried by higher level folks.

    Far as CotF HAs, while they do scale in level, the scaling does not match player ability. A mob in HA scaled to lvl 92, will be way tougher for a lvl 92 player than same mob at 100 to a 100 player. And at 105 a faceroll for an EoK geared 105. At 92, most named in HA can wipe a typical box group. Some HAs can in general be real tough in low 90s

    Easier ones, other than Gribble:
    Snazlieu and Cryzlina in Bixie, Marla in EWK, Rozz in Neriak 4th, Brendaleen in Tower of Rot.
  14. john5 Lorekeeper

    This is not really true. The green Sarnaks are so few, and only in 2 zones, that it hardly matters at all unless you're looking to actually complete EoK, in which case, you get led right into the appropriate quests. Before I took the plunge into EoK I had seen all the chatter about this crazy AE you got (gust of atrebe) that would kill you and your group and blah blah blah... When I encountered my first green Sarnak it was during the quest line to nullify the friggin AE.

    It's a non issue, and people need to quit bringing it up randomly like some kid who points out that a human head weighs 8 pounds. If you skip right to the "hard" zones of EoK without any prior questing or knowledge of lore, you deserve to die.
  15. Chorus Elder

    Honestly, I'd go back to VoA and do that progression working my way up through the expansions. 92/93 could have issues even in RoF depending on gear/skill/aa. VoA is the expansion that was designed specifically for your level. That being said, you do you man :)

    I skipped a couple expansions when EoK came out. Although I was 105 with war/bst/brd trio in t2/t3 mixed TDS era gear and not fully auged, It was extremely difficult, even on the weaker named and some of the trash, since I skipped so much gear progression to get there and didn't bother with trade skilling at all at that point. Once my war had about 1/3 of his slots filled with gear, and updated shield/weapon, it smoothed out instantly. Note, this was before they increased the survivability of the mercs in that expansion, which they didn't do for a very long time. Not that it matters, if you try to use a tank merc paired with a healer merc in current content, you're just asking to suffer unnecessarily in any case :)

    So, try RoF, if it's too rough or too slow (I strongly suspect it'll be very slow pre-97ish), then go back to VoA to speed things up.

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