How to fix tank stances

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Kamea, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Battleaxe Augur

    Proficiencies were a disastrous attempt to address Warrior DPS/Aggro imbalances caused by the original design team not providing Warriors with mainhanders that were appropriate for use with a shield and main gauche/parrying dagger offhanders.

    This resulted in Warriors often building up aggro under DW (a DPS seteup), often tanking with what had long been their best DPS setup - DW, alone of the 3 classes that tanked often foregoing the benefits of Shield AC not being subject to the softcap and Shield Block, and other anomalies that could not be justified.
  2. Makavien Augur

    Also make the special attacks have a 30 second refresh.
  3. Xanathol Augur

    If they would fix sk melee otherwise, sure, but that is not what the op is after.
  4. Xanathol Augur

    You're delusional.
  5. p2aa Augur

    No. Trying to dowplay your real power on raid bosses now is a lie.
  6. Mistatk Augur

    Thats a good point actually. You run a complete heal rotation on warriors and save alot of mana. With knights you have to spam heals. Ton o mana conserved cuz warrior. Gotta save dem resources.
  7. Brohg Augur

    The "less resources" is circling back to warriors being more expendable than knights. When the tank linup cycles through a full round of deaths, warriors are generally more capable, specifically meaning closer to their original crunchiness, of jumping back into the meat grinder than knights who also need mana to do their thing. It might be said that the healer not expending resources on warriors' heals are the warriors themselves, since warriors have no heals to expend. Knights use +1 healers because they ARE the +1.
  8. Amped Journeyman

    So is it me or are warriors, really scared that Knights will now take away their top slot on raids?
    Speaking as an SK I certainly wouldn't mind having a purpose on raids that isn't capable of being done by anyone that thing we around in circles?

    Anyhow, even after these changes Warriors are still better at tanking raid bosses. You lost nothing. Knights are able to tank a bit better than before, and that is all that happened. Stop whining.
  9. Dre. Augur

    I think the "make everyone happy" solution is to upgrade DW proficiency.

    30% mitigation
    110% 1H damage bonus (will have to play with this - it might need to be a bit higher)
    110% 2H damage bonus (for heroic blade).

    This would revert Warrior weapon balance to a pre-proficiency model where the key difference between weapon choice is AC/shield block for 1h, riposte damage for 2h and single target DPS for Dual Wield. It would also give Warriors something to be happy about now that we're sharing Proficiencies with Knights, without nerfing anybody.

    While this kind of makes 2H prof less desirable for Warriors, it's not the end of the world, we would still be using 2H just as effectively as Knights, and it's still just as effective against large amounts of easier enemies that aren't a threat.

    And I think I speak for all of us when I say that the penalties should go away. There's no need for tanks to deal with negative defense mods and stacking problems now that proficiencies are effectively 100% uptime for all 3 tanks.
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  10. Ghubuk Augur

    That's pbly not a bad idea.

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