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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Trasa, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Trasa New Member

    I wont be the first, and I certainly wont be the last to say it... The state of the group game is abysmal. You've got tanks with 10,000 AA who are falling to group content in Dead Hills with everything you can imagine stacked, including disciplines - Hell, Their stats (STA being a major offender) aren't even maxed out after they get about 3/4 through the planar lines, even with best in slot group gear from the new expansion.

    Warriors are coded to only take damage from damage interval 1-19. Every other class is coded to take damage from 1-20. This code already exists in EQ and has been around for a VERY long time. Why the heck cant we just set 20 damage intervals to mobs, and re-code warriors to take DI 1-15 and knights 1-16 or 17 or so? This would give the tank classes back their role, and reduce the burden on the awfully group geared tanks that we are dealing with now.

    Can't use the "Oh, well the ancient EQ Spaghetti Code doesn't allow it" excuse, becuase it's already coded into warriors. Give the tanks back their mitigation. I don't see why this could potentially even begin to be a problem, Unless we're going back to 2005 when we had Druids tank Anguish mobs (Ture) for funsies. Bottom line is, wearing plate SHOULD give them an advantage above other classes in mitigation. Why in the world wouldn't it? I understand the way AC works, but it only works to a point before it diminishes to a roll of the dice tanking with a wizard in a robe vs a battle tested full plate warrior surviving for 9 seconds between heals.

    I'm not sure why this hasn't come across the table in the first place. Think about it. War gets hit for a max of 20k, pal/sk 22k, everyone else, 28-30k. 1. Why would that be an issue? There's a tank shortage in the group game because of the huge curve to begin with. Why not lessen it? 2. The other classes really shouldn't be tanking anyway!
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  2. yozhik New Member

    "The other classes really shouldn't be tanking anyway"
    why ?

    why you think warr created for tanking in group content?
  3. Raymond Journeyman

    Anyone who uses a player or mercenary tank over an Earth pet is in denial.
  4. Trasa New Member

    Next time you log in, press "Create Character" Take a minute and read the class descriptions. The Knights and specifically warriors are designed to take damage, and not deal it. This is their role in the game and it is as simple as that.
  5. Enkel Augur

    You need to meet better tanks
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    If you have 10k aa and you fail at group content its because you SUCK or your healer SUCKS

    With AC food, Every AC trophy you can get, every guild trophy you can get, and guild Tribute your talking 8700/8800 AC unbuffed. If you can't tank any named in DH missions UNSLOWED with a merc healing... maybe you need to reroll.

    And an Earth pet? You must have never seen a good tank then Ray.
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  7. Axxius Augur

    You might just be the first to fail to tank group content on a 10k aa warrior. ;)
    Are you lower than lv 100? Do you have No Time To Bleed? Are you trying to fight DH named without slow/cc?

    Tanks, especially warriors, don't need fixing for group content. No way.
  8. Trasa New Member

    Dead hills... Lvl 104 Skeletal Myrmidon/Fallen Disciples. One lucky flurry, (which is super common, even at 10500AC) = DEAD group tank. Lets hope you don't get an add. Oh wait! They are immune to runspeed changes AND mez! Unfortunately, skilll does not make your max hp number higher.
  9. Ravengloome Augur

    Yeh the 3 tanks are sitting in a great spot ATM.

    Even without Slow/CC, there is nothing in COTF that cant be heman'd even in Group gear
  10. Axxius Augur

    They are not immune to slow. And with No Time To Bleed you can't die to 1 flurry from them, no matter how lucky, unless your char is not ready for DH. You need to be lv 100 and wear at least RoF group gear.
  11. Axxius Augur

    And this means that other classes shouldn't tank... how?
  12. Trasa New Member

    Runspeed =/= Slow. We're talking snare, root, mez, other CC methods here, for dealing with multiple mobs. The captains that hit for full damage and pop full damage adds in the descending tower as well as a lot of other DH HA's come to mind here.
    Warrior =/= Knight. Knights don't get no time to bleed. Assuming warriors are the only group tanks is ludicrous.
  13. Ravengloome Augur

    I have tanked every DH/BW HA with my Monk alt... So i don't know WTF the op's problem
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  14. Trasa New Member

    My money is on because tank classes sacrifice damage output and or utility for the ability to take damage better than other classes. How would you feel if next raid a paladin did more dps than you?
  15. Ravengloome Augur

    Heres how this SK did The captains (while boxing a Druid for heals)

    1) Epic
    2) Instant dot to pull
    3) Carapace as mob runs towards me
    4) Lock aggro and Click VOD (save Scarlet for the next captain)
    5) have group BURN the captain. Aggro adds as they spawn

    Done. If you have CC its alot easier, but it can be done with 4 DPS and 1 healer 1 Tank easily.

    No need to "stack everything" otherwise you have to wait on Cooldowns for the next Captain. Blam DONE.

    Make sure your healer doesnt suck
    Make sure your DPS doesnt suck
  16. Axxius Augur

    Your logic is so flawed it's not even funny. News flash: there are multiple degrees of each ability and multiple levels of difficulty. Warriors are extremely good at tanking and poor at dps. But it doesn't mean neither that warriors have no dps at all, nor that other classes can't tank anything at all. And don't even bother mentioning utility. Utility stopped mattering 11 years ago.
  17. Langya Augur

    I really hate to day this....but do the work. Make some friends. 80% of being a good tank is being willing to tank for your mates. If you believe in them, they believe in you by camping those augs and grinding those AA. It is very hard to be a good tank without being a good friend.
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  18. Trasa New Member

    Something tells me you're using gear that is slightly more than 2600hp/slot. Group dps weapons dont even break 100 damage with augments. That was surpassed what, 4 expansions ago raiding?
    E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. In this thread has missed the point. G.R.O.U.P. G.E.A.R. The stuff you take 5 players, Not the stuff you take 52 players to Bixie warfront for, does not cut it in these situations.
  19. Trasa New Member

    Says the wizard tank.
  20. Ravengloome Augur


    Stack Tribute.
    Get a real healer or box healer
    Get some decent DPS
    And stop making excuses for sloppy/shoddy play

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