How to deal with a 150k hitter in a group?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Qest T. Silverclaw, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Sinestra Augur

    They said previously that this is a permanent addition.
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  2. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I swear to you, I really really did not take offense. I was just trying to let people know what a Druid doe's have. You know, share some info.
    I am surprised how many people always forget the Druid and what they are even capable of.
    Here is a for instance, the other day I ported a bunch of people to Eithermere West Karana. They wanted to go to where all the venders and some of the HA's NPC's are at. The druid port in that zone is to the very north east of the zone and the NPC's camp is to the very North West. Well, as soon as we landed they all started to take off running. I'm like "Wait wait wait! I'll succor us all right there, come back here." They are like like "yeah Druid's Succor point is right there" ;)

    Here is one more I want to share, I was grouped and we were going to do a mission and they were all like "Were going to need a healer" and i'm like "WTF, trust me, i'll keep you all alive" and they were "Oh yeah, a Druid is a healer." They could have been drunk though, who knows LOL! I could talk about lots of instances like that.
    This is with Fellow guildies and the guild i'm in is filled with very knowledgeable people about lots of other classes besides what they play as their mains. But it seems they all universally seem to know the least about the Druid class. Well, except the Wizards and Mages, They always want Group Black Wolf. heh!

    They will see me in the top 20 of a DPS parse on raids. What they don't see is how many HP's I healed various Main and off tanks for during that same raid event. Maybe they think I just play a poorly skilled DPS class?!?! HAHA. But I can heal as well as I DPS. I even do both at the same time. DPS spell followed by a Heal spell. I even get a spell that nukes and heals at the same time. I also throw debuffs on too. Don't know how effective they are compared to one cast of MALO, cripple, Deep Sleep. But I make sure all druid debuffs get on a boss.
    I guess thats the downside of playing a Druid well being in a guild with a lot of very skilled players. The Druids actions no matter how good they are go unnoticed.:( But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm in a great guild with some really cool people. Just wish the Druid class had a lot more desirability.

    I did not know that. Thanks for the info.
    I don't think I ever cast my macro on a Pally though, or hardly ever. Almost always the main tank or my Merc tank when I'm boxing/Molo'ing.
    And most people who play druids as their mains and have been playing them as their mains for a long time are use to being screwed. We just don't get paid enough for our services hehe. We should form a union. Or get a better . LOL!

    P.S. Sorry to anyone who read this post. I know it has nothing to really do with the main topic of this thread. I was just responding to some feedback.
  3. Draego Augur

    Apologies then for the misunderstanding of how I read your response.

    As to understanding the power Druids do have, trust me I cannot afford to forget them, LOL. Like I said my wife plays one of the top 100 on CT. I forget what she is capable of on her main and I might as well go throw the dog out of its house and move myself in.
  4. Hiladdar Augur

    The most I have seen a raid named hit for was 106k. There are some raid named that hit harder, but that only happens when the named powers up.

    150k .... hmm, one solution that was not mentioned here so far, was kamikaze pet tank it. Bring real pet classes (Magician, beast, necromancer) have them chain summon kamikaze pets, while range DPSing the named down.
  5. Qbert Augur

    Raise AGI cap and buff AGI = displayed AC increase.
  6. sarthek New Member

    Named in PoWar ignore pets and shout about you being a coward and then directly attacking the pet owner. We aren't sure exactly what powers up the Judicator, or how to power him back down, but last night he was ae rampaging for 200k for hours...
  7. Tornicade_IV Augur

    If you run into a 150k hitter or any mob thats hitting for the majority of a players hit points.. Chances are he has triggers and is penalizing you for something.

    this is where parsing and paying attention to your battle spam comes in handy. When a mob powers up typically theres a way to offset it or prevent. you just have to wipe until someone figure it out or writes up a strat.

    this is why content favors raiders. they are used to having to adjust for encounter mechanics whereas people who exclusively group typically only see the content when those mechanics are for the most part trivial.

    I saw someone doing the loyalty mission and come out asking for level 95-100 because it was so hard.. we did it at 85 cause we learned the event either first hand or word of mouth and used the appriate tactics to manage the encounter mechanics.

    Scripting, combat emotes, and messages are all tools. some people just need to start using them when they tackle new content that seems impossible.
  8. sarthek New Member

    Yeah I totally get that, but something seems different with the Judicator. After hours of no one aggroing him, I logged back on, ran past him ungrouped and didn't even attack, I just ran into aggro range, and he hit me for 100k+ within 3 or 4 swings....
  9. sinderkad Augur

    Like others have said its different if a mob powers up because you didn't do something or you had warning. But when you find a mob untouched for several hours and he summons and hits for 160k (i have seen this myself) without any explanation (no buffs no emotes no indications) and at no point powers down its just silly. If you are expected to learn something, then one should have more of a chance to learn than a single wipe before something becomes essentially unkillable.
    The only seemingly viable strat atm is do super burns on him the first time and not fail or you don't ever get to pass go and collect $100
  10. Tornicade_IV Augur

    its called a zone sweeper for the random aggro guy and there is an explanation for the harsh engage.. Ask someone whose killed it.
  11. sinderkad Augur

    I think im missing some context. What are you saying?
    edit: I just want to add that i have Killed it, but only when its freshly spawned. Not when others have failed and its already powered up. Are you saying there is away around it when it is ALREADY powered up? Or just alluding to something else?
  12. Siddar Augur

    If a mob cant be tanked then ether it is not meant to be tanked or its broken.
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  13. Tornicade_IV Augur

    since it doesnt appear a dev is gonna post confirmation.. just send roshen a pm and ask him if theres a mechanic to power him down after he has been up awhile or if its a bug. you can also bug report when ones been up awhile and petition to get an answer.
  14. Draego Augur

    Yes but most people don't catch that....... felt it needed to be pointed out, thus the reason for the post script.
  15. sinderkad Augur

    Seems awe fully convoluted to have pm a dev or petition to figure out a mechanic..... Is it something obvious we're just missing?
  16. Dzarn Developer

    We'll look into this tomorrow to see if/why The Judicator is not powering back down while out of combat after reaching his enrage timer while in combat.
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  17. Tornicade_IV Augur

    so it sounds like its supposed to power down. Thanks Dzarn for looking into it. appreciate the response.
  18. Warpiggs Augur

    Yeah, thanks for looking into this. Appreciate it Dzarn.
  19. Ravengloome Augur

    should also look into why Heart of Narikor doesnt power down either.
  20. Dzarn Developer

    For those of you who are experiencing issues where rare NPCs in powar that power up do not power down after being completely out of combat for 30 seconds or more, what servers are you on?

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