How to beat Atrebe's Vault.

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    Nope that's not a step that I missed. ROTE has never done that. We have dozens of recorded Twitched wins on the Vault and if you can find a single one that we intentionally exploited the reset bug or whatever on the dervish phase I will /disband my guild and delete my character.
    The only thing I have found is that this is the second time you have brought up a known exploit as a viable strat, you are pretty clearly obsessed with the concept of cheating. Its a shame you are not as obsessed with actually being right about your accusations. You're a joke. Hows T3 going bud?
    Again don't worry, the High King will have your overly detailed strat for the Kar`Zok soon and you can thank me then.
  2. Maedhros High King

    Thanks to most of you for the support and clarifying any mistakes or omissions I made and the constructive alternative strategies for any of the phases on this!
  3. Xnao Augur

    You are a hero!
  4. Vanrau Augur

    Thank you for posting these strats Maedhros. The last thing we need right now are guilds to fold. It doesn't help that RoS requires EoK progression to even do raids so with your strats and others helpful posts, all of you are giving a helping hand to all the guilds that need it. We need players to stay playing EQ!
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  5. Bigstomp Augur

    Won't be perfect, each guild is different, but provides a good starting point to adapt it to you.
    I've done some RoF raids recently, where I explained all the details... then as I was just about to finish I said you know what... ignore that. Charge!
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Basically this.
    Brohg's post more than Maedhros', but as Brogh said, read it all - there's lots of good information buried in there.

    The key as i see it is in P1 to stay ahead of the spawns, to keep the total number at manageable levels.
    If your guild needs to full burn, full burn. If your guild can go by with short burn, short burn. all fine.
    Tanking is the key part - i mean if your tanks can tank singles you are golden. if they need to tank two at a time you can do it, but your DPS is probably somewhat low. tanking 3 in P1 is not doable for too long, and tanking 4 for longer than Fortitude lasts is death to that tank and a wipe shortly after to his loose mobs.

    P1, the raid gathers in one corner much like Maedhros posted while the tanks stand out between raid and spawn points to intercept adds (they auto-agro on the nearest so...)
    Dedicated Hammer/Siphon tanks, the rest grabs what's needed to be grabbed.
    Kill order as given above.
    My personal benchmark: If you manage this phase with no to maybe two deaths, you're fine for P2 and 3.

    P2 adds are not random that i have noticed, and can be (and are) all preassigned to their respective tanks.
    With regards to silence, listen to what Brohg posted; you want only the tanks silenced ideally ofc.
    Lorenado has nothing special that i know of, so separate him from the books.

    Guilds that are still working on this will most likely want to make full use of the timers.
    Both to have burns refreshed at Dervishes, and to give a little rez+recovery time.
    Offtanking an axe in P1, the Lorenado in P2.
    I doubt the DPS will be too quick to bring the golems down with too much time to spare anyways.

    P3: Again, Brohg's post.
    the Tank can grab it fine, but needs a buddy to position it, especially if the boss happens to wander into that corner. for us, WAR+Knight teams work fine for this.
    They have a little delay in going active after being able to target them (similar to triggering Queen), so beware that.

    P4: On Dervishes i have suggested a weakness to blunt, like in GoD. But our parses have apparently not supported that, so we dismissed that idea.
    Stone is the "strongest" of the 3 (as in: highest HPs, the most DPS surely has the flame one if people are dumb enough to enter the aura or it's loose), so we kill it with the total raid as last.
    From what i have seen, btw, they path right into the middle of the room from the north and stand there if not attacked. So if you need to have someone FD to keep the event from reseting while you banner it back, use the corner as suggested above (should go without saying but well...).

    I think guilds are struggling simply because of the perma-high DPS that is needed for this with (doing it the "normal" way) next to no respite.
    Add suboptimal rosters to that and perhaps not being able to field 54 in the first place...

    Seems to just be Maedhros' way of leadership.
    Isn't my way, but seems to work for him and his guild so if he wants to... *shrug*

    While only too true, i am with Jumbur in that we should thank you, Brohg AND Maedhros' for their input without making "fun" of any post here.
    I am sure the guilds that need it will find something useful from all the input they're given, even if they have to piecemeal it together.
  7. Moege Augur

    My 1cp.

    Disease dot is cured with one of the following
    • Distillate of Immunization XIII (or higher)
    • Shield of Immaculate Light
    • eradicate disease spell (takes up a spellslot, slow)
    • cure aa (refresh probably too long)
    Refresh on distillate is such that it is ready when next time it fires.

    Keep it up Maedhros it should help struggling guilds.
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  8. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Some guilds do that... and you wonder where enrage times come from eh?
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  9. Thrillho Augur

    Great post, Maed. I think you've covered most, if not all, of the mechanics in the raid. One thing I'd emphasize is the flame aura - it will ruin any melee that's in it (if their healers are not absolutely prepared to cover the damage). There's not a lot of benefit to risking melee going into the aura for the fight.

    Lots of detail covered. The strat itself might not work for everyone, but there's enough information about the raid itself for people to understand what is meant to happen. This is what happens, this is how we deal with it. This is what happens, this is how we deal with it. Works great. Hopefully you carry on with KarZok, Dragon, and Atrebe, despite the criticism you've received.
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  10. Inca Lorekeeper

    I thought it was a good write-up and I thank you.

    Every mofo in EQ thinks they need to flex their virtual muscles in some sort of Napoleonitis kind of fashion...."Oh, my guild is so much better than yours...." , "My Lamentation is so much sharper than your Wurmslayer!"

    Just keep winning and don't look back.
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  11. Drakang Augur

    Yes if your DPS is lower and you need a longer timer window if somebody is FD in the north room your can gather back at the banner and go back in to kill the 3 dervishes. As long as you get the golems all down it works. Not the ideal way and not the way most would want to beat it but it works if your short DPS. You do need enough DPS to get all the golems down which is almost as much of a DPS check. Regen for all the mobs is very high.

    Did not see it stated. We always kill the siphons first as they die fast and their AE if near the hammers increases the effect of the hammer frontal nuke. The stun from hammers is not that big an issue if your tanks are all laying out some agro.

    Once you get the hang of it the event is really simpler than queen since that one varies widely in difficulty based on how many warcaster and mender waves you get.
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  12. Magician New Member

    git gud
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  13. Greymantle Augur

    Thanks for the various write ups and strat's. One thing that everyone seems to fail to consider is , no guild will do it exactly the same as another. One of the random factors is the raid makeup. Unless you can control exactly the type and quality of your players, not every strat will be as effective. Hence the various alternate stratagies. The detail on how the event progress is very helpfull. You just have to adapt the info to use with your available raid force.
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  14. Lianeb Augur

    We pull all the P1 mobs into the corner except the siphons. Let your axe and hammer tanks have the corner so the mobs are facing the corner. Put a tank or two out front to intercept the siphons you do not want your hammer tanks to get siphon ae, the siphons blur and go after casters so make sure the casters are not in the corner to tight. MA immediately re-assists on any siphon up,get those dead first their ae will wreck your hammer tanks with the amplify buff.

    Essentially set up a tiered defense with most mobs facing the corner and the siphons at the outer edge dieing first. The outer edge does not have to be far away just not in the corner

    Fairly accurate and nice write-up from the OP.
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  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Thank you for the write up, interesting read. We more or less do the same as you do.

    When learning it can be helpful to do a full burn on the first weapon adds just to get them down so you can move on to later stages to see what happens. That was what we did to learn and practice controlling the golems, but once we saw all that we had to deal with the main burn is saved for Dervs. We were surprised how easy the final stage is, once that stupid roaming skelly with his aura is dying the event is won.
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  16. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    I would add a few minor pointers for raid leaders that are struggling, especially if your dps is not at godlike levels; your mileage may vary. These are obviously pointers/tips for folks who haven't beaten it yet that you may find helpful. As you get past this event, you will need to rely on the small things less and less until not at all.

    1. Stress the importance of assisting. Every time. No freelancing here or they're just wasting everyone's time. It doesn't matter who they are, how much dps they do, or if their mama told em they're a special suzy.

    2. I always have a very small "burn crew" that does their burn at the start of the raid. If you are falling behind on pace on these weapons, the rest of the raid will not matter, however you do not want to be blowing your guilds best burn on the weapons if at all possible - you will need it later most likely. At the risk of hurting some tender feelings, I would choose 5-6 folks who are not your hands down best DPS (or people who are prone to spontaneous combustion/squishy) - keep your superstar burns in reserve for cores - but your "second best" or lesser dps here, but have them burn their rumps off from the start. It will give you a little push to get through the weapons more easily without gutting your "main burn" so to speak.

    3. As a raid leader, its important to communicate your timer/pace information so that your dps can adjust on the fly, especially if your raiding core varies from week to week or your dps goes up and down a bit depending on who is present. What I mean is, you know when the next wave is coming. You don't want to get bogged down and you may want to say hey if you have something small, use it now, or, we're on target pacewise, save what you have. For example, at the start of the expansion, we frequently needed a bit more of a push during golems to ensure they were each dying in 1 minute or less, which keeps you on pace for the cores. If you're averaging 1 minute or less you'll get to cores without anything extra. Then blow the cores up.

    4. Utilize pet tanking for the flame if you need to or it just makes life easier. Remind pet owners to turn taunt on during 4th golem.

    5. Soon as you get to the boss, remind everyone its time to start getting mana in compliance right away in voice chat, so that they are in between 40 and 70 by the time the boss hits 50%. Remind bards to turn off mana song and turn off guild tribute if you use a mana booster, etc. Don't let mana users get rezzed - just have them break hover, fix their mana in the guild hall, and return when able. Melee and non mana users just rez em up and go to town.

    I'm happy to answer any questions about any of the events folks are struggling with in game at luclin.adetia
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  17. svann Augur

    As a bard I stand back on books phase. Hate getting silenced.
  18. Turoq Journeyman

    that @#$! had me rollin lolz
  19. Maedhros High King

    Some very good alternative's and additional info coming in now.
    Appreciate it folks.
    I will echo what some others have said, you have to take all the information presented and find what works best for your raid force.
    Lianeb, Yinla and Adetia had some really good alternate strats especially for phase one.
    Not many raid forces beat this the very first time they tried it.
    Utilize your heavy burns at the beginning to get as far as you can to make your observations.
    As you progress on subsequent attempts, days or even weeks later, you can scale back the first phase burns to save them for golems or dervishes as needed.
    I rely on the gina trigger phase timers to gauge how much time is left compared to how many mobs are still up.
    Burn harder or slow down as needed.
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  20. Shredd Augur

    So no forget to turn off mana songs and Bst do not cast your mana buff on last mob. . almost impossible to get rid of mana fast