How random is the loot?

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  1. Abrhum Journeyman

    I've been playing since launch and have noticed certain items tend to drop in certain zones / off certain mobs. One example is unrest. There is a popular earring that drops in the top tower at the fireplace camp. Perma camped. Curious if anyone has seen this piece drop elsewhere randomly? I was excited by the concept of random loot, but in many cases it doesn't appear all that random. Sorry in advance of this has been discussed elsewhere, I could y find anything on it.
  2. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    There seem to be 4-8 named loot pools for each mob, and they aren't set buckets. Like, item A may drop from mob X and Y that are the same level, but each also drop things the other doesn't. Those named are all within 5 levels of each other or so, so some level ranges may have more or less named which is probably why the loot pool size varies.

    Also the loot drop chance is NOT the same as the original mobs. There are rare items that drop WAY more compared to the same name's common item.

    It also definitely uses the original loot drop database that the mobs pulled from (so lguk undead frog named item drops, good chance you get an undead froglok tongue or phosphorous powder, for example).

    On top of that, you have a chance of 1 to 4 at least mob drop pulls. So kill a named, you might only get 1 mobs items, kill another, you may get 4 named worth of loot. You can also get the same named loot pulled twice (I had two guise of the deceiver drop from one mob once) on the same mob. Probably can 3 times but the chance would be tiny.

    So if you want something from a level 30 named, and are killing a level 30 named, you might NEVER see that item drop. Or you may see it every other kill.
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  4. Karhar Dream Crusher

    fixed that for you.
  5. Lemerian Elder

    I don't think you know enough to know what you're seeing. It's random. Every rare in a five level spread can drop loot from any other mob in that five level spread. Sometimes the number of mobs in a five level spread is not a lot so you see a lot of repeats.
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  6. Malagarac New Member

    The random-ness is somewhat unpredictable, but also somewhat strange.

    For instance, the lvl 56 nameds in Chardok such as at the bank, herbalist, under/over, foreman, drop things like the Nathsar greatsword (from emp chottal in sebilis, lvl 60) very very commonly. I have yet to see a rod of lamentation or deepwater vambraces from the same mobs, which are the other things on emp chottal's loot table.

    There absolutely seems to be some, not sure what to call it - lets go with clustering, of certain items from mobs in certain level ranges. The common drops seem to be crazy common. After having gotten the common drops from the Iksar Trustee for instance (clicky caster earrings) 10+ times and only having seen a fungi tunic/staff 3 times in that same time period, it seems a bit strange. Myconid king and iksar trustee are both level 56, so it would seem from that they would drop their common drop equally, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Such is the randomness of the server, I guess
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    There are definitely some issues with the system. In The Hole I had so many Sharkbone Warhammers that they just ended up rotting. Sharkbone Warhammer, Barbarian Hunting Spear, Mistmoore Battle Drums, and others seem to be much more common. There seems to be at least one item per level range that is way more common than the others.
  8. Lemerian Elder

    They probably normalized the spawn rates inside the level bucket. So like if mob a normally had a 20% chance of spawning and mob b had a 2% chance of spawning, that will be reflected in how often you see the mobs from a rare in that level bucket. So while every rare mob loot table can show up that does not mean they have an equal chance of showing up.
  9. Boze TLP complaint factory

    True random rolls can appear to have clusters/streaks, especially at low sample sizes. No individual player is accumulating large enough sample sizes to overcome this effect. You can get 10 of the same thing in a row and it's still perfectly random. Flip a coin any number of times and you'll have plenty of long streaks in there.
  10. THISISHEKK Journeyman

    Loot is random random, homie.
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    This is not that.
  12. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    The level 30 range loot pool seems huge too, and some items drop way more often than others.

    I have camped royals in sol B and also permafrost (king/zaharn/honor guard) for more hours than I care to admit, and in Sol B - gotten *one* FBSS, permafrost the guise/peggy cloak seem rarest.

    got a LOT of all other items, including AC rings, and some items seems to drop a lot more too like Accipiter mentions
  13. Abrhum Journeyman

    I've never seen a fbss drop in guk, only solb. Im sure it's just my experience, but wanted to confirm it drops elsewhere. Has anyone seen fbss drop in guk?

    Has anyone seen it drop off a frenzied cauldron shark in kedge keep?
  14. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    I was getting ring of ancients in Unrest about 1 an hour
  15. Bandzamakeherdance Elder

    Had it drop off hand in lguk multiple times.
  16. Hythos Augur

    It's pretty clear that items have rarity weighting, and that does spread across the range.
    As others have said, an Ancient Ring will seem more common (at long f'n last) because there are two Ancient Cyclopses at different level ranges, and more specifically because they only have one rare item at 100% each.

    Other items like the FBSS & GBS are significantly low, so if those mob's tables are rolled it will go through:
    Magikot page
    Moonstone ring
    long before it gets to a FBSS
    Though, it has a chance for multiple chances at the same mob's table.

    Rare skeletons in Lavastorm drop a GBS.
    The GBS is already exceptionally rare off of P.
    I have gotten GBS's back to back from these skels, but the frequency overall feels like it's 100:1 (about the same as P ?)1 - whereas getting a Bone Spear or Bone Fingered Gloves (their normal drop) is about 2:3.

    Also, Frog King & Koblod Kings can drop an FBSS.
    Run a private DZ of all dungeons you're able to do as often as you're allowed, and you'll get phat lewts without having to compete or camp spawns.
    Just bring a tracker, or run S EQ like 90% of the server.