How much worse does it have to get?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by doomcasters, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. doomcasters Augur

    Dear Developers,

    I ask a serious question in which I'm sure many other members would like to know. When will the servers merge again?

    I ask this because I see that Povar is down to only 1 guild completing EoK expansion. Then you have a few guilds doing a few less events. Then others whom only do 3 of the raid events because of lack of population to get the required 54 raiders.

    If we cannot get a server merger can the developers go back to 'hard mode' on raids where it was reduced to 36 players?

    This might help, as it did in prior expansions.
  2. Tolzal New Member

    Mergers would be the only thing to solve your issue or recruiting from other servers. The "hard mode" in seeds of destruction were the exact same events. You could only take 36 in rather than 54 so that really would not solve your issue at all being as the events were not tuned down for the 36 people. (Granted they did feel tuned for 36 people back then cus the raids were stupid easy)
  3. fransisco Augur

    As a grouper, I always see players where ever I go, kunark zones are busy every weekday night.

    Instead of ruining servers for easy recruitment, cultivate new members instead.
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  4. doomcasters Augur

    Next time you're out and about... Thinking a zone is full. Figure out how many of those people are boxed characters. On average I'll see 20 people in zone and it's about 8-10 players tops.

    Even guild rosters the alts / boxed toons out number main characters.
  5. Khat_Nip Augur

    You need to factor in people being in separate /picks as well.
  6. Cicelee Augur

    Sounds like there should be guild mergers instead of server mergers...
  7. feeltheburn Elder

    there is also alot to be said for effort on some guilds that are not progressing as well. Chucking it in after one attempt on progression event, having to beg people to log in, wiping to events that have been previously beaten and should be on farm status. if some of those apply, there is a bigger problem then server and population status. that starts from within.
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  8. Millianna Augur

    Forget 36, reduce it to 24. Then you will have a healthy amount of raid guilds.
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  9. fransisco Augur

    Also, mid summer, the expac has been out since november?
    All guilds are suffering low login rates. It has nothing to do with server numbers
  10. Millianna Augur

    The vanishing of mid tier raid guilds at the rate they have been is somewhat concerning. Yes it's summer, but it's been awhile since I have seen this many smaller raid guilds fold.
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  11. EnchFWO Augur

    This must be a very server specific issue since there are plenty of servers that are completely healthy and not seeing any folds. So that begs the question - what's going on with these particular servers? I don't really have an answer to that but coming and complaining about population and expansion completion at the beginning of August is just a shining example of how the playerbase treats EQ over the summer for years now. Is it actually seasonal or is it real?

    All I know is these types of posts didn't pop up like they did until... wait for it... the summer.

    Maybe guilds are folding because of poor leadership, poor strats, low quality players, insufficiently geared, not completed progression, etc. All of these are PC problems, not the game. All have -relatively- easy fixes. If you come back and say 1) my guild has a solid core of leadership and a competent raid leader, 2) I've talked to MULTIPLE different roster-makeup upper guilds about strats, 3) I've counseled underachievers, 4) we're all geared in TBM raid or EOK T2 group gear with GOOD augs, 5) we've done progression... then I would say, sure, there might be an issue.

    Based on the above I'm going to bet the majority of problems stem from one or more of those types of issues.

    I'm not opposed to server merges as long as they don't merge EVERYONE (at least blindly). Ex.: Xegony and Bristle definitely do not need a merger, unless it is with one of the lowest population servers. Just my thought on it but I'd honestly say try this argument again in two months if the problem is still ongoing. The response will probably be much more supportive.
  12. Millianna Augur

    It's not the end of the world yet. There are two guilds who finished EoK and few guilds the run PuRs. The two guilds that finished EoK took the majority of players from guilds that folded. It's hard to consistently get the same people to raid so progression is stalled. People quit and the others left for the top tier guilds. And now one of the top tier guilds is willing to take "groupers" who want to casually raid.
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  13. FurySoul Augur

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  14. p2aa Augur

    What is fun is that this kind of thread of "My raid guild doesn't progress enough" is coming from someone who has been very vocal whining on these boards asking to nerf some classes hard.
    That's really a big lol.
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  15. fransisco Augur

    there is always the option to have the guild transfer servers to merge with another one
  16. kizant Augur

    Mergers are fine sometimes but they should make it more entertaining. Like hold a best of the best tournament and the worst team gets their server deleted. Give everyone a couple weeks to move or be gone forever. :(
  17. CrazyLarth Augur

    i do think mergers will happen at some point but they were on hold for back in stuff.
  18. 22wplkj New Member

    Never knew raid requirements were so high. Getting 54 players together does seem like a tall order to fill.
  19. Tutankamen Journeyman

    I second the notion. If that's not going to happen you can always transfer to FV. FV has a great population.
  20. Repthor Augur

    Well on povar its not easy to be a guild raiding anything lower then EoK. As Triton Members hosts tbm raids every week where they will do everything including acivments with every body on the server aslong as the ppl that join knows to atleast play their toon moderatly well. Meaning that lower guild leadership has little to offer their members . When theres easy mode gear achivments up for grabs aslong aslong as ppl shows up without lockouts. And Triton ppl who run the open raids has done this for the last 4 xpacks . And will prolly continue doing it for EoK when the leadership in Triton tells its members its now classed as open old content. Triton members is likly to blame for some of this. Ppl like easy and free stuff and ppl in triton likes to help our freinds that are not in Triton for one or another reason. This makes it hard as a lower tier guild to get stuff done when others are offering same content as thos guild whould progress thru as basicly free rides with chance for gear and achivs
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