How many of you Dev's think this an enjoyable experience?

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    I love how crazy people get about their epics. Back in the day it was considered fast to finish your epic during velious.
  2. Batbener Augur

    It's a game. Do what you think is fun. Some people there were having the time of their life.

    No one dies IRL if you don't get your epic. Only the cleric epic is "must have". I remember when Rage first opened, people were literally quitting because they couldn't get their GEBs in the first couple of weeks. GEBs.

    If daybreak games really wanted to make some money, they should let people pay for therapy with daybreak cash. The obsession some people have with BIS is amazing, and even more amazing when their cookie cutter builds aren't always "the best".
  3. Finley Augur

    Players approached the game very differently back then. I can't remember if it was a client limitation or my computer was just terrible; but I literally could not alt tab. The game was a mystery. Now everything is known, and what you don't personally know is seconds away with a google search.

    Back then I didn't care if I didn't get my epic right away because I didn't know what was next. Now I know my epic is obsolete in X months, I want it NOW so I can enjoy it.
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    Probably the best reasoning as to why epic(s) are important to some on a server with a specific time-line.
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  5. EQForumAcct Augur

    Where's the picture of the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance?
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  6. Kiani Augur

    It was a client thing - you couldn't alt tab out without using illegal third party software. A lot of people used said software just for that purpose.

    Part of the problem is also there is a much higher proportion of enchanters around on Phinny than there ever were originally. Back then, enchanters were considered a difficult class to play well. Now, enchanters are overpowered with their charmed pets, so lots of people want to play one.

    One class would have high desirability in groups due to C and mezz alone, and is also the top dps class due to charm. So it's also one of the most popular classes to play, and everyone wants their epic.

    Back in the day, epic was a rare achievement, with wow factor. Now it's just a must have, not to mention the whine whine if they can't get it.
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    Looks like this party needs a [IMG] to the rescue!!
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  8. Syrup Augur

    Another bad case of "Phinny Induced Entitlement Disorder".

    If you or your friends have been infected with PIED, please log out of everquest and head to the nearest tissue box. Once you have squelched all the tears from your body, attempt to play the game again how it was designed.
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  9. Moranis Augur

    Simply put, the game is not tuned for this many people to be doing top tier content at the same time. The early expansions of this game do not lend themselves well to a mostly max-level player base. Expect this sort of're not the only one who has the skinny on every little thing in this game.

    I thought Velious was going to be fun on RF, but it's really not. It's a hundred people across 5 Velks picks bickering over the named spiders, a handful of people locking down the kael arena in every pick and a few brave souls braving SG with all the big guilds passing thru (and KS'ing like mad) on their way to ToV. I will say, however, parking a cleric in WW at the SG zoneline is a very profitable business for all the non-dragon friendly folks.

    But I digress...enchanter epic isn't even worth it. The click effect isn't much better than casted spells and the mana-free cast doesn't make a huge difference because enchanters with ToT should almost never run oom.
  10. Tulgin Augur

    Phinny is finely tuned for 84 day unlocks. Changing respawn timer's is a 15 second job, therefore you can be sure they are very happy with the current situation. I propose Verina Tomb's respawn timer should be increased by 33% due to longer Velious and Luclin unlocks.

    Don't like it? Go play WoW.
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  12. EQForumAcct Augur

    OK, Veruca.
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  14. Brurus Journeyman

    So many salty ragefire players chime in here.

    Here are two facts that warrant Verina Tombs spawn be adjusted and others like her:
    1. Higher overall population for a server then intended when the current content was created
    2. Shorter duration between expansion content
    No charity, welfare or tissues needed, just requesting things be scaled appropriately.
  15. Finley Augur

    In reality I've had my epic since the first week of Kunark :) I just want others to be able to share the experience with me. I do not play an enchanter, wizard, or shadow knight :p
  16. Pikallo Augur

    You are pretty much the poster child for the faction of people who want to get the maximum reward possible with the least amount of effort. I'm not saying all your opinions and ideas are bad - but sometimes it feels like you lose sense of what makes Everquest a unique experience in favor of making things as easy and accessible as possible.
  17. Finley Augur

    I just want the effort to be actually doing the encounters, and not sitting around waiting to do the encounters. Sitting and waiting isn't epic or fun.
  18. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Sitting and waiting is "Everquest" it hasn't been nicknamed "EverCamp" for 15+ years for no reason!
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  19. Pikallo Augur

    There is a lot of stuff in this game that isn't exactly "fun" or "epic" by your standards. Sometimes the balance of the things that aren't "fun" with the things that are, is what makes this game so rewarding.

    For example, when I killed Verina Tomb on this server, I had casually tracked her spawn over the course of weeks. I never just sat there watching or socking for endless hours because ultimately I agree with your stance that sitting and waiting isn't an enjoyable use of time, and in this case it was not worthwhile for me to do so. However I still did my best to track death times and determine when the next spawn would be(I lost track a few times here and there). Eventually I found a time when she was due and I was able to monitor the spawn for a bit. There were a handful of other level 1's watching, but nothing as bad this post(so it is not ALWAYS like this). And finally when she did spawn, the adrenaline and excitement as I quickly assembled a few friends to help, and ultimately secure the kill, was far more "epic" and "fun" and rewarding than it would have been to just decide one evening that "Oh I need to go kill Verina Tomb" and take a friend or two down and kill this easy pushover "encounter" on-demand. To me, that would be boring and less fun than my actual experience since I actually had to put in a little effort.

    That being said, in the case of VT/VD for the enchanter epic, I wouldn't be opposed to adjusting the spawn time a bit to be more in sync with the server population, but I'd hope that it still involved a bit of effort, even if that means spending some time sitting and waiting.
  20. Draekon Elder

    ^ My father had the same luck with vessel, tracked it and found the one opportunity where no one was there waiting when he was up. I helped him with verina yesterday and while tracking here and there would be nice, theres a good 6 hour variation in when she can spawn and will spawn, on top of people being able to safely afk there unlike cabilis where most people arent iksar.

    He had been tracking verina the few weeks, was never less than a group of 60s waiting I believe. Man she died super fast too, under 7 seconds. It's unfortunate enchanters have to go through such leaps. 24 hour ground spawns, vessel, verina, wait for wraith to pop in open world. yikes