How many char slots when you revert to F2P?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Bronk, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Bronk Lorekeeper

    This may be relevant especially considering so many people may be subbing to get the heroic char for the Anniversary then lapsing back:

    When you go All Access then drop back to F2P, how many of your characters remain accessible?
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Are you talking Green F2P or Silver? there is a difference

    If you buy more slots thru loyalty merchant (up to 3) on F2P or Silver those slots still show. Pretty sure the other ones thru marketplace would still show too

    Without buying more slots then F2P only show 2 slots. Silver shows 4 slots. All are still available but you have to scroll thru them somehow. I have never figured that out cause I just buy more slots to fix that.
  3. Bronk Lorekeeper

    Thanks! I have a Silver and several Green
  4. Vumad Augur

    It is my understanding that the availability is based on the age of the character, not the age of the account. For newer toons its the first 2 alphabetically. Not including specifically purchased extra slots. Not sure loyalty slots apply like ones purchased with DBC. I do not know the exact specifics.
  5. yepmetoo Augur

    Its alphabetical.

    2 for FTP accounts, 4 for silver, but the slots you can buy via marketplace or loyalty add for non-paid accounts too I believe.
  6. rtfj121180 Journeyman

    2 but can buy more. Silver is not a thing anymore my account used to be silver but now that f2p I'm only allowed two slots if want more need to purchase them or buy into all access.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    You cannot become Silver anymore. But if you had it then you don't lose it. Sounds like its a different account. So Silver is still a thing to every returning account that was in existence before 2014.

    Quote from Fanra's site
    "If you had a Gold account before Gold was replaced by All Access (April 29th, 2014), then if your account lapses (goes free), the account becomes Silver. Accounts created after that date will become Free accounts if All Access lapses."
  8. rtfj121180 Journeyman

    I'll have to double check my account, but when I last logged in game yesterday after recovering my original account I am pretty sure I only saw 2 slots for toons.

    I know Silver doesn't officially exist anymore. So wondering what the perks are for silver?
  9. CatsPaws Augur

    When you log into your account and you are at the character screen - what does it say above your list of characters?

    If it doesn't say SILVER in big SILVER letters then your account was not old enough to be awarded the Silver membership for returning players.
    Here is a chart that may help you ......some of it is out of date, like the levels. But you can see Silver gets 4 slots, and can be in general chat (a huge bonus) and some other stuff listed
  10. rtfj121180 Journeyman

    I actually, just logged in and saw that I have 1/4 slots used.
  11. CatsPaws Augur

    Then it says Silver above the list. and you do exist!
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  12. CatsPaws Augur

  13. rtfj121180 Journeyman

  14. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The Alphabetical order of the characters does not matter. It just can affect how many you can arrow through. You can still scroll through and select the others, but only can log onto the most recently played characters from before your account dropped out of subscription, barring special circumstances.

    All Access = You can play all the characters (Maximum of 16,but 14 for most people).

    Silver = You can play at least your 4 most recently played characters (or all Grandfathered characters) (non-Grandfathered Maximum of 12, but 10 for most people; Grandfathered maximum would be 16, but if you delete any character you would not be able to recreate it until you are under the non-Grandfathered Maximum). Grandfathered = Characters which were created before EQ became F2P.

    Free = You can play at least your 2 most recently played characters (Maximum of 8).

    Base Free = 2, Base Silver = 4, Base All Access = 8. +3 slots by purchasing Dolls of Character from Loyalty merchant in game and +3 slots by purchasing Character slots from Marketplace. Then the final 2 possible slots were perks for having the original Station Access (old All Access) subscription, when they revamped the subscription model for all of the SOE games to be a single subscription for all games at a lower price they removed that perk but those who maintained their Station Access Subscription through the change were flagged to keep the final two possible slots.
  15. Iven Elder

    So for a bronze account the max char slots should be eight which I can confirm so far.
    2 base + 3 Loyalty Dolls of Character + 3 Marketplace slots.

    If you have more than eight characters from former AllAccess you might have to delete
    some of them to unlock those that you prefer instead or go AllAccess again. Its maybe
    the most nasty drawback and a kick in the :eek: for former AllAccess players especially
    as there is no official warning about it when buying Dolls of Character and marketplace slots. :mad:
    Its even very close to being a fraud.
  16. CatsPaws Augur

    What is bronze? I know it used to be something but its been so long I forget. I think plain free or F2P used to be bronze? If you are on your character select screen and look above the names you will see 1 of 3 options:

    All Access in GOLD color - hence the gold designation

    Silver in SILVER color - grandfathered returned accounts that are free

    Free in GREEN color - free to play/F2P
  17. Iven Elder

    It got changed to Free Player. It was Bronze Player or something similiar recently.
  18. rtfj121180 Journeyman

    If free to play 2 slots, you can buy more. If silver 4 slots and you can buy additional slots.

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