How Loot Works (need vs greed)

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  1. Ceffener Augur

    Plenty of people started playing EQ in 99 while being younger than 16. My Discord is full of 20-30 year olds. But that’s not the point....people acting like we have the “Greatest Generation” WWII vets as the “old players”, and “whiny millennials” as the “young players”. Age gap isn’t going to be that high and the actual gap we will have....the older players got their kids to play. If you don’t like how your kids were raised....
  2. oldkracow Augur

    Guess everyone's experience is different don't know a single person under 35 that plays this game.
    Good to know some younger folks actually do exist out there in EQ land.
  3. DeseanJackson Augur

    Have you asked? I bet you know or have encountered plenty, there are a lot of us.
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  4. Gana Augur

    I am pretty sure he asked everyone who groups with him "a/s/l?"
  5. AgentofChange Augur

  6. Krezzy Augur

    That's not rotten behavior so much as bad luck. Keep in mind that the melee in your example had two equal shots at winning the roll. The story could just as easily be the melee getting what they need and an item to spare. In NBG, the system is far less even.

    Let's ask another question. When camping an item that is only needed by melee, why should any non-melee character - say, an enchanter or cleric, want to join a pickup group? For that matter, why should they invite a tank (assuming NBG) rather than using a pet?

    NBG had its charm, but at its root, it is a system where those "need"-ing are entitling themselves to more than a simple share of the item drops.
  7. yerm Augur

    I can tell you how I feel when I lose 3 successive rolls on an item to groupmates who are going to just sell it: so much better than when I lose 3 tradeable items to people who will equip it but never ever get back to me when they upgrade and proceed to go and sell the item themselves.

    So let me ask my question again another way: how many times have you tracked down and given a former PUG groupmate a "major upgrade" when you eventually did replace it so they could be the one to sell it instead of you?
  8. LittleBrumski Augur

    But this, but that, but when, but if....

    The same number of times people track down their pug group to share the plat from the drops they can't use. I don't believe you feel good about losing rolls to other classes and never seeing any of the plat when they leave or sell the item. Either way you are losing out.

    I don't see the point of debating this anymore, since both sides can rebut with valid points. Socially acceptable, fair, equal, blah blah. Have a good weekend everyone!!!
  9. Sturn Augur

    It takes zero time if I have need already checked. It takes a ton of time if the group wants me to change all my settings to greed. I don't have time for that.
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  10. Sturn Augur

    And it isn't "NBG" outside a video game when hunting for treasure either. We were calling people out. They just reroll. The behavior stopped when everyone switched to need all.
  11. Kaosmos Journeyman

    NBG is used on all the live servers I have played on. Just a Vocal/greedy minority changed it to need everything on TLP's. Certain people/guilds started needing on everything and you either had to also or you got nothing.

    It really is a waste of a good loot system.

    As for the argument about you can buy this or that blah blah, some people like to actually loot their gear instead of play the market/baz
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  12. MileyVyrus Lorekeeper

    Lol you white people and your entitlement and additional rule sets are the reason people box in the first place. Luckily the vast majority of pugs just roll need and murder as many frogs as they can, while the rest of you daydream the loot utopia that best serves your individual moral compass.
  13. MileyVyrus Lorekeeper

    The real tragedy is most of you would be rocking it in killer guild groups if the first 80 percent of your guild app wasnt specific questions about dkp and loot dispersal.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Some quick counter examples

    1. Sword drops that I can equip and use and it is an upgrade for what I have equipped but not for what I have hidden in my bags I can claim I need it.
    2. Sword drops that I can equip and it is a minor upgrade over my current one is that need?
    3. I am a class that is needed for the group to function at the camp but there are no drops that I can use so that means others can claim they need the upgrade and I won't get anything?
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  15. raylone New Member

    need on everything is fine no fuss everyone rolls /end. if you want very specific rolls were you can, cannot, may only if but only if X happens, you must have X loot before you can roll on X rules make a premade pug were no one but you guys join and you always have you rules enforced and agree upon, you can then avoid any drama from random X player needing on that X item you think is BS and get to live your good old days of people following very specific rules you feel are fair.
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  16. Quik Lorekeeper

    If my mage wins on a roll for a FBSS, I can now turn around and trade the FBSS for some uber mage gear I wouldn't have got without it.

    That makes that FBSS NBG for my mage JUST as much as it does for the melee, at least in pugs.

    In guild groups we always give gear to whoever needs it.
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  17. superman Augur

    Its weird I had this happen In real life a couple weeks ago, My friend has a lawn care business and i'm an insurance agent. We got this side job cutting down a bunch of trees and hauling them off for this guy.
    We did the job for 1000 bucks, but at the end of the job he was like, I aint got the money but i'll give you this 1500 dollar mower if you call it even

    I was like, that's cool man we can sel it and split 750 a piece for the extra effort sellin it since we both did the job. He (owning a lawncare business) was like bro, don't you think your being greedy? you can't use that mower and I can...

    And I said your right man, sorry I'm bein so greedy for wanting half the compensation since I did half the work......

    that's the insanity of NBG applied to real life.

    I realize it's not a perfect analogy since in the game people who can't use the equipment are simply asking for a chance to roll on it, The most fair system would be sell it and parcel 1/6 of it to the other 5 group members but I don't think anyone wants to do that since it works out in the end most of the time.
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  18. Machentoo Augur

    I like the analogy.

    Here's another one. An intern, fresh out of school, insisting he should get all the team's Christmas bonus, because everyone else has a car but him, and he needs one.
  19. Imdead Augur

    There are three types of people that make these threads:

    1). The NBG advocate that makes a FBSS camp group full of casters so they're the only person who "needs" the FBSS.

    2) The Ninja looter who advocates NBG then "accidentally" roles on the FBSS and ditches the group after winning(sometimes they'll accidentally role multiple times).

    3). The person who is naive to the first two people and keeps getting taken advantage of and comes here to complain about said people.
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  20. Imdead Augur

    In a pug the only system that ensures equal opportunity to all is Need All.
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