How Loot Works (need vs greed)

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  1. Kalipto Augur

    Guess what? Daybreak introduced a loot system to the game. You can use the system to quickly and easily distribute loot. All you do is choose whether or not you need something you greed something.

    Here are some examples:
    1. Sword drops I can equip and use and it's an upgrade. That's need
    2. Staff drops that I cannot equip, but I can sell it for money. That's greed
    Wow, it's so simple!

    So. Stop being idiots and use the damn system. If someone is "abusing" the system then you kick them out of the group and don't ever invite them again.
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  2. phattoni Augur


    last 2 or 3 tlps have been a joke, everyone rolls need on everything, even trash drops haha.
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  3. Kahna Augur

    Everything that's not no drop is needed by everyone, the fairest system. You want to be handed loot? Group with friends who care about if you have loot.
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  4. Koniku Lorekeeper

    I need plat to buy things I need
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  5. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    There aren't a lot of camps in classic where there is a significant loot drop(s) that everyone in the group can put to use.

    It's actually most fair to just let everyone have equal chance at every drop and let everyone sort out their gear situations in commonlands. If you want to come up with a rotation for a drop so everyone has a chance to get one thats fine, but it does mean the first person to win has little reason (besides tact) to stick around once they have won.
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  6. EnchFWO Augur

    Every group I have been in has had a fair loot system and it is exactly NOT what the OP is saying is the law of the land. Drive through plz~ this is as bad as someone pushing their anti-boxing agenda.
  7. AgentofChange Augur

  8. Protagonist Tank

    Quoting for emphasis. The last 5 TLPs or so have all had a standard behavior of need everything. Trying to claim priority to tradeable loot is dumb roleplay that went out the window years ago.
  9. MaxTheLion Augur

    Welcome, TLP newcomer. Once you have obtained more understanding, you will be handed the conch and you may then speak again.
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  10. Nykara2 Elder

    In PUGs I just pretend loot doesn't exist unless its something I specifically need then I may hit need on the one item. Mostly I couldn't be bothered clicking on *everything* since my loots set up to AG everything for when I group with hubby and friends equally as much as PUGs.
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  11. Aurastrider Augur

    There is a big difference between PUGs and groups with guildmates and friends. In a PUG everything that can be traded should be set to greed for good reason. Lets just assume you are at camp A that drops a valuable tank item. A tank hangs out there and the item drops during a PUG and everyone just gives them the item because they are a tank. That very same tank just hangs out at this camp grouping with other random people over days and weeks and just keeps getting the items over and over again because they are a tank and they can use it even though they already have dozens of the item now that they are just selling or trading for other items, plat or krono.

    I would say if you are at a camp that drops a class specific item just be happy that other classes are willing to camp an item they cant use but it gives you a 1/6 chance to win the item you need. If you don't want to deal with this hassle find friends or a good guild and they will be more likely to let you take the gear you need because they know if you are more powerful it will help them in the long run as they continue to group with you and you return the favor when an item drops that they need.
  12. Trizek Augur

    Roll need on everything.

    If something drops you actually need, let others know. If you're in a camp where there are any named mobs, ask the group how are they doing those drops, Need or Greed on them (Greed all rolls need.)
  13. Tornat Augur

    was laughing about this earlier out of all the mmorpg out there this is the one game community that fails at this system . hell even 12 year olds in wow can do this system right .
  14. That0neguy Augur

    What if i need the item to sell? do I still hit need?
  15. Trizek Augur

    Because WoW forces you to use the system, if you NEED an item of at least green quality, it will become Soul Bound to you.

    Do you know why this is? Because everyone rolled Need on EVERYTHING, which is what people here are doing. Its not that WoW knows how to use the system, they're simply forced to if they want to sell the stuff, or actually use it.

    Players here are simply making it so everyone is getting a fair chance at loot, no matter what. No one can snipe gear if every one is rolling need, sorry you don't see it that way.

    I am continuing using Need, and encouraging others to roll need.
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  16. taliefer Augur

    i've pugged the whole time on mangler, need on everything, and actually talk about any specific drops. works just fine
  17. Velerin Journeyman

    Posts like this at the beginning of every new TLP need to just be sent to the abyss of search and the OP’s email gets bombarded by the 8million posts that say the exact same thing from past TLPs for 2 weeks straight.
  18. Fle2ch Elder

    I was shocked by this system of loot myself as I grew up always only need if you want to wear it. However even in the groups that need on everything, the vast majority of times when someone really has needed it they were given it. After all your gimping your own group by not letting the person who needs it wear it.
  19. Kardinal Journeyman

    NBG = Your greed is bigger than mine.
    I will not sit in a camp spot gearing you up for free.

    Having said that - if I win an item and it's an upgrade for you, I may, at my own discretion, decide to give it to you. But it's my choice to make, not yours to demand.
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  20. vylo Augur

    Yeah good luck doing NBG in Frenzy or hamlord. I'm sure healers will be lining up to give you FBSS and SMR for some moonstone rings they can buy for 10p.
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