How is the Coirnav server going?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by northstar, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Zealot1340 Lorekeeper

    Rolled a char on Coirnav ~ two weeks ago with some friends. Lots of groups and lfg players, multiple picks of lowbie leveling zones, and groups forming in lots of less frequently visited zones. It's alive and well. I imagine we will only see more players rolling as Agnarr loses more and more players.
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  2. Crayon123 Augur

    Let me know how that massive time-sink works out for you come March/April.
  3. a_librarian Augur

    You realize this is a video game right? It's for fun.
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  4. Communist Puppy Augur

    From everyone ive heard, i'm pretty sure a combine style progression server+instancing would eclipse basically every other server interms of population.
  5. Trevalon Augur

    A combine style? As in 1 month unlocks? Crazy. I have NEVER heard anyone say they wanted to do that mess of a server again...I suspect anyone who says they think its a good idea didnt actually play Sleeper/Combine.

    1 Month is way too short, it wasnt fun at all for most people. Even those of us who were in the upper guilds felt it was too fast - You would literally kill a mob a few times and we would be in the next expansion. Bleh. Even with instances it would mean guilds would get 4 kills at MOST assuming they are able to level and key and kill within the first week of expansion launch.

    Honestly the Phinigel model is good in that 3 months for level increase xpacs and 2 months for others feels really good IMO.

    Coirnav WOULD be a great server, if it wasnt for the terrible EXP rate...Increase the EXP rate and I guarantee the population of Coirnav would go way up. I mean I was JUST talking to some friends from my Agnarr guild this week and we ALL agreed we would play on Coirnav but we just hate the exp rate. And thats just my 1 anecdotal self with 15-20 people who would make new characters and start a guild over there. I can imagine there are tons of others that think the same.
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  6. Crayon123 Augur

    A slow xp rate for the sake of selling more xp pots is not fun - especially when the 20th Anniversary server is right around the corner. People by far and large enjoyed the faster rate of Agnarr much more, but its a prison server. The "newest" server will always have the biggest draw, for the fresh community aspect and copious amounts of grouping possibilities at ALL levels. Coirnav is top heavy as all get out right now, everyone logs in to raid and then logs out, its a wasteland for anyone not already at max level - and the hill to climb to get there is enormous (and constantly getting bigger) with slow as molasses xp.

    It's just a repeat of what happened with Phinigel, those that are dedicated to the cause keep going while everyone else refrains from starting there - slowly loses its core players and has a few guilds that remain while the general community is lost for the average player.
  7. northstar Augur

    didn't realize my thread was still alive LOL, I cant currently decide what game to commit to atm. LOTRO has a progression server coming, and that is about as far as my current interests go other then thinking of re-subscribing for EQ's 20 year anniversary. which is in march?? hmm. I really wish I could get a EQ lifetime account... haha! I have 2 in LOTRO so it will be a tough choice for me for sure. as for the progression I have yet to stick to one where I don't fall behind rerolling characters because of me being indecisive on what to play....
  8. Gnomie Denser than most

    Imperceptible may have lower numbers than the top three guilds who are steamrolling stuff with 72 people, but we cleared NTOV and AOW this week with ~50 people. We may not be the biggest baddest guild, but we have a very solid core group of folks who are excellent raiders. We've also recruited approximately 10 new 55+ people this week alone and are still actively recruiting.

    The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.
  9. Tris Augur

    Having a great time on Coirnav.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    This is brought up constantly and yet there is zero proof that this is DBG's motivation for slow XP. I don't buy XP pots, even on servers like Coirnav. Do the rest of you? I'm not saying I know what their reasoning is for slow XP, nor does anyone outside of DBG.
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  11. Lortl Journeyman

    Just leveled a halfling rogue from 1-53 without the use of XP pots. After having played on p99 and never having played on Agnarr or any of the other TLPs, the rate doesn't seem to bother me at all. My main was leveled during major pushes (Classic rush, Kunark release) so I didn't get to experience the true rate until now. If you have an expectation that you can put a few hours a week in and be max level in a month you're playing the wrong game. Coirnav xp rate is something players who don't play on it complain about more than those who actually participate.
  12. Risiko Augur

    Let me give you a clue here. The top guilds split raid everything with bare minimum numbers per raid force to get the job done. Accusing top tier guilds of zerging easy content just shows how little you know.
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  13. Lortl Journeyman

    Yeah if it's open world content we are gonna throw everything we have at it... if it's instanced content we are gonna get the most out of it we possibly can. But in all honesty, this deep into an expansion besides dozekar and drakes, there is no real reason to split much else.
  14. Ruination Elder

    Moved over from Agnarr with a few friends, having lot's of fun. We have no goal in mind ie. hit max level asap for raiding. We are just killing stuff in camps trying to make things as tough as possible while not dying. Having more fun doing this than I've had on Agnarr for months.

    This server is not for everyone though, if you wanna get to a certain level point asap you will not enjoy this server, if you wanna kill stuff with friends with no destination in mind you will likely enjoy it alot.
  15. Ohfuggle Elder

    End of velious is always a boost to population, same w/ Luclin + PoP.

    The worst thing that could happen is a new TLP announced for the 20th. If that happens well lol, the naysayers in this thread will get to finally relish in the fact they were right. It seems to be their primary goal.
  16. Axesnwhiskey New Member

    I don't mind the slow exp. I think the newer generation of gamers has little/no patience and want to be raiding a week after they start. Finding groups is not so bad and I enjoy talking with others about the week and general life. Coirnav is not dead imo. Reading forums for info is not a bad thing, but do not forget to look into things yourself and do not always believe everything your read!
  17. Gnomie Denser than most

    Let me give you a clue here. Just because not every guild wants to have 150 active raiders and split raids just to get their members loot, and would rather have one solid raid crew doesn’t mean they’re a dying or “lesser guild”. That mentality shows how little you know. Except for RI, we probably get just as much loot, or more per capita from raiding than most “top tier” guilds, and we have fun doing it. We actually know all our members, have fun in discord, and raid successfully, rather than being a rigid loot factory.

    I keep hearing these rumors from top guilds that so and so guild is dying and blah blah. Just because other guilds don’t have your same mentality of what makes a successful guild, doesn’t mean they’re dying.
  18. Risiko Augur


    Tell us all how a guild that takes ALL DAY to clear NToV and was regularly wiping to AoW halfway through the expansion is getting more loot per capita than the top tier guilds that haven't wiped to anything in Velious, clear everything in no time at all, and splits everything including Vulak with minimum members per raid force. Please do tell.
  19. Gnomie Denser than most

    Tell me, when did crushing all raid content in the first 2 days on a 20 year old game, then waiting for 11 weeks for new raid content become the "norm" for fun on this server? Is that why you guys spend so much time sitting in the forums? Are you that bored?

    I've compared my gear to main raiders from "top" guilds, and I've looked at the DPS parses on open world kills of some of the top guilds, and I'll tell you right now, most of our main raiders are much better geared and much higher DPS than the equivalent on some of the higher end guilds. (I don't include RI in this, because they actually hit open world targets regularly).

    Like I said before, Just because some of us prefer not to be forced to 3-4 split raid content just to be able to support our membership needs, doesn't mean we are any less of a successful guild. And personally, I'll take a 4 and a half hour NTOV clear with 40-50 people who are good players and enjoy playing with each other, over splitting raids any day.

    It's a difference of opinion. But if you ever want to run a parse together, I will gladly shut down your argument with objective evidence rather than bantering on the boards.
  20. Risiko Augur

    LOL!!!! He's serious.