How is Drinal pronounced?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Lorilei, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Lorilei Journeyman

    I'm looking for the correct pronunciation of Drinal. It's terribly hard to trash-talk Sheex when I'm not even sure I'm pronouncing that SK's server name correctly! ;)

    Thank you,
  2. Diptera Augur

    When I played on the server years ago, the consensus of the people I spoke with was "drin" to rhyme with "tin", "al" to rhyme with "pal", with no emphasis on either (so not DRI-nal, or dri-NAL, but dri-nal). But of course, that's not official, just what we said...
  3. Borek-VS Augur

    Now ask about Luclin...
  4. Diptera Augur

    That one always annoyed me - after years of pronouncing it "luc" as in "lucy" -linn , to hear it spoken as "luck-linn" in an official SOE clip just sounds *wrong*... :(

    ..and don't get me on the "iskar" vs "iksar" debate... yes, I know people who pronounce it both ways...
  5. moogs Augur

    Who the heck says iskar? The same people who say nuke-u-lar?
  6. guado Augur

    My best friend and I would constantly argue over how to pronounce the following:
  7. Borek-VS Augur

    The problem has always been that SOE created names using the big bag o'letters approach, with no awareness of phonetics or linguistics. Hence the mistake that is Luck-linn.
  8. Sheex Augur

    This coming from TypoMarr? Typing/pronouncing erollliisssisi has to be the worst of all the servers.

    Drinal: drin (like bin) ull (like dull)
    Tunare: toon-air
    Luclin: loose-lin. Luck is for the Irish not the moon!
    Erolisi Marr: should simply be renamed to EMarr. Eee-marr, like a pirate saying but with an m!
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  9. Forcallen Augur

    Maelin Starpyre
  10. Inictus Lorekeeper

    I always pronounced Halas as Hal-as, but I then heard Smokejumper pronounce it as Hu-loss. Blasphemy!!!!
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  11. Lorilei Journeyman

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I've heard so many possible pronunciations, it's crazy!

  12. genaro44 Lorekeeper

    Not a Dean Martin fan, eh? Toooo nahh rayyyyy.
    I'll show myself out...
  13. Nniki Augur

    I've always pronounced them like so:

    Tunare: - "toon-are"... but I've heard lots of people pronounce it "toon-air" as well
    Luclin: "luck-lin"... "loose-lin" makes sense though. :) Google Translate thinks otherwise.
    Drinal: "drin-ul"
    Qeynos: "k-noce"... but then I heard it pronounced "key-noce" in EQ2 in one of the initial dialogues or something (Google Translate agrees), and I stuck with that thinking it was more official. I've had lots of friends pronounce it "kway-noce". Ah, the confusion. :)

    Erollisi Marr: "air-ul-lisi marr", but "e-marr" is much easier. /nod
  14. Khat_Nip Augur

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