How is data saved and stored here? And what can I do to protect things on my end?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Agrippa, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. Agrippa Augur

    Good day! I've played EverQuest on and off since release, but I really have no idea how a number of things work here. A good number of my UI settings aren't properly saving, regardless of anything that I've tried on my end. Running EQ as administrator and full 30 second camping hasn't worked for this purpose. Anyhow, I'm hoping anyone might explain how some of these things work. Or point me in the direction of where this information is available in official terms.

    Not entirely related to the UI settings not saving properly, I'm also wondering how saving and storing data works on DBG's side. I've seen a handful of horror stories here in how entire tradeskill vaults or guild halls and neighborhoods were just deleted with little that the player(s) could have done on their end. How are these things saved and stored on DBG's end? In some of these cases, months have dragged on with no resolution here. I'm sure that rare cases might have these sorts of things simply vanish completely, but how are they normally saved and stored here?

    Finally, I'm wondering if there is a "best" way that I can ensure that things are getting saved and stored on my end. Would full 30 second camping every 15-30 minutes, ensure that *most* things are being saved and stored properly? In the case of a rollback, which does happen occasionally, is there anything that I could do on my end not to lose hours worth of progress? I'm sure that some of these things are entirely out of my control (like a full server rollback for a specific amount of time), but what can I do on my end to ensure that I'm losing the least amount of progress in cases like this?
  2. Iven the Lunatic

    New and old UI are both not working correctly since decades and there is no solution for some of the window position saving.
    Some data does get stored on the client side (your computer) and some on the server. The UI is client based. The bank and vaults do get stored on the server.

    Data backup guide - Do that weekly !

    Dunno how often the server side does get saved, but camping every 15-30 minutes is not needed I think. Most stuff does get saved on the fly or in short intervals.
  3. Metanis Bad Company

    Those are the magic bullets usually. So if they aren't working for you then some aspect of your computing environment is probably to blame. The possibilities are endless and without more information it's pointless to speculate.
  4. Cidran Augur

    I have several untouched, level 1 characters for the sole purpose of storing UIs. When something goes badly, I simply load the layout from one of those characters. No more headaches, so far o_O
  5. Iven the Lunatic

    It should be easier to just backup the UI files regularly. Because if you change the UI elements of your primary characters, you cannot copy the right layout from your lvl 1 toons.