How has the Nektulos 2.0 revamp totally been scrubbed from the internet?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kolani, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Kolani Augur

    So I was looking for footage of the horrible Depths of Darkhollow era Nekultos revamp to shut up a friend that always complains about how bad Freeport and North/South Ro's revamps are, but I can't find anything anywhere. Does anyone still have any of it or know where I can find it? There are a few seconds of it here, but not enough to show the sheer awfulness of it.
  2. tyrantula Elder

    I came back for a brief stint around the time this expansion dropped. I remember running through Nektulos, then uninstalling EQ. I didn't pick it back up until maybe SoD?

    It was so terrible. The current Nektulos is still worse, imo. They should have never changed Freeport, East/West Commonlands, Nektulos, Lavastorm. It should have all stayed OG.
  3. Kolani Augur

    You may need to see an optometrist.
  4. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    The current Live version of Nektulos is probably one of the best revamps to date. Inch for inch it is as close to the original zone. Unlike most revamps they changed very little of the zone layout and kept it exactly the same tree for tree and rock for rock.
  5. Kolani Augur

    I don't think he's familiar with the version of Nekultos I'm meaning. I think the fairy monster missions in Nekultos still use a version of the DoDH revamped Nekultos.
  6. tyrantula Elder

    Sorry, I meant the current Nektulos is worse than the old Nektulos. So..

    Nektulos 1.0
    Nektulos 3.0
    Nektulos 2.0

    In order of best to worst
  7. GNOME_POWER Augur

    He says it's bad because there are no golems from Nektulos.
  8. Brohg Augur

    I didn't think the middle version was bad. Obviously it was a very different style, but EQ zones having shape & geography is refreshing when it so-rarely happens. Big 'ol rectangle with trees and a river across the middle really isn't some amazing piece of game art that needs preservation.
  9. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Honestly I liked the revamp. I think those of us who did are few and far between, but I dunno, I liked it. Plus I spent way too many days doing that fairy mm.
  10. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

  11. Lilura Augur

    IMO the best revamp remains the Plane of Hate. Four zones of increasing difficulty, four levels of mobs, a progressive quest and just beautiful design.
  12. Quill Augur

    The only thing that makes me a sad panda about the revamps is that they didn't have the foresight to preserve the old files. It would be nice to start with say the original FP on TLP, and then have it flip with DoDH coming online.

    Other than that, the new FP absolutely destroys old FP every which way. And yes, I played both. The only thing that ever fueled people's desire for old FP was nostalgia due to the fact its what they first encountered.

    It would be absolutely hilarious to see the outrage at trying to do tradeskills in Old FP, without the modern amenities. And also people complaining they can no longer find anything because any memory of where anything is in Old FP was destroyed after 15 years.
  13. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Yeah, would assume the fairy mission still uses it for that monster mission.
  14. Kolani Augur

    Actually not quite. I was assuming it did too, but I went in to grab some pictures and it doesn't have the flat forest background walls that the revamp did.