How fun is BST?

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  1. Tierdal Augur

    Thinking of starting on Selos when it launches. I generally always play DE but with guise available that wont be an issue.

    Was curious how they feel to play? My past TLPs have been ROG>SK>BRD. My classic character was a Druid.

    Looking for a new experience. Part of my is leaning Vah Shir, but I am open to other races (though not interested in Bard)

    I prefer grouping but don't mind the ability to solo.

    Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. LittleBrumski Augur

    Good middle of the road class. Useful for groups and I. Raids. Can solo decently with pet,
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  3. Zephiron Elder

    If I were to roll Selo, I would roll SK or Mage. Both scale well with upcoming fast unlock. Raiding is a must for both, they will need current gear, but will easily keep with fast grind due to abilities with raid gear to sustain solo xp if LFG for any amount of time at a good grind. Both classes will be in high demand if played decent with current gear. Mage has it easier as less gear dependent. But believe me when I say the speed of Selo will demand you be raid geared to keep up. Mage is also easier to guild as DPS is wanted, tank slots are harder to come by, and everyone loves to play SK. Beastlords will have decent pet, mediocre dps, utility and able to maintain xp during solo, just not as fast as mage on launch, and nowhere near SK once OoW drops. If you like a class play it, but mage and SK have my tip of the hat on Selo if well played.
  4. Boze TLP complaint factory

    They have an early awkward growing phase but you'll start feeling pretty dang powerful by GoD/Omens.
    TBH a Beastlord from Luclin until TSS is best played as a tank in group content (some zones are exceptions to this). Slow, buffs, DoTs, and Flash of Light for a taunt button = awesome combination of utility, some dps, and agro. Gear up tanky and play that way. Your pet will be too pathetic to tank anything until TSS, at which point pet tanking will make the class feel much more dynamic.
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  5. took2summit11 Augur

    Just wanted to give my perspective a bit. I just got a best to 56 on coirnav and very often I am the tank and healer in xp groups. Bst pets can hold agro remarkably well with taunt on, they will hold agro 90% of the time in an xp group, maybe losing agro to a tank that is trying to fight agro with it, or a charmed pet. Our pet heal is VERY efficient, and even better you don’t even need to switch targets to cast it. In most xp groups if I have a KEI running and bard (I box a bard) I can play tank with the pet, and healer with the pet heal, and melee dps and group can go nonstop. You can also med/pet heal if you want, most people don’t think out of the box like this, but it’s really no different than a Druid or shaman med healing in a group. I haven’t run the exact numbers but I’d venture to guess our pet heals are similar or better efficiency than Druid/shm heals of equal levels. BST are extremely versatile I’ve been finding. I have been able to pet tank and play healer in a full grind group in velks around level 40+ and now Griegs CY at 50-55. Griegs gate is still a little tough to keep the mana up while meleeing, but if you sit and med and heal your pet, you can play healer and tank at Griegs gate also.
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  6. Thomasmgp Elder

    you will need literally every single AA so get ready for the grind. Its not like a SK putting off his DPS centered AAs in favor of the obvious tanking ones first. You will need everything and as soon as possible. Pet DPS, Melee AAs, Casting AAs, your tanking AAs, Pet Tanking AAs, Pet Healing AAs. All the buff related AAs. You need them all. Everything except innate charisma and intelligence.
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    SKs use pets?
  8. Thomasmgp Elder

    I thought this topic was about beastlords?
  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Don't bring gun control into this!
  10. Psalmz Lorekeeper

    The pet reference in the statement is for BST pet AA's. You will want these early as a BST. Back to the original question, beast lords are great fun to play. They are great in groups and have a few raid valuable spells and AA's.
  11. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Nice. Luclin content hits pretty light, but once you're in Pop zones and beyond you'll notice pet mitigation and avoidance seriously lagging behind your own mitigation and avoidance. Sounds like you're doing it right and having fun though. Bst versatility is most of the fun.
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    Gah, I failed reading comprehension. Nothing to see here. :)
  13. Charvel New Member

    From what I remember back when Beastlords first came out, when the pet starts to Proc... that's when you really start to shine. Plus watching it Proc... what a hoot.
  14. Tierdal Augur

    how hard is the epic 1.0? IT worth it in luclin?
  15. Boze TLP complaint factory

    It's the easiest epic. Hardest part in-era on TLP is just finding the scouts up. Mainhand slow proc is better than what you can cast in-era, and the offhand is 40% haste and 30ATK. Ratio is meh, but offhand is reasonable to use until PoP raid weapons imho.
  16. Megashir New Member

    Do you know the spawn rate of the scouts on tlp? How hard are the beasts they summon in era with our power creep/about how many people are needed for each spirit etc
  17. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Don't remember if spawn rate was different from live or not. It wasn't easy to find them up in-era on Phinny. Entire epic could be done duo. I only remember the permafrost one being rough because that bear books it out once it's low.
  18. Fle2ch Elder

    My main was a BST back in the day, while levelling solo its like this, new pet level you own, then get weaker as you get further towards the next pet, then new pet and your owning again.
    Group wise BSTs are always welcome because not only do they add dps they slow mobs this means a second rate healer like druid can keep up with the group pulls if no cleric with ease.
    I would say the best thing about the BST is it can play so many different ways and fit in with pet kiting groups or any other addhoc group.
    I used to solo in planes of power simply by flash of light kiting mobs and getting them to chase me while the pet worked them down without the taunt or any agro making procs. So good all round and always welcome.
  19. Roxas MM Augur

    i have been the puller for a lot of groups in the luclin era tbh. keeping warder on the mob we're killing, going out and getting a new mob, slow it, and deliver it to the group and off again. If i had mana to burn i'd drop a dot as well.
    I never used epic 1 tbh, and i duoed it all i believe, mostly in era. ( with a druid ). Reason was, i was in a good raiding guild, and had already better ratio weapons when i hit max level.( epic 1's are more on par with ratio's in luclin/velious, since that's when the original epic 1's were launched).
    1 thing i would like to add though, raiding as a beastlord at first is not very fun. Your most important role will be casting crack, casting ferocity every 2 minutes on a melee dps, and mgbing paragon when needed. Your dps will be pretty minor, largely because of the motm buff on all raidbosses, which will prevent you from going all out.
    I used to slow a lot as well, both on raidbosses and incoming trash, since our slow is faster then shammy slow, but that would lead to a lot of rezzes over the years ( but that's part of the fun i think, and you do get to use your defensive disk a lot that way :) ).
  20. Lowlife Lorekeeper

    They're fun if you get it out of your mind that you'll compete for top 5 places on the parse. Like Roxas said your main role for the beginning especially is your utility of buffs and slows. If things like being #1 dps or anything like that are important to you then they might not be fun.

    It's fun to bring value to the raid with things like MGB paragon or landing a clutch beast slow on a mob when the shamans keep getting resisted and your warrior is getting destroyed. Sure it gets over written eventually but the first few seconds can make a big difference.

    You definitely need a lot of AA to be competitive and useful if you're interested in min/max at all and dont like to grind a ton of AA it also might not be the best option. You get Tank/healer/dps/pet AA's you'll always be keeping up with. I don't mind that part at all, exping is fun.