How does the queue work???

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Sniggz, May 24, 2017.

  1. Stench New Member

    @dmccollum is the real MVP. Bumping this post from 2017 is gold.
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  2. Mortious New Member

  3. Baldur Augur

    It's to limit the amount of people in character creation. They've talked about this all before with other server launches.

    They let a certain amount of people in at first to make characters. Then they let a little more in, then a little more in, etc.
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  4. Stench New Member

    its been over an hour, i think a population of "low" is a bit of a fail at this point
  5. brohamjams New Member

    9 minute que for an hour an eight minutes. sigh. maybe i'll try after work.....
  6. Sniggz Elder

    Yeah, so I see this thread supposedly posted by me and had no idea wtf was going on. Didn't realize it was from 2017 and thought I blacked out and posted this with no recollection. Then thought somebody hacked my account and was going to screw up my 40 slot bag purchase that I made this morning. Finally figured it out though...
  7. Yarteb Lorekeeper

    Does it appear to anyone else that the login performance for new TLPs is getting worse with each new iteration?
  8. Serqet New Member

    Either AFK people in char creation or char creation crashed at this point..server reboot kthx
  9. Tucoh Augur

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  10. dc.hawkeyegold Lorekeeper

    That's because there are more and more people with each TLP launch.
  11. Karanthal Augur

    You click play, you join the queue, 30-40 minutes later you get disconnected as per every other TLP launch. It does seem a little better this time, other servers are at least slightly less impacted by the release.
  12. Rokkie New Member

    just putting this post toward the top
  13. Aganon New Member

    I keep hearing all this about character creation and the queues. I just came back after decades away and the server isn't exactly as new as it was...but the queue at 1pm-ish has just kept climbing. Is this how it's going to be?
  14. Tucoh Augur

    For now, yeah.

    There's a self-feeding effect where high queue times will motivate players to use AFK bots which increase the queue times. We're heading towards peak clown-world with 24/7 queues, but it'll be fixed by (hopefully) a fundamental fix in the back-end code to support what is really a modest # of players for 2020 or a less elegant fix like split servers or a sloppy fix like anti-AFK code.
  15. Psalmz Lorekeeper

    The queue limits the number of toons on the server whether boxes in commonlands or players doing what ever. When you are in the queue, you are waiting for someone else to leave. It doesn't matter whether they choose to log off or crash mysteriously. Some one else has to make room for you to play.
    The issue is that DBG, after advertising a popular product and selling subscriptions, is not supplying the capacity for those customers to use the offered service!
  16. Gilmere New Member

    To add to the original post question...What I have done (for seemingly hours at times) is to log into the server select screen. There, I select Aradune, and when the inevitable cue box comes up, I click OK, and close it. THEN, every 10 minutes or so, with that screen still open, I click NEWS and then OK out of that, to keep the window alive. Otherwise I found early on, the server select window itself would timeout due to inactivity, and I would be in the newer, more awful cue slot. So you need to be working that screen regular as far as I have been able to do it. Perhaps I am doing it wrong, but I have no other information except what I do to stay in cue that works.

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