How does Pacify Line of spells fit into the modern EQ

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  1. Gwaine Journeyman

    After playing on TLPs for the past several years and finally landing on SELO it has become apparent to me that the Pacify line of spells could use a revision.

    As we all know the Pacify line of spells which Cleric, Enchanter and Paladins get is one of the best utility spells for those classes. While the Enchanter has other things they can use (Mez) Cleric and paladin rely on slowly breaking up a camp with pacify eventually get a rhythm in the camp. The limitation of this spell is that it will only affect creature of the same max level you can become in that expansion. So if your max level is 95, it can affect only level 95 or lower mobs.

    Starting in VoA and beyond all the zones beyond the first or sometimes the second zone over 80% yellow con mobs that are 1-3 levels above the max available player level. This makes the spells all but useless. So what is the point of this spell? How do the Devs see it?

    What would make sense to me is to create an AA line starting at around level 90 that raises the max level of mob that can be affect by the current line of spells by 1, 2 then 3. by unlocking these AA's you would be able to affect up to 3 level above the character max level like Mez does. This would also allow an AA line that could be expanded upon each level increase expansion to now push that next unlock of spells up the same way.

    I am of the belief that anything we can do to help the poor clerics feel more loved is a good thing. Pulling is a critical feature in the game and too often at the higher end game it can be rough without a couple of key class in the party, especially with those tightly packed rooms.

    thanks for the time and responses on this, especially the Devs.
  2. Chaosflux Augur

    This used to be a useful spell line for pal and cleric for just general travel when it also lowered the frenzy radius. After pacis were "abused" in POP devs gutted the line and made it far less valuable ever since. It really should work on things that are red con (it has an increased fail chance the higher the mob cons in relation to you anyway) and shouls have frenzy reduction as well.

    Apparently the devs wete like nah lets no just make the mobs that we dont want pacid immune lets nuke the line from orbit. It was a sad day
  3. Verily Tjark Augur

    I duo with a mage friend as my primary means of play. I use this spell a lot to split mobs that don't mez. It's in one of my saved group game spell sets. So as an enchanter I find it very useful.
  4. Riou EQResource

    Modern? It's been a useless line for like 15+ years at this point in time
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  5. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Now imagine all those level restrictions on Pacify and then toss in the restriction to outdoor zones only and you have druid Harmony!

    I would like to see these spells have a level cap the same as the highest mezzes for each level bracket to provide more use. Also a little bit of a reduced face aggro radius like the Classic-PoP lines had would be cool to help traverse tight areas more safely.

    But realistically the game has been designed such that splitting a camp isn’t really the goal. The goal is to engage multiple mobs, tanks pop some discs and maybe an AE Mez or AE Root punt are thrown out and you burn through the pull. There are very few spots in the group game where this strategy isn’t the fastest/most effective strategy for dealing with multiple mobs. The only spot I’ve found this doesn’t work is farming Type 19 augs from raid trash where tanking multiples isn’t really doable with a single healer and single tank.
  6. Warpeace Augur

    Paladin Paci seems to work just fine the last 2 expansions.
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  7. Evye Augur

    Ah yes harmony arrow the most useful of all ranger AA
  8. dwish Augur

    They are still very much worth using, it's just a lot of people don't use them or don't need to use them as group content isn't exactly super hard these days. With my bard box, I use a their pacify "type" spell as my primary pulling tool (I believe it's called silence something something I can't remember exactly) but I can easily pull a single mob out of a group of 5-6 that are all standing right near each other using this song to pull. It's the much faster and easier way to pull on my bard, as long as mobs are affected by silence/pacify type spells which a good majority of the mobs are. On bard at least, is reduces aggro radius by a crazy amount too, as 2 mobs can be literally standing right next to each other, and the silenced mob won't aggro when I pull the other. As long as they aren't standing right on top of each other it's very effective.

    TLDR: They are still very good for some classes.
  9. aalith New Member

    I generally don't use it. One example where I use it is the annivesary HA A Formal Dinner Party. Definitely some tougher pulls in there and I actually use the bard version pacify like a madman
  10. Cadman Elder

    Pacify is certainly useful, when the game allows.

    The vast majority of the latest content is immune, however
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  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

    I dont mind immune to pacify so much, but immune to silent displacement really grinds my gears.
  12. Vumad Augur

    The game is not designed around single abilities. Kael in ToV the mobs can't be paci-ed, charmed or mezzed due to level (mez due to being giants). The primary CC/split method is root/blur, but there are some blue cons can be paci-ed. This is by design. They are not going to change the Paci line because the levels are designed in such a way to encourage the uses of monks, bards, etc. It is unfortunate that the expansion you are in is one that is less favorable to a particular spell line, but it doesn't stay that way for long.

    If you only have a PAL and CLR, then you can try to break the camp by discing. Space out the kill times of the mobs so the camp stays broken next pop. You can also try rooting the adds and having the pally backup.

    About cleric love. Unfortunately Clerics, warriors, zerkers, wizards, are singularly focused classes that are great at what they do and are terrible at about everything else. This by design so it wont get changed.
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  13. Zamiam Augur

    another way you can split if you have a mage is by pulling with whoever then CoH that person . I did that with my rangr in Kael. Rangr would snare 1 mob (wolf) and when 2 or 3 would come have mage CoH rq .. the snared mob will be perm'd alittle further out from the spawn point so when everyone goes back and agro cleared can pull single .. did that with giants also however a bit tricker as giants were either immune to snare or very resistant cant remember which ..
  14. Belexes Augur

    My ranger uses those spells all the time. When pulling, need to know what works on the mobs you are pulling. Rangers have so many pulling methods that you can almost always find the method that works on a particular mob. I use Harmonious Arrow and Lingering Snowshowers all the time. Know your mobs and know the limits of the spells.
  15. Zamiam Augur

    what are lingering snowshowers ? afaik that is not a ranger spell or AA ?
  16. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    112 Ranger spell sold in EW.
  17. Zamiam Augur

    doh lol i have that spell .. thats what my pacify is called .. i just usually call it lull or pacify . never new the actual name .. but thanks for clearing that up ..
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  18. Pano Augur

    During ToV, clerics could use pacify/pet/repel to split mobs and pull singles in most zones. Kael was a bit more tricky, but it was still easy to do. In CoV, a lot of mobs resists it so it's back to being mostly useless.