How Do You Transfer Characters between Accounts?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-RocBranTej, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-RocBranTej Guest

    I cannot find on where I can transfer a character from one of my accounts to another, does anyone know where on the website this service can be located?
    Also.....did any of you ever do it, how long does it take for the transfer to be complete?
  2. ARCHIVED-mofabulous Guest

    I've done it twice. You need any credit card numbers used on the account. I had trouble with that issue, but I managed to prove to them they were both my accounts. Just took longer.
    Its under character transfer service. I think I googled it.

    Overrall it took a week of haggling before they believed they were my accounts and another week or so to get the characters transferred. I believe I was lucky though. I've heard some stories about others having to wait a month or more.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rawlden Guest

    Also, remember that when you transfer a character from one account to another, that character loses any Veteran Rewards he may have that are associated with the old account.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    Rawlden wrote:
    To clarify, the character being transferred is still enabled to receive veteran rewards, if you claimed them on him before the move, but will only have access to the rewards the new account is enabled for.
    So if you moved a character you've had for 10 years to an account you created last year, he would still have the vet rewards but would have access only to the first.
  5. ARCHIVED-Danville Guest

    RocBranTej wrote:
    The fastest way to find the service is to go to; about halfway down the left-hand column is "Character Services." Here's a link for you:
  6. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    The link just above is the one to use. Accessed, as he said, via EQPlayers page.
    I've moved a few characters, to my childrens' accounts, then changed the names on the accounts to theirs. I had no problem with the moves being done online only, because it was my name on all the accounts. The moves happened, so far as I could tell, immediately.
    If there are different names as account owners on the two accounts, I heard you can't move a character between them.
  7. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    Oh, but once the characters were moved, getting the names on the accounts changed took calling in, and talking to someone at somewhere like billing, I think it was.
  8. ARCHIVED-tweelis Guest

    Rawlden wrote:
    Do you know if the opposite is true? I have a shaman on one account with 8 years of vet rewards and I'd like to transfer him to my main account that has 10 years to it. If I transferred the shaman would he now get 10 years; loose all vet rewards or keep the 8 years? I just can't see paying $140 a year (plus expansion costs if any) for an account that is nothing more than a potion maker.
  9. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    tweelis wrote:
    What I believe happens is that the character keeps his veteran status from the first account, but then gains the number of years from the account he is on.
  10. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    This is stated to be true. I do know for sure a moved character does retain veteran status, and after the move has access to all the veteran rewards on the account it is moved to.
    From all descriptions I've seen, I'm sure they don't keep track of how many vet rewards a toon had on some other account. All there is is two things to look at: Does a character have vet rewards, yes or no, and if yes, then how many rewards is the account the character is on entitled to. Just those two bits of information go into granting the rewards.
    Good luck, and good hunting.
  11. ARCHIVED-Corboy Guest

    wutfor wrote:
    A few years ago when I moved my Cleric from my 8 year Vet Account to my 5 year Vet account, I lost all vet rewards on the cleric. The Cleric then ate a Vet reward slot on my 8 year account, and then had to eat another vet reward slot on my 5 year account.
    I don't know if that's changed now days, but back then when you moved between the accounts you lost Vet reward Slots on each. Also your 8 year vet rewards don't go with the character they come to the new account and claim another set, which in my case was 5. Might have changed now days, but a couple years ago that's the way it worked for me.
  12. ARCHIVED-Corboy Guest

    And now looking at the post in detail and actually reading it, instead of skimming thats pretty much exactly what everyone said, and I'm a total tool. Thank you, and have a great day! <3
  13. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    Corboy wrote:
    It was about that time frame I moved the characters for my children, and it worked fine for us. The characters which had vet reward status on the old accounts retained vet reward status on the new accounts, but with less years worth of rewards.
    The good thing is wait another year and you can claim another toon. I'm the only person know who has run out of vet rewards. I spent them foolishly, but then.. isn't playing this game a fool's errand, anyways? Anyways, everyone I know has 8 to 10 years of play, and only a few toons tagged as veteran.
    Too bad the GMs could not have looked into your problem and fixed it, but they never gave the GMs the ability to do anything with vet reward status, I read somewhere.
  14. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    As an aside, it's just so hard to believe my childrens' new accounts have over 8.4 years on them... whew.
  15. ARCHIVED-Rawlden Guest

    Account A has 10 Vet rewards and has 10 characters flagged for them.
    Account B has 5 Vet rewards and has 5 characters flagged for them.
    If you move a character from A to B they will lose ALL their Vet Rewards as B has no more flags available for a Vet Reward character. Account A will then have 9 Characters with 10 Rewards and no flags available. Once a flag is used, it's gone and cannot be reused by another character.
    If Account B has a flag available then the transferred character can use the available flag.
    You CANNOT have more characters with VR's on and account than there are VR's for that account.
  16. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Rawlden wrote:
    That's not how I read it. But you could be right; I certainly don't know for sure.
  17. ARCHIVED-Rawlden Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    The way I've seen it explained; transferring or deleting a VR Flagged Character does not free up the flag for use by another character. And if the recieving account has no unused flags the transferred character cannot have any VR's until another flag becomes available.
  18. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    I agree that transferring doesn't free up a flag, as it has already been consumed. But I think I have seen people claim that transferring a Vet character to another account without any flags available will keep the Vet status - but with the number of rewards according to the new account. Which I understand isn't proof :).
  19. ARCHIVED-Rawlden Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    Well that would be news to me, if that's how it works.
    That isn't to say that's NOT how it works, it would just be news to me.
    I don't always know as much as I think I do.
  20. ARCHIVED-wutfor Guest

    Rawlden's outline would explain why some poeple say a character lost it's vet rewards, while others have not seen that occur.

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