How do you play any class after enchanter?!

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  1. besbin Journeyman

    Hi all,
    Thought I would post this here as I play exclusively on TLP’s and I know the early expansions are where the enchanter shines most brightly.
    I thought that on Yelinak I would play casually as raiding three times a week on a previous TLP burnt me out and I decided to give enchanter a go.
    Oh boy! Of course I was aware of their power after grouping with many good ones in my previous roles (usually tank), but playing one? Wow, what an experience!
    I am not in a guild but always get multiple tells within a minute of putting up LFG. Never had that before, even in the role that a lot of people tell new players is the most sought after role - that of tank.
    Within the group you play such an important and interesting role. Those pulls that get out of hand are so satisfying and engaging to get back in line! Your buffs are vital, and as for charming a pet, well, I have never known such power! I love being such a pivotal role in the group and doing my best to make things flow smoothly.
    I am also learning new things all the time. With such a wide variety of spells to be employed, I seem to pick up a new trick every play session!
    Getting things done is also so easy relative to a lot of other classes I have played. Seb key as a major undertaking on my other classes, on enchanter I just wandered in, charmed a 46 and had my key in 5 minutes.
    Now, the negative side! As I am not raiding I had decided to play around with a lot of alts this time around but I just can’t find the motivation!
    I am nearing 60 on my enchanter now and am genuinely considering re rolling another one for the levelling experience again!
    All of the other classes I play just don’t feel anywhere near as impactful, fun or interesting.
    I made a cleric to box with him as I had heard such good things about the combination. (I never box in groups) but Everytime I play him I just want to get back on the enchanter lol.
    Anyway, just wanted to share my experience about this wonderful class and get some thoughts from fellow chanters as to things to do at 60!
  2. Vlorg Augur

    It is a feast-or-famine class and it is very addicting if you only play it in the "feasting" parts.

    but go raid NToV or VP where nothing is charmable, nothing is mezzable, nothing is stunnable, and there's a bunch of shaman present to slow and cripple... enchanters become a buffbot.
  3. Krizem Elder

    Pretty much this. Enchanter mains start disappearing after they get to L60 and especially in velious. Yeah you might get to charm dire wolves in Kael, but hours every week in NToV doing nothing but buffing on request can get old. People tend to use enchanters as a cruch to help xp in the group game, but the charm pet dps will drop off significantly come OOW when meleequest is in full swing. That's not the greatest xpac either for chanters, except for the very last fight where 2 chanters get to charm the guys for Mata Muram, otherwise you are basically a buff bot in Anguish as well...and you'll be doing that raid for a long time. Then it gets even better with Sisters in DoDH. You think mezzing in Rathe Council is bad? LOL.

    That said, it does get better later with fun abilities like lurch and 3 stacking dots...much later though.
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  4. Lineater Augur

    I think charm is in a good spot in OOW. Works pretty much anywhere except RSS and Anguish, and does respectable dps. It's balanced the way it should be starting in classic.
  5. Vlorg Augur

    Yeah unfortunately enchanter disagree.

    the part where the pet does 80% less damage when charmed, but full damage to you when it break, get really frustrating.
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  6. Juskov Journeyman

    I actually agree with you and have mained an enchanter a couple times...charm is unbalanced in the classic age, though melee get their turn during the L70-75ish era.

    For chanters that stick it out, and really casters in general it gets better about SoF. The raid mechanics start having niches for lots of different classes and playstyles. AoE mezzing, kiting adds, balancing instead of burning, range fights, all become more prevalent. You have more abilities to choose from to vary your playstyle. If you happen to box on raids, you will love boxing a caster as a chanter because of your twincast and mana reiterate auras. Or for the pro chanter stuff you can lay down tash totems, lurch adds, and there are more options to charm in some raids. In the group game, going to places like the Steam Factory or hot spots in Underfoot, that aoe mez becomes important for groups again...until bards get aoe mez lol...
  7. Tucoh Augur

    Nothing like playing an FD class like a after playing CharmerQuest.
  8. Juskov Journeyman

    Haha, not far from the truth, another way to think of EQ TLP...say through HoT?

    General Melee Quest
  9. Xarek New Member

    When does roguequest start? I heard that is the latest expanion.
  10. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    Back in my day you started a class based on what seemed fun and stuck with it no matter how terrible they were as it was such a massive time sink. RIP lvl 52 Cleric, still LFG 20 years later
  11. Magician9001 Augur

    Chanters are legit the worst Support class in the game. Sure they're OP for the first 2 expansions. But Shamans are better for the 26 after that and Bards are better for the 25 after SoV. Trash Class is trash.
  12. Triconix Augur

    TIL that IoG, Haze, and GGoM, Dicho, Twincast Aura, Issuance are trash.
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  13. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    Enchanters are not a support class until OoW, they're the best dps class class for group content. Enchanter / Cleric can duo anything group related until GoD and bringing more people bare some other chanter or occasional charm class barely make any difference.
  14. Febb Augur

    Well usually if I want to play a class after I play an enchanter, I /camp to character selection and then I pick another class to play. You might try that out and see if you're able to play another class.
  15. Lineater Augur

    You also get 3 stackable runes, stuns, mezzes, and AA abilities to counter any damage. You really shouldn't be taking any damage ever.

    I box an ENC and mage. Just the other night in MPG, my enchanter + a huvul pet parsed slightly better than my mage. Pretty good DPS for a class that also gets the best mana regen and haste buffs, the best CC tools, tash, slow, and even a mediocre DD/DoT.
  16. Bewts Augur

    I also gained a deep appreciation for the class in the Selos 1-60 rush. It was awesome while it lasted until most of the raid content would relegate the class to limited slots in a raid as a buffer with the occasional critical mezz role was a criteria for success. Ends up it’s a feast THEN famine class.
  17. TheAgenda Augur

    Chanters are invaluable from RoF onwards
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  18. Healiez Augur

    Chanters go from gods,
    to we box one in raids for buffs/tash because no one wants to play one,
    to mana flare bot (no not yourself, pick another caster)
    to wtf chanters can do that dps without charm,
    to literal bard tier want one in every caster group and wtf is that dps?
  19. Talis New Member

    So early game they are amazing... but Enchanters spend a lot of expansions as glorified buff bots, with very little to do except cast their one very lack luster nuke, tash, and disempower.

    This is true for groups as well... While charm will out dps an entire group, and ae stun will let you do ae shenanigans... there are several expansions with very little worthwhile to charm anywhere close to anywhere you would want to xp, or camp for loot.

    And as far as CC, it's nice to have but the reality is that often with a good puller many groups would rather just ae stuff down with more dps, rather than deal with carefully killing things one at a time... or pull the 1-2 mobs they can handle at a time.
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    Necro charm ftw